YOU’RE THE GENERAL MANAGER: Your 2015 NFL Draft Trade Value Chart | Dallas Cowboys draft pick trade value chart | Dallas Cowboys Draft Primer

NFL Draft Trade Value Chart - 2015 NFL Draft trade pick value chart - Printable Print NFL Draft Trade Value Chart - The Boys Are Back website 2014 2015

The 2015 NFL Draft starts tomorrow night, so you’ll have to get busy wheelin’ n dealin’ if you want to pull of the trade of the century! To make it easier, here’s your personal (and printable) copy of the NFL Draft Trade Value Chart that teams use to assign a value to each pick. 

If you’re not comfortable spending Jerry Jones’ money, then you can use the chart for assessments of the Dallas Cowboys trade decisions for this NFL Draft (or others).

As of this posting, Dallas holds the following picks, each assigned a point value …

  • 27th … worth 680 points;
  • 60th … worth 300 points;
  • 91st … worth 136 points;
  • 127th … worth 45 points;
  • 163rd … worth 26 points;
  • 236th … worth 1 point; and
  • 243rd … worth 1 point.

So, let’s say you want to move up from #27 (valued at 680 points) to #16 (valued at 1000 points). It’ll cost you at least 320 points if you can find a suitable trade partner. You’d offer your 60th pick (valued at 300 points), and your 163rd pick (valued at 26 points) to get your trade partners attention.

You can use a similar approach should you decide to move out of the first round and add additional picks in the later rounds. For example, say all of your prospects with a first round grade on your draft board are gone when you’re sitting at #27 (valued at 680 points). You might try to pull off a trade with Tampa Bay for their #33 (valued at 580 points) and pick up their 4th rounder (#97 valued at 112 points) in the process. Alternatively, you could stay in the first round and just moved down a few spots with someone and still pick up a 4th rounder. Remember, you get the 5th year option for first round draft picks and that has value too! Players in subsequent rounds can only be offered 4-year rookie contracts per the CBA.

Editors Note: If you’re wondering why there are only 224 picks on the chart, it’s because of the additional 32 NFL’s compensatory picks allotted each season for teams that lost valuable players in free agency the prior year.  Draft picks selected between 224-256 are valued at one point each. The NFL Compensatory Draft Picks start in the 3rd round and are based on a complicated formula that puts a high value on the departing free agents salary, starts, and stats vs. your teams additions in free agency to offset the loss. As an example, expect the Dallas Cowboys to receive a 3rd round pick for this seasons loss of DeMarco Murray in next seasons NFL Draft. Compensatory Picks cannot be traded, however, all other draft picks are fair game.

Did you know? You can keep up with the Dallas Cowboys 2015 NFL Draft right here on The Boys Are Back website. Check out these pages … NFL Draft Prospects and Dallas Cowboys Draft Picks for much more information and other draft resources/articles.

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