GOING DEEP–BEYOND THE HUDDLE: Dallas Cowboys DE DeMarcus Lawrence answers your questions | True-Blue special feature

GOING DEEP–BEYOND THE HUDDLE - Dallas Cowboys DE DeMarcus Lawrence answers your questions - True-Blue special feature - The Boys Are Back website 2015

Dallas Cowboys rising star DeMarcus Lawrence answers fan submitted questions. A part of being a True-Blue is getting to know your players, beyond their jersey numbers and stats. Check out his answers: 

Natalie D | Humble, TX | What is you favorite stadium to play in on the road and why?

I would say Philly. I feel like that was a good game for me. It was only my first year, so I haven’t had too many road games yet.

Salvador G | Merced, CA | Who are your closest teammates and why?

I would say Ken Bishop because he plays right next to me on the D-Line. We also played against each other in college a couple of times, so we got a chance to get to know each other pretty well.

Andrew G | Huntsville, TX | PlayStation or Xbox?

Xbox One.

Tyler K | OH | What is your favorite song to listen to before games?

Young Jeezy – “Last of a Dying Breed.”

Chip N | Bentonville, AR | Do you have a goal for number of sacks in the 2015 season?

Yes I have a goal. I set my standards very high, so I am just trying to be the best defensive end in the league.

Lauren | Dallas, TX | Do you have any nicknames? If so, where did they originate?

My nickname is Tank. It originated when I was very young playing outside on the basketball court. One of my friends and I were play fighting and he DDT’d me on my head, so ever since then he would say “I tanked him on his head, I tanked him.” So ever since then people have been calling me Tank.

Slims | Burbank, CA | How did you keep your composure after making that incredible hit and causing a fumble to unfortunately losing it in a matter of seconds in the Lions game?

I really think it’s mind over matter, so just staying focused, staying in tune to the game. I was feeding off that negative energy and turning that into positive energy.

Scott H | NY | Marvel or DC?


Chase P | CA | How did it feel when you got the game winning sack after losing that fumble?

It felt pretty good. My emotions were very high. My whole team was around me; it was just a great moment to be in.

John F | Malboro, NJ | What’s the best part about playing on the Dallas Cowboys?

You get to wear the star every day.

Lauren G | Houston, TX | What do you think your biggest challenge will be for this upcoming season?

I feel like my biggest challenge will be staying healthy. That’s my main focus.

Bobby F | Hoboken, NJ | What motivates you to work hard? Do you have a chip on your shoulder?

What motivates me to work hard is me being in tune with myself and knowing that the only way I am going to get better is to fight towards my goals.

Jack C | New York | Huge fan of yours. What do you think is the most important skill a defensive end needs to succeed in the NFL?

I would say your first step and quick hands — those are the two most important skills.

Dan K | Iowa | Who was your favorite football player when you were growing up and why?

Ray Lewis because of his intensity, his demeanor, his swagger. He had all the tools.

Chad B | Boyd, TX | Who would you say is your favorite offensive and defensive player of all time?

I can’t really name an offensive player that I love from the bottom of my heart. My favorite defensive player is Ray Lewis.

Jordan R | Redding, CA | What was going through your mind when you heard Roger Goodell call your name?

I can’t even tell you — just my whole family being around me. I was on the phone so I didn’t really get to hear him call my name, but it was a very emotional state to be in.

Editor’s note: Yes, he was absolutely on the phone! The Dallas Cowboys moved up to select DeMarcus Lawrence early in the 2nd round, making him the #34 player taken overall in the 2014 NFL Draft. Listen to his phone conversations on the Dallas Cowboy Audio Archives page and relive his special moment, once again.

Marcus G | College Station, TX | Who is your favorite current artist?

I would say Lil Boosie or Young Jeezy.

Armond A | Flower Mound, TX | What was most difficult for you in your first year and how do you plan on preparing for it next season?

Getting over the injury was the most difficult thing for me. I feel like that set me back a little. I plan on preparing for it next season by focusing on my body, listen to what my body tells me and keep going with it.

Sherm F | Wyoming | How important is it to have a full offseason and training camp? How much can you improve before the season?

It’s huge. I’ll get to work on my fundamentals each and every day, my technique, my skill development. You need those type of days before the season starts in order to get better.

Robert H | West Lawn, PA | What is your motivation that keeps you going on the football field and who was your hero when you were in high school?

Having to feed my son is my motivation. In order to feed my son, I know my objective and my job is to get the quarterback, so that’s my main purpose. My biggest hero is my father, because he did anything in order to put food on the table for us.

Andres G | What inspired you to play football and become what you are right now?

Growing up seeing my cousins and my family play football, I knew that’s what I really wanted to do.

Taylor R | Dallas, TX | If you didn’t pursue a career as a player in the NFL, what career path would you pursue?

I would still want to be alongside the sport (football) so I think I would have tried to go in to coaching.

Special Thanks: Lauren Sokol | Dallas Cowboys Digital Media Producer | @Sokesss

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