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RULED AND SCHOOLED: Dallas Cowboys rookie corner B.W. Webb gets counseling from Tony Romo

RULED AND SCHOOLED - Dallas Cowboys rookie corner B.W. Webb gets counseling from Tony Romo - The Boys Are Back blog 2013

Count quarterback Tony Romo as one of the people rookie cornerback B.W. Webb sought advice from after his bad outing in the 19-17 loss to the Oakland Raiders last Friday. Webb gave up six catches for 65 yards in coverage and fumbled a punt that led to the game-deciding score.

Coach Jason Garrett was critical of Webb’s demeanor and confidence in the game and the rookie fourth-round pick acknowledged that he let his poor play at cornerback bleed into the fumbled punt.

“Yeah, I guess I thought about my bad plays too much,” Webb said. “I didn’t really put them behind me. In this league you to put those in your back pocket and keep going. I kind of dwelled on those too much and it led into the punt, dropped the punt so it was just…I got to put things behind me and get on on with the game.”

dallas cowboys head coach jason garrett talks with dallas cowboys quarterback tony romo - the boys are back blog

Webb said he talked to a few people after the game for advice, including cornerback Brandon Carr and secondary coach Jerome Henderson. He also approached the veteran quarterback for his perspective.

“His position is crazy and you have your up and down games,” Webb said. “He really told me you got to be able to put that in past. He told me he messes up at times and coaches jump him and it’s on to the next play, just getting that perspective from especially him.”

In two games, Webb has played 108 plays. He has been targeted 13 times, giving up 10 catches for 94 yards.

EXPANDING THE TEXAS 2 DEFENSE: Monte Kiffin prepping defenders for zone read offense

EXPANDING THE TEXAS 2 DEFENSE - Monte Kiffin prepping defenders for zone read offense

The Dallas Cowboys defense got a glimpse of the zone-read offense in the 19-17 loss to the Raiders last Friday and it wasn’t pretty.

Oakland Raiders backup quarterback Terrelle Pryor six times for 88 yards in the game. 

Cowboys defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin and his troops get a pass for that performance because they didn’t work on it at all in practice before the game. 

There will be no excuses when the regular season starts. The Cowboys have two games each against the Washington Redskins and Philadelphia Eagles — two teams who use the read option as a big part of their offense. There is also a good chance they see Pryor again when they face the Raiders on Thanksgiving Day.

It’s no surprise the Cowboys took time in Monday’s practice to work on the read option, using receiver Dwayne Harris as the scout team quarterback.

“We’re going to see if from a lot of different people,” coach Jason Garrett said. “Certainly the teams that have done it and it’s been effective for them, they will probably have the same type of package and they will grow their package. As you know, it’s a copy cat league in a lot of ways so other teams certainly will make it part of what they do on offense. So, we have to be ready for it. This is a good week to do that, last week, as you know we played Sunday in Canton and turned around and played Oakland on Friday night. So it was a short week in terms of installation and working on any new stuff. This is a longer week for us and it gives us a chance to work on some of those things that will show up on the season on both sides of the ball.”

The Dallas Cowboys have the added advantage or disadvantage of Kiffin facing the read option, especially that of Eagles coach Chip Kelly, during his time at Southern California the past three years. Kelly’s Oregon offenses averaged 601 yards and 50 points against Kiffin’s USC defenses, including a 730-yard output in a 62-51 victory in their final meeting in 2012. 

“Well, Monte’s just a great coach,” Garrett said. “He’s been a great coach for a long, long time. We have a good defensive staff. A lot of those guys have come from the college game. Monte being there just recently helps. He faced Chip Kelly when SC played Oregon, and regardless of that, the challenges that we’re going to face with Philadelphia and some of the other teams are going to be significant for us. They’re significant for the league. And we’ve got to be on top of that.”

2013-2014 Dallas Cowboys training camp - Sean Lee, Bruce Carter, Jason Witten, Will Allen - The Boys Are Back blog

Photo: Dallas Cowboys already have the speedy linebackers to help defend against the read option offense.

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