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NFL SCHEDULE CHANGE 2013 2014: Philadelphia Eagles vs. Chicago Bears flexed to NBC’s Sunday Night Football in Week 16

Eagles Football

Chip Kelly’s Philadelphia Eagles and Marc Trestman’s Chicago Bears have emerged as two of the more entertaining teams in the league, late this season.

The NFL acknowledged as much today, announcing that the Week 16 Bears at Eagles game on December 22 will be flexed to 7:30 p.m. CT on NBC. That tilt will replace the New England Patriots-Baltimore Ravens game, which will move to 3:25 p.m. CT on CBS.

It’s a minor surprise that two traditional AFC powerhouses are being displaced, but this change is a nod to the potential ratings edge of two fresh teams with innovative offenses. There’s also the possibility of the Eagles or Bears clinching the NFC East and NFC North respectively.

Both games are attractive matchups. The big winner might just be CBS, which is granted the premier AFC battle of the afternoon.

If the NFC East isn’t decided until the season finale, the Eagles could find themselves being flexed into the Sunday night game in back-to-back weeks.

Get your popcorn ready.

TV NETWORK GOLD: America’s Team still rules the television airwaves

Dallas Cowboys vs Washington Redskins - TV - The Boys Are Back blog

Final viewership numbers for the Dallas Cowboys season ending loss to the Washington Redskins arrived Thursday morning. The Sunday night game on NBC was the most watched of the NFL season. It drew 30.3 million viewers.

America's Team - Dallas Cowboys helmet 2012 - The Boys Are Back blog

In fact, it was the most-watched regular-season game on television in 16 years. The Green Bay Packers-Cowboys game on ABC was watched by 31.5 million viewers on Nov. 18, 1996.

The Cowboys may have finished their season 8-8 and out of the playoffs, but they hit a ratings grand slam. The Dallas Cowboys played in the most-watched game on all four of the NFL’s network partners.

Here’s the rundown:

ESPN Bears vs. Cowboys Oct. 1 16.6 million
FOX Redskins vs. Cowboys Nov. 22 28.7 million
CBS Steelers vs. Cowboys Dec. 16 26.9 million
NBC Cowboys vs.Redskins Dec. 30 30.3 million

FICKLE FANS: Dallas Cowboys 16-10 win over Tampa Bay one of worst-rated games in recent memory

Traffic builds on Collins Street as fans head to Cowboys Stadium - The Boys Are Back blog

Cowboys-Buccaneers earned a 28.5 rating in Dallas-Fort Worth, making it the lowest rated, non-Christmas-day regular-season Sunday afternoon game of the last two seasons. The 28.5 on KDFW (Channel 4) translates into 737,580 homes.

The game peaked at a 33.2 (859,216 homes) from 3 p.m. to 3:15 p.m.

The Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders entertain fans outside Cowboys Stadium - The Boys Are Back blog

For what it’s worth,  the Rangers-Mariners began at 3:10 p.m. with a rating for that first quarter hour of 0.4  (11,400 homes). The Rangers audience built from there and finished with a 4.5 average (116,460 homes).

Dallas Cowboys fans cheer - The Boys Are Back blog

EDITORS RANT: Someday, Dallas area fans may discover the “12th Man” concept. Traditionally, the crowds at Dallas Cowboy games are among the quietest in the league. Pathetic. The Dallas Cowboys are taken for granted, in many cases. NFL fans in other major markets would LOVE to have the ‘boys in their backyard! I’d like to see people filling the seats that are willing to actually stand up and raise their voices! It’s not a ‘who’s who’ or a corporate board room … it’s a GAME! 

Texas has always prided itself as being the ‘biggest and the best”. You have the biggest and best stadium in the country! You have a franchise respected around the world. Why don’t we hear some Texas-sized loud mouthed hell raising? This should be the loudest stadium in the country. Wake up. Who knows, you might even get seen on the big screen!

Other teams view Cowboys Stadium as THEIR home turf! Doesn’t that bother you?

Fans head to Cowboys Stadium - The Boys Are Back blog

AMERICA’S WATCHING: NFL flexes Dallas Cowboys vs. New York Giants into primetime

AMERICA’S WATCHING: NBC flexes Dallas Cowboys vs New York Giants into primetimeThe only game with a win-and-you’re-in scenario for both teams in the final week is the Giants-Cowboys. Because of that, the game has been flexed to NBC’s Sunday Night Football with kickoff scheduled for 7:20 p.m.

