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PRESEASON PRIMER: Tony Romo may play into the second quarter against the Cardinals | Tanney in the spotlight

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Tony Romo will play “15 or so” plays in Saturday’s preseason game against the Cardinals before turning it over to the backup quarterbacks.

“It depends how it goes,” Cowboys coach Jason Garrett said. “We have kind of a play idea for the starters and Romo is a part of that. Fifteen or so ball plays, and we’ll see what happens. It might turn into 20 if they’re really good. It might be less than that. I anticipate him probably playing into the second quarter.”

Romo didn’t play in the Hall of Fame Game. He played 14 plays last week against the Raiders.

In his second preseason game last season, Romo played the first quarter. He got in 20 snaps, leading the Cowboys to a field goal.

Terrance Williams and David Arkin will be among the starters who will get more snaps.

Williams, a rookie, will make his preseason debut after missing the first two games with a concussion. The Cowboys are counting on him as their third receiver this season.

“It’s been disappointing for him that he hasn’t been able to play in the first two games, but he’ll get some action in this ball game, probably more action than some of the other starting type players will,” Garrett said. “He’ll play a little bit longer just because he missed the first two weeks.”

Arkin will start in place of Ron Leary, who had successful arthroscopic surgery on his right knee Friday morning. The Cowboys are without their top two left tackles in Leary and Livings, who had left knee surgery two weeks ago. 

“Ark is going to play a lot in this ball game,” Garrett said. “Ron Leary had surgery this morning and we felt like the surgery went well. It was a scope. We don’t think it’s a major, major thing. We think he’s going to be back in a couple of weeks, but it gives a guy like Arkin a lot of opportunities both in practice and in games to show what he can do.”

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Four Dallas Cowboys QBs in 2013 Training Camp - Tony Romo - Kyle Orton - AlexTanney - Nick Stephens

Alex Tanney played only seven plays against the Raiders last week. He will play more this week.

Tanney will be the third quarterback on the field for the Cowboys in their preseason game against the Cardinals on Saturday. He will follow Tony Romo and Kyle Orton. Nick Stephens also will play.

“I’m excited just to get in there and continue to show all the hard work I’ve put in in the classroom and out here after practice, before practice, just trying to get as many reps as I can possibly get,” Tanney said. “It’s pretty beneficial.”

The Cowboys are expected to keep only two quarterbacks on their 53-player roster. But Tanney is auditioning for other teams as well as trying to compete for a spot on the Cowboys’ practice squad.

Stephens has played 50 plays, completing 11 of 19 passes for 102 yards with an interception. Tanney has played 38 plays, completing 6 of 17 passes for 66 yards.

“I’m improving,” Tanney said. “I was only two weeks into the playbook then [for the Hall of Fame Game]. It’s basically double the knowledge at this point.”

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