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2013-2014 TRAINING CAMP UPDATE: Jason Garrett press conference–Day 4 review

Jason Garrett press conference - 2013-2014 Dallas Cowboys training camp update - Day 4 - The Boys Are Back blog

Jason Garrett Press Conference – 7-24-2013 (Duration – 20:06)

Dallas Cowboys coach Jason Garrett speaks to the media during his daily press conference in Oxnard, California. Garrett discussed:

  • Which players are due back from injuries/rehab this week
  • Ben Bass and his upcoming role in this defense
  • Kyle Wilbur development
  • Versatility factors of defensive linemen in this scheme
  • Defensive ends vs. right or left handed strategy
  • Dialing back and developing Matt Johnson in the secondary
  • How Dez Bryant’s passion in practice translates to game day
  • Sean Lee and J.J. Wilcox comparison to Bill Bates mentality
  • Dez’s leadership and influence on other players on the roster
  • Describing Monte Kiffin and the passion he brings to the defense
  • A little lesser-known history about Monte Kiffin;
  • How team captains are determined each year
  • The differences to expect this season from new Special Teams coach
  • Traits of special teams coaches Rich Bisaccia and Joe Avezanno
  • Dez Bryant vs. Mo Claiborne battle – making each other better
  • Current edge that veteran Brandon Carr has over most corners
  • Adjusting to practicing with full pads and other required gear
  • Rapport with Dez and Tony Romo evolving
  • Shoring up the roster with newly signed defensive linemen
  • Strategy for working Jay Ratliff back into the lineup
  • Eric Rodgers fit into Garrett’s the right-kind-of-guy mold
  • New, strict accountability system for pre-snap penalties (both sides of ball)
  • Collective style regarding all coordinators and coaches
  • J.J. Wilcox comparison to late Sam Mills, style of safeties and linebackers
  • inside information on today’s activity from training camp, and
  • how the Dallas Cowboys 2013-2014 roster is shaping up.

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