The NFL made the decision, which means FOX got neither one of the Giants-Cowboys games. The Broncos-Chiefs game could have implications on the AFC West winner, but Denver could win it before the game is even played if the Raiders lose.

Another game of interest could have been the Ravens at Bengals, with the Bengals chasing a wild-card berth and the Ravens hoping to clinch the AFC North. But the Giants-Cowboys game was the no-brainer pick.

The Cowboys are the top ratings draw. NBC’s top six games are Cowboys games, and four of those are against the Giants.

Cowboys-NY Giants remains in prime time

The NFL said on Monday that the New York Giants-Dallas Cowboys game will remain a prime-time telecast on Dec. 11.

The only change for week 14 is moving the Oakland-Green Bay game from noon to a 3:15 p.m. start. CBS will televise that game.

NBC (Ch. 5) will televise the Giants-Cowboys game, with a 7:20 p.m. start time.


DALLAS COWBOYS RADIO NETWORK: Watch on TV, listen to Brad Sham, ‘the voice of the Dallas Cowboys’ and Babe Laufenberg

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You can also catch Dallas Cowboys talk shows, commentary, pregame/postgame interviews, analysis, and daily/weekly shows with some of the key players and coaches of America’s Team.

Listen Live to: The Fan 105.3 Dallas (KRLD) …

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Listen to ‘the voice of the Dallas Cowboys’ Brad Sham, with Babe Laufenberg!

After the game:

Listen to live analysis and interviews from players, coaches, and Jerry Jones.

DALLAS COWBOYS RADIO NETWORK - Watch on TV, listen to Brad Sham, 'the voice of the Dallas Cowboys' and Babe Laufenberg


If you live in or around Dallas/Ft. Worth broadcast area, tune to

The Fan 105.3 KRLD-FM on your radio.

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After the game:


Everyone can click on the 105.3 The FAN button above to listen online to the postgame show!

Note: By NFL rule, National Football League games cannot be broadcast live online without exclusive rights agreements.

HEADS UP: Al Michaels chats with Rob Ryan tonight on NBC’s Sunday Night Football pre-game show

Dallas Cowboys defensive coordinator Rob Ryan 2011
Dallas Cowboys DC Rob Ryan

Here’s a heads-up for The Boys Are Back blog readers. NBC’s Al Michaels will chat with Dallas Cowboy defensive coordinator Rob Ryan tonight on the SNF pre-game show.  

Here’s an advance look:

MICHAELS on Ryan’s father, Buddy, having been the head coach in Philadelphia and Arizona, both Cowboys rivals: What was his initial reaction when you got the job in Dallas?
ROB RYAN: Disbelief. He was a little shocked by it. He’s like, ‘you’ve got all these other things going. Why here?’ I’m like, ‘Dad, it’s the best opportunity for me.’ It really has worked out great.

MICHAELS: What’s made the difference this year?
ROB RYAN: Well, me. [joking; laughter]. Honestly, starting over with some Pro Bowl football players. All these guys have been in the Pro Bowl and deservedly so. We got all together and have been working hard ever since. We’re not all the way there yet but we’re playing good ball and we’re going to keep doing it.

MICHAELS: You’ve been an assistant coach for 25 years, 10 different places, but no head coaching opportunity yet. Does that eat at you?
ROB RYAN: I don’t think it’s going to eat much further. My chance will come. It only took my dad 25 years and, hell, he’s better than me and Rex put together. Those things happen. I’m not sure how it will go but eventually I’ll get my chance to be a head coach.

*          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *

ROB RYAN on his war of words with Eagles WR Desean Jackson earlier this year:

That was kind of annoying because we signed three great players the day before, so I’m bragging about those guys and all I’m hearing about is all these great players that Philadelphia had signed. It bothered me because I thought it was disrespecting the players that I coach and that I knew would be great for us.

ROB RYAN on Jackson saying, ‘Maybe I can run on the sideline and tackle the coach’ and Ryan responding that he’ll fall on him:

There’s no question. Is he a good enough athlete to get it done? Absolutely. Am I a bad enough athlete to get tackled by a small guy? Sure. But I am going to fall on him. So I welcome the challenge. [joking] If he wants to come hit me … beautiful. A little guy like that not’s going to hit that hard anyway. It would be fun to beat these guys. There’s no question. They have a ton of talent over there. They’re the fastest team I’ve ever seen on offense but I always believe in hitting them in the mouth. We’ll see what happens.”

