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Welcome to The Boys are Back. This website was created for sharing information, stats, and articles about the Dallas Cowboys, the NFC East division, and other related NFL news headlines. Look for posts on:

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This site (The Boys Are Back)  is strictly for informational and entertainment purposes, and is in no way affiliated with the Dallas Cowboys or the National Football League. It also claims no rights to the trademarks of either the Cowboys or the NFL.

The following are a few of the media sites included in The Boys Are Back blog:
Dallas Cowboys Official Site DMN Blog Fort Worth Star-Telegram Dallas Morning News San Antonio Express-News The Sporting News Cowboys Page USA Today Cowboys Page SI Cowboys Page ESPN Cowboys Page NFL Cowboys Page The Dallas Cowboys Show Cowboys Zone Forum Cowboys-Forum Bob’s Blog – Bob Sturm of the Ticket Dallas Cowboys Times Know Your Dallas Cowboys Lone Star Struck Dallas Cowboys Nation Dallas Cowboy Fans United DTX Cowboys Forum Hail to the Deadskins Cowboys Gab The Cowboys Central Pro-Football-Reference Blogging the Boys The Landry Hat

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5 responses

  1. Robert Knight | Reply

    There honestly is a marked difference between The Boys Are Back, and most other sites, nfl affiliates included. Where this blog shines is that it promotes knowledgeable conversation between fans. The information and insight cannot be rivaled. Specifically fans outside the DFW metroplex are the biggest beneficiaries. I’m in that position, and the information you sporadically receive is limited to touch the surface sound bites, and mockery of the franchise’s legacy. With TBAB I believe the ability to cut through the bullshit, and supply INFORMATION makes it the best team blog or news source out there.

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  2. Robert, you have a great Cowboy blog here! So far the best individual team blog I’ve come across. Would you be interested in contributing articles to our new NFL site…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Adam, thank you very much for the compliments. You are welcome to use content from this site, but PLEASE credit and link The Boys Are Back blog when doing so. I look forward to watching your site (ditkainabox) evolve and possibly doing some cross-links between us. There are some cool historic ties between the ‘boys and ‘da bears. Kindest regards, Robert D Knight


  3. Hello, I am a cowboys fan living in the DC area, I really like your site and was wondering would you like to write a guess post on my site. I really like the layour of your site and it gives me something to strive for

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    1. Hello LJAY, Thank you for the compliments. You are welcome to copy any post on The Boys Are Back blog to use on your blog. I only ask that you credit The Boys Are Back and consider adding us as a link. Have a GREAT day. Thanks again, Robert


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