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NFL GAMEDAY SOUND FX: Dallas Cowboys WR Dez Bryant Mic’d Up

NFL Sound FX - Dallas Cowboys WR Dez Bryant Mic’d Up - Dallas Cowboys vs. Green Bay Packers 2013 2014 schedule

NFL Sound FX: Dez Bryant Mic’d Up vs. Green Bay Packers | 5:11

Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant during the Dallas Cowboys 37-26 loss to the Green Bay Packers. Witness, through Bryant’s mic, some of the events that led to the last minute defeat. (Watch this Video)

COWBOYS VS. PACKERS GAME TAPE: Jason Garrett press conference | Gameday film study

POST GAME FILM REVIEW - COWBOYS VS. PACKERS - Jason Garrett press conference - Gameday film game tape review - button

Jason Garrett press conference: Game breakdown after game film review (23:20)

Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett speaks to the media after having a chance to review the tape of Dallas Cowboys vs. Green Bay Packers game (Watch Video | Play Audio)

Garrett discussed:

  • How Jason Garrett asserts himself in game time offensive decisions
  • Why it’s hard to remain (appear) stubborn regarding the run in running situations
  • Any way to defend Tony Romo switching to the pass when a run is called
  • What Jason Garrett could have done differently to prevent that (turnover) from happening
  • Communication during an actual call in critical situations (run, no pass option veto)
  • How often has Jason Garrett told Tony Romo specifically what to do on a play call
  • Instead of hindsight, why aren’t adjustment decisions made during the course of the game
  • Second guessing Escobar not being in-motion to block the sack on Romo
  • Any point in the second half where Jason Garrett was second guessing
  • If he feels like he signaled Tony Romo out in the postgame press conference (below)
  • Steps to put the “overlay” into decisions during critical situations (situational awareness) 
  • How ineffective 3rd downs affect decisions with play calling on 2nd downs
  • DeMarco Murray’s sideline frustration in 2nd half; disservice to him by not running
  • How Dez Bryant decision to leave field was addressed; thoughts on issue
  • Was Dez Bryant fined by the team (for leaving the field early)
  • Is play calling/game planning being driven by inability to stop teams from scoring
  • Is this defense forcing the offense to become more aggressive
  • Does offensive gameplan change at halftime when headset goes down; Rookies
  • Why was DeMarcus Ware so ineffective in the Green Bay game
  • How concerned is Jason Garrett about the secondary; Morris Claiborne
  • Was pass rush improvement seen in this game compared to Chicago game last week
  • How DeMarco Murray’s run percentage plays are factored in to each game
  • The specifics of the play where Cole Beasley was targeted, but resulted in an INT
  • What do you say to fans that are looking for reasons to be optimistic going forward
  • Sense of urgency factors placed on players/coaches because of recent losses
  • Challenges of harnessing the negatives from last two losses; how to move forward
  • Dealing with issue of not having top-four linebackers going into the Redskins game
  • DeMarcus Ware getting some 1-on-1’s and still not getting sacks; Is he still a stud
  • Has DeMarcus Ware lost some of his explosiveness
  • Explaining decisions to take Jason Hatcher/Ware off the DL in certain situations/subs
  • Biggest reason they have been able to run the ball for the past few weeks
  • Recent communication with Jerry Jones regarding job security
  • Confidence in veterans and leaders on the team
  • Even with the recent losses, who still gives Jason Garrett confidence
  • When history has show they haven’t gotten the job done in these loosing situations


For Jason Garrett’s postgame press conference video, immediately following the loss to the Green Bay Packers, click HERE (Listen to Audio)

COWBOYS VS. PACKERS GAME TAPE: Silver linings among the Blues | Gameday film study

COWBOYS VS. PACKERS GAME TAPE - Silver linings among the Blues -  Packers Cowboys postgame film study - Dallas Cowboys schedule 2013 2014

IRVING, Texas – Observations from the film room at Valley Ranch:

Starts Up Front

Since the bye week, it has been remarkable how this Cowboys offensive line has come together as a group and the job they have done in these last four weeks. Where there were issues with run blocking and leaky protection in 2012, the changes at center and guard with Travis Frederick and Ronald Leary have paid off greatly.

Doug Free is once again playing at the level that we saw from him three seasons ago and Mackenzy Bernadeau has been steady on the right side working next to him.

The best player on this line and maybe best player overall on the offense is Tyron Smith

Smith is playing at an elite level, and it is getting him noticed around the league. When I have a chance to visit with scouts from around the league, it’s Smith they want to talk about. In this game against the Packers, he had the job of dealing with Clay Matthews, who was their best pass rusher. In the week leading up to the game, I was getting that vibe that these coaches were very comfortable in allowing Smith to handle Matthews without any help, and that allowed Leary, Frederick , Bernadeau and Free to focus on the other Packers defensive linemen and linebackers.

Smith was so good against Matthews, Dom Capers moved him away from Smith just to give him a shot to try and get some pressure on Romo. No matter how hard Matthews tried to rush, he could not unlock Smith, who has become a much more complete tackle against both the run and pass. 

Where this line has been outstanding as a unit is as run blockers. Against the Packers, who play with some powerful men in their base 3-4, they were able to create cracks and gaps, which DeMarco Murray took full advantage of.

To Murray’s credit, he ran the ball with some power and resolve. This line is doing a much better job of working together to secure these blocks. You are seeing more hats on hats with finish. Where this group had their issues earlier in the season, they are doing a much better job of changing or moving the line of scrimmage and giving Murray the opportunities to make the cuts that we have seen from him or just carry the ball play side.

The group has also done a quality job in pass protection. When they have had problems, it has usually come from the coordination of their responsibilities with the running backs. There have been some sacks of Romo this season where it wasn’t on the offensive line and on the backs.

The numbers on Sunday show that the offensive line gave up three sacks and two of them were on the line, but the third was due to coverage down the field. Of those two sacks, one was due to a miss by Frederick, who worked across the pocket in an effort to try and help Bernadeau, but he whiffed and it allowed Mike Daniels to get to Romo.

The next sack was a nice design by Capers when the Packers ran a twist stunt inside with Clay Matthews, and Leary was late getting over to secure the block. Romo had nowhere to go, resulting in the sack.

I thought overall, this group really did a nice job up front, and, in the second half, if Garrett and Callahan wanted to continue to run the ball, this group would have been up to the challenge of blocking this Packers front seven, without any issues.

I was surprised they didn’t attempt to do that.

The Other End

There were not many things that went right for this Cowboys defense in the second half, but one area that did was the play of George Selvie. In the build up toward this game with the Packers, I was calling for DeMarcus Ware to step up and lead this defense to victory, but it was Selvie that was the most noticeable player when I sat down and broke down the game — which was a big surprise to me.

Selvie finished the afternoon with six tackles, one sack, two tackles for loss and one quarterback hurry. Where Selvie was at his best in this games was how he was able to get off the ball. He was attacking the entire game, and his burst off the ball put him in some very good positions to make plays.

The biggest issue for Selvie this year has been dealing with teams that want to run the ball at him, because offenses feel like they can take advantage of his lighter build. Each game, Selvie is giving up an average of 40 or 50 pounds to