Courtesy: NBC Sports | DMN | The Boys Are Back blog


NFL is TV’s King Kong: Eagles-Cowboys could top World Series Game 7

The new TV season has two very clear winners so far: Two and a Half  Men and NFL football.

Together, they account for the 15 top-rated programs this fall, according to  stats released Thursday by the NFL.

No. 1 was the Sept. 19 Two and a Half Men premiere on CBS, with  Ashton Kutcher replacing the terminated Charlie Sheen. About 28.7 million tuned  in for the funeral of Sheen’s bad-boy character, who apparently got pushed in  front of a train by a peeved lover.

A close No. 2, according to the league and the Nielsen Co., was the  late-afternoon Fox slot on Oct. 16, with 28.4 million.

One wrinkle, however: The description says “mostly Cowboys-Patriots,” so  alternate games on some affiliates, such as Saint-Bucs, were apparently  included.

The next dozen spots were all NFL games, eight of them also qualified with  “mostly.”

Not so for four games, including the Sept. 18 Eagles-Falcons matchup, ranked  at No. 8. It was one of three on NBC’s Sunday Night Football. No. 3  overall was another exclusive, NBC’s NBC Thursday Night Kickoff Game  between the Saints and Packers on Sept. 8.

At No. 15 was the second Kutcher episode of Two and Half Men, Sept.  26, with 20.5 million viewers.

The sitcom has been slipping since. But football keeps going strong – with  the six most-viewed shows so far this October.

Maybe tonight’s Game 7 of the World Series (8:05 p.m. on Fox) can crack the  list, following an 11-inning doozy of a victory by the St. Louis Cardinals over  the Texas Rangers. According to early numbers, it scored nearly 20 million  viewers Thursday night – close but no cigar. (Monday’s Game 5 was outperformed  by ABC’s Dancing With the Stars.)

But can baseball beat the NFL this weekend?

Sunday Night Football (8:20 p.m., NBC) has a very promising matchup  – the Philadelphia Eagles, led by highlight machine Michael Vick, against  America’s Team, the Dallas Cowboys. It’s the second appearance for each this  season on the prime-time showcase, and millions more tuned in each time than for  any game so far in this World Series.

When the Birds and Boys met last December on SNF, 25.7 million  watched, setting a program record broken by the Cowboys-Jets on 9/11.

By Peter Mucha | Philadelphia Inquirer Staff Writer


Dallas Cowboys and Texas Rangers light up weekend TV ratings

Sunday afternoon’s Cowboys-Patriots game averaged a 36.3 rating for Channel 4.

Saturday night’s Rangers ALCS clinching victory over the Tigers averaged a 29.0 for Channel 4.

In the ratings game, Boston out-rated Dallas-Fort Worth for the football game, scoring a 38.2.

But D-FW outscored Detroit on Saturday night for the first time in the ALCS. Despondent Detroit managed only a 20.9 as TV sets all over the area clicked off after the Rangers’ 9-run third inning.

The Cowboys-Patriots scored a 19.1 overnight rating in 56 major markets across the country. That’s the best overnight for a Fox doubleheader game since 2002.

Ratings: Dallas Cowboys 36.4, Washington Redskins 35.0

The local numbers for Monday Night Football are in and the Cowboys eked out victory there as well.

In Dallas-Fort Worth, the Cowboys’ victory scored a 20.4 on ESPN and a 16.0 on Channel 21.

In Washington, the Redskins loss scored a 22.4 on ESPN and a 12.6 on the local independent.

The combined 36.4 rating in DFW translates into about 936,000 homes. The combined 35.0 in Washington translates into 826,000 homes.

RATINGS: Dallas Cowboys – 49ers TV numbers

Sunday’s game on Fox scored a 31.9 rating in Dallas-Fort Worth. Cowboys-Jets earned 38.8 last week .

The 31.9 translates into 820,244 homes. If you prefer number of people watching, it was 1.27 million.

Not surprisingly, the game peaked in the final 15 minutes, which was mostly OT. from 6:15-6:30 pm, it rated a 39.8. That’s 1.02 million homes.

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