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REAL MEN OF GENIUS: Regular Season ends … playoff time

If you’re a regular visitor to The Boys Are Back blog, please disregard this post. My son and I play a Pro Pick ‘Em game on Yahoo! Sports and it’s time to rub a few things in his face! haha

RMOG 2012 Regular Season overall - The Boys Are Back blog

Here is a screenshot of our Pro Pick ‘Em 2012-2013 Regular Season Overview. As you can see, it was another ass kicking … very similar to the 2011-2012 ass kicking you received last year! I thought you would ‘insist’ on me posting this public record … so that we can relish it for many years to come!  I’m trying to be humble, but it’s hard to do when you’re NUMBER 1 … the big cheese, the top dog … and the master of all I survey! As you can see, I waxed your butt by 307 points … and also dominated the W-L column. That’s a 65.88 percent winning percentage. You had the 54.90 percent winning percentage … which is cute. So damn cute. If you want, go ahead and print out a copy of this. It will look great on your refrigerator!

RMOG 2012 Regular Season - Weekly Performance

I knew you’d want to look at the weekly breakdown, so click on the image above to bring it to life … you know, make it larger … super-size it! Pay particularly close attention to the last seven weeks … and note the nice 7-game winning streak! Think of this as the 7-Eleven year … I won 7 in a row, Eleven overall. You did have those 3 wins … in week 3, 8, and 10. Not bad for a little feller! Also note that I had four weeks over 100 points, 116 being the highest points scored this season! I liked your 90 in week #8. Next year, go ahead and shoot for those 100’s! They really add up!!!

RMOG 2012 Week 7 - 12 of 13 winners - The Boys Are Back blog

It would be wrong for me not to point out this week 7 spanking! I, your dad, had the best week recorded in 2012 in our group … picking 12 winners. None of us got the elusive undefeated week … but, I’ll go ahead and knock out a few of those next season.

Well. It’s been fun. I’ve enjoyed it, once again. The new game starts in August … so that gives you a few weeks and months to think about this one! I’ll bring it up from time to time … because I’m sure you’ll want to be reminded … 


REMINDER: Thursday Night Football starts this week

Thursday-Night-Football on the NFL Network
Thursday-Night-Football on the NFL Network


The five-day wait between NFL games is now over. Thursday Night Football begins its schedule this week, and it will carry us all the way through Week 16. There will be an NFL game every Thursday, as well as a bonus game on a Saturday in December.

NFL Network Schedule

Week Date Matchup
Week 10 Thursday, Nov. 10 Oakland Raiders at San Diego Chargers
Week 11 Thursday, Nov. 17 New York Jets at Denver Broncos
Week 12 Thursday, Nov. 24 San Francisco 49ers at Baltimore Ravens
Week 13 Thursday, Dec. 1 Philadelphia Eagles at Seattle Seahawks
Week 14 Thursday, Dec. 8 Cleveland Browns at Pittsburgh Steelers
Week 15 Thursday, Dec. 15 Jacksonville Jaguars at Atlanta Falcons
Week 15* Saturday, Dec. 17 Dallas Cowboys at Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Week 16 Thursday, Dec. 22 Houston Texans at Indianapolis Colts


Remember, in our Pro Football Pick ‘Em games that your pick has to be in :05 before the kickoff of the first game of the week. If you forget, and miss the deadline, you won’t get any points for that weeks games.

Did you know?: You have instant access to our Pro Football Pick ‘Em game from right here, inside The Boys Are Back blog. Either click on the “Gameday” tab at the top of every page, or scroll down and click on the logo located on the right side of every blog page.


Real Men of Genius: Week #4 results … with a video bonus!!!

CONGRATULATIONS to Robbie for winning week #4 with a 2011 YTD record 115 points in our Pro Pick’Em game; Real Men of Genius. For more bragging, just see his comment posted. I was going to brag for him, but he did a good job of that on his own! haha

Robbie rolls in week #4 ... breaks 100 points ... thirteen wins ... climbs up in overall points

 It’s been four weeks … and we’ve had four different winners. This week, it’s Reggie’s turn! haha

Week 4 Performance - Four weeks, Four winners!

Three consecutive 100+ point weeks puts robert D knight over 400 YTD!

As you know, Dallas has a bye week this week. They’re healing and preparing for the New England Patriots. Week #5 only has 13 games, because six teams are on their bye week breaks.

Good luck everyone!

RMOG: Week 3 picks due Sunday, before noon

CONGRATULATIONS to everyone for having a winning record in week 2! We all finished 8-8, or better. Week 3 features eight divisional match-ups, four conference games, and a former Superbowl (XVI/XXIII) re-match. Should be a challeging week! Good luck everyone!

REMINDER: Click on the link located on the top right corner of this blog for ‘instant access’ to our Real Men Of Genius Pro Pick-Em group


CONGRATULATIONS to Carolyn for being the big winner in week #1. Carolyn and The Kiesters topped the rest of us with their 9-7 win/loss record … very nice for opening week! Dallas flies to San Francisco this week. Should be a good game! Good luck everyone!

Rockin Reggie hit a sour note on his scoring system … which only produced 59 points this week. Robbie’s still in the race with 69 points. Only 24 points separates us all … so, we’re all still alive for the RMOG 2011 crown!



RMOG: Congrats to The Kiesters and Reggie with opening game.

CONGRATULATIONS to Missy n Kurt (The Kiesters) and Rockin Reggie on their 16 point lead from the NFL’s opening game last night. That’s a GREAT way to kick off your 2011 season!

NEW: Single-click access to our RMOG website

You’ll find a quick link to our Real Men Of Genius now located at the top right corner. RMOG will open in a separate page, so you can still have access to TBAB resources, such as … weather in NFL cities, rosters, team travel info, etc.

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