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IT’S TRUE-BLUE ENVY: Dallas Cowboys have NFL’s best fan base | America’s Team haters face the most avid, engaged, passionate and supportive fans in the league

IT’S TRUE-BLUE ENVY - Dallas Cowboys have NFL’s best fan base - America’s Team haters face the leagues most avid, engaged, passionate and supportive fans

Here at The Boys Are Back website, we knew it all along. The Dallas Cowboys have the best fans in the NFL.

The new study from Emory University is sure to turn some heads and anger Dallas Cowboys demonizers, and haters, all around the world.

The Dallas Cowboys are not only “America’s Team”, but they are also have “the best fans” in the NFL according to Mike Lewis and Manish Tripathi (at Emory Sports Marketing Analytics). The authors define “best” as “the most avid, engaged, passionate and supportive fans.”  Continue reading →

SIMPLIFIED STATS FOR PHILLY FANS: Pictures (and fun facts) for our rival Philadelphia Eagles followers

We wanted to post something easy to understand for the Philadelphia Eagles fans that visit this website. You know the old adage … “a picture is worth a 1000 words”. So, here we go … 

Infographic- Dallas Cowboys matchup with Philadelphia Eagles - Series Notes

Eagles fans, please focus your attention to the photo above, and note … historically, the Dallas Cowboys OWN YOU!

Infographic- Dallas Cowboys matchup with Philadelphia Eagles - League Rankins

Now, this next one is tricky! Pay attention. Philly averages more yards … but, Dallas scores more points. This will be KEY to the OUTCOME of the game!!! Also note, your team (Philly) allows more yards and more points defensively that the Dallas Cowboys! Again, this is BIG! On a positive note, due to the Cowboys domination of ‘time of possession’, your team will have more time on the sidelines to enjoy cheesesteak, hoagies, soft pretzels, and whatever the hell a Tastykake is!

Infographic- Dallas Cowboys matchup with Philadelphia Eagles - Team Leaders - QBs


Infographic- Dallas Cowboys matchup with Philadelphia Eagles - Team Leaders - RBs and WRs

Ok, welcome back from your nap. I know this has been hard on you! Please stay focused. There are a LOT of numbers above, so lets run through this as quickly as possible. Tony Romo is better than both of your quarterbacks combined! Your running backs have great numbers, because other teams have allowed them to run. Expect this to change on Sunday (that’s tomorrow, after you wake up from your BIG NAP). Your team does an OK job of receiving the ball and making plays. If you had a defense to stop Dallas’ receivers you’d have a shot. Won’t happen. Try to prepare yourself, mentally.

Infographic- Dallas Cowboys matchup with Philadelphia Eagles - Tony Romo 100th start

Now, let’s wrap this up. Tony Romo will have his 100th start against your team on Sunday afternoon. Please note, there are NO Philly quarterbacks on these stats (above). Also note, there are no other NFC East quarterbacks on this picture above. I know what you’re thinking … It’s hard to soar like an Eagle when you’re playing with a bunch of turkeys! By the way, it will be 73 and sunny in Big D tomorrow. Enjoy the game (pregame warm-ups).

RIVAL HEADLINE–PHILLY: Why do YOU hate the Cowboys?

Cowboys Camp Football

THERE IS a great Christmas song that proclaims, “It’s the most wonderful time of the year.” While I love the season from Thanksgiving through New Year’s Day because people are actually nice to each other and concentrate on things that are most important – family and friends – it is not the most wonderful time of the year!

That’s actually October, if you are a sports fan.

There is a plethora of football to watch, both college and pro. The baseball playoffs are in full swing, culminating with the World Series and all its tension and excitement. Hockey season has begun in earnest and the NBA launches at the end of the month.

To cite one example of how great October can be, consider if you lived in Boston. Last Sunday was a day you would never forget – unbelievable comebacks by the Patriots and Red Sox in big games. Yes, October is the most wonderful time of the year – the only month all four major sports are going on at the same time.

This year, October is even more special because tomorrow the Eagles play the Cowboys at home with first place in the NFC East at stake. Good god, I hate those Cowboys!

On Wednesday, I was on the train coming back from New York and I was sitting with my cousin Steven, a brilliant psychiatrist, his aide, Marguerite, and two rambunctious women named Sarah and Jennifer. We had a great time as they helped me create the “Top 10 Reasons I Hate the Cowboys.” Though they were my reasons, the crew helped me put them in descending order. It was great fun and I strongly recommend you do it with your friends. We share many of the same reasons, but ranking them as to which make you hate the ‘Boys the most is a hoot.

So here’s my Top 10:

10. The Star – What unbelievable conceit to make a star the symbol of your team and paint it right smack in the middle of the field. How did that star look at the end of the pickle-juice game (the 2000 season opener when the Eagles consumed pickle juice to combat dehydration from the 109-degree game-time temperature and beat the hosts, 41-14)?

9. Jimmy Johnson’s hair – Gelled and lacquered into a steel-like, immovable ‘do, and harder than those obnoxious Cowboy helmets. (I must admit to a tad of envy here.)

8. Cowboy (or AT&T) Stadium – A gaudy, incredibly extravagant mausoleum to Jerry Jones’ ego. Hey, Jerry, with Texas having the highest percentage of people without healthcare coverage of any state in the nation, couldn’t you have thought of a better use for your money?

7. Troy Aikman on TV – This ex-Cowboys QB has never gotten over the physical and scoreboard beating administered to him by the Buddy Ryan-led Birds. He takes it out on the Eagles every chance he gets with his slanted, hateful anti-Eagles commentary.

6. The “Don’t Mess With Texas” attitude – Everything is bigger and better in the Lone Star state, or so they think. Rick Perry as governor? Not so much. Cowboy Stadium is a great example of this. One thing that’s for sure: Everything is more arrogant in Texas, especially if it has anything to do with this football team!

5. Conceited, cocky, arrogant stars, past and present – Michael Irvin, Neon Deion, Tony Romo, Dez Bryant: I can’t stand any of them. (Jason Witten is an exception, but he should have been an Eagle. Remember, we picked L.J. Smith in the draft when Jason was still available.)

4. No cheesesteaks, hoagies, soft pretzels or Tastykakes are sold at Cowboy Stadium – Hard to believe, but true. I went to see the Birds play in Dallas once and sat in Ross Perot’s box. There was white wine, caviar, smoked salmon, Brie and crudités served with nary a soft pretzel to be found. They wouldn’t have lasted 5 minutes in the 700 level at the Vet!

3. Jimmy Johnson’s favorite phrase, “How ‘Bout Them Cowboys?” – I’m sick and tired of hearing it! Hey, Jimmy, how ’bout the fact that “Them Cowboys” have only won one playoff game (the dreaded “air guitar” game vs. the Birds, unfortunately) in more than a decade?

2. Jerry Jones – Need I explain? This unbelievably arrogant owner is the epitome of the conceit, braggadocio and excess that makes us hate the Cowboys.

1. “America’s Team” – Aaaaagh!! Who would have the gall to call themselves America’s Team? Who nominated them? Did we get to vote on this? This self-proclaimed title has inspired many faux fans around the nation to claim to be Cowboy rooters, but they all probably think a rollout is what you do with toilet paper and that the wildcat formation is found at the zoo.

So that’s my list. Have fun coming up with yours. To sum it up: “Cowboys suck,” and with injuries to Ware and Murray, the Birds win easily, 34-23.

Courtesy: Edward Rendell | The Daily News

Editors comment: Pretty lame article, granted. Not much creativity in Philly. After all, why remain bitter about Jimmy Johnson (and his hair) 25 years later? Seems like a “if you can’t beat ‘em … bash ‘em” mentality in the City of Brotherly Love (and resentment). Still, take a moment to vote in their poll. As you’d expect, it’s tilted towards a Philly win on Sunday. Let your voice be heard! While we’re at it … how ‘bout serving cheesesteak on Texas Toast with BBQ sauce for your gameday tailgate? Cheesesteak is basically shaved Texas beef brisket! Go Cowboys … hard pretzels, star and all!!

WTF–CALLING ON AMERICA’S TRUE BLUES: Your Dallas Cowboys team is currently ranked #2

Currently, your Dallas Cowboys are ranked #2 on the NFL FAN REWARDS program! Check out the embarrassing rankings below …

What is wrong with this picture - Dallas Cowboys ranked number two

The New England Patriots ranked #1 (in points earned, fan participation)??? Seriously??? That should bother any self-respecting Dallas Cowboys fan!!!

Nothing wrong with this picture - Dallas Cowboys ranked number one in fans

Sure, the Dallas Cowboys are ranked #1 in registered fans. There are 308,903 Dallas Cowboys fans registered for NFL FAN REWARDS. That’s something to be proud of … but, there is a problem …

What is wrong with this picture - Dallas Cowboys ranked 31 in average points

The Dallas Cowboy FANS aren’t racking up enough points! Look at that! Registered fans that signed up and forgot who they’re representing in the world of NFL fandom … America’s Team … God’s Team! Aren’t you embarrassed? We’re down in the basement with the likes of the Cleveland Browns for God’s sake! Lions! Chiefs! Bears! and lowly Cincinnati Bengals!

NFL FAN REWARDS - What right about America - robertdknight in top five - The Boys Are Back blog 2013

I know for a fact that some True Blue fans are racking up the points (like your fearless editor on this blog – robertdknight) … participating regularly (like myself, even loosing valuable sleep on occasion)… racing home before the midnight daily deadline … pumping up those point totals like real men! Then, we have the slackers! Shame on YOU!

NFL FAN REWARDS - you could win valuable prizes like this priceless keychain - The Boys Are Back blog 2013

Not to rub it in … but you could OWN one of these valuable prizes with your NFL FAN REWARDS coins! Boast about the significant discounts (5-20%) on the NFL photo store or the NFL shop. That pencil eraser could be YOURS! Think about it … you could save 10% on that new Miami Dolphins Ray Finkle jersey for your father in law!  Who doesn’t need NFL logo’ed socks for the wintertime? And the picture over the fireplace … ditch it! Snatch up custom framed photograph of Bernie Kosar (sportin that star on his helmet) from the NFL photo store! You need this stuff! Your spouse will totally understand and appreciate your dedicated effort. The mowing and edging can wait! Rain washes cars!

NFL Fan Rewards program - The Boys Are Back blog

Don’t worry. As you’ve come to expect, I have the solution! Drop everything, put the kids in bed, seal yourself off from the rest of the world … and dedicate your life to this worthy cause! I promise that your testosterone levels will increase 50% and your penis will grow 30% by the time you reach Hall of Fame status (which I will reach this month)! You trust me, right?

Click HERE to register for the NFL FAN REWARDS program. Make me proud!!! Walk with that Jimmy Johnson swagger!

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