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Coming into the fifth year of The Boys Are Back website, I thought it prudent to give it a tweak and find a few more ways to differentiate this site for others around the web. If you’re a regular visitor and loyal reader you already know this website is quite unique. 

The Boys Are Back isn’t a rumor mill, nor will it ever be. I feel that True Blue’s don’t want negative or condescending tabloid types of misrepresentation that’s ever present all around the NFL cyber world. You want relevant facts, insider information, and credible reporting of news and events surrounding America’s Team. The goal here is to provide information and analysis that is not only worth reading, but worth sharing. If you’re like me, you also appreciate a little nostalgic Dallas Cowboys historical archives and perspective to take in on a rainy day or during a long span without pigskin play.

Like anything worthwhile, this site is a work in progress. Expect to see some refreshing organizational changes to the menus and pages in the coming weeks and months. Currently, there are 29 pages (menus on your phone/tablet) to take you through the offseason, regular season and playoffs … and back again. Access to these pages (menus) varies by your browser, but generally you can find them on the top bar and/or on the right side of every page.

Two NEW pages have been added this week … Video Archives and Audio Archives. These pages serve two purposes. One, to supplement a daily article or post … and two, to provide you with “Hear for yourself” or “See for yourself” verification of what’s been disclosed in any particular storyline. I strongly believe that if you hear an entire conversation with a player or team representative … you’ll be able to better weed out fact from fiction, and then form better opinions of the facts that surround that player (or representative). Some journalists and many bloggers are notorious for omitting or reframing quotes to serve their agenda. This site welcomes intelligent conversations and opinions based on all the facts.

The video’s can be viewed directly within The Boys Are Back website, the audio files can be downloaded to your phone, tablet, or computer for future use. Great for breaks or when you’re working around the house or yard.

I hope you enjoy the new pages and that you’ll feel free to chime in with suggestions, comments, and questions.

Robert D Knight | The Boys Are Back website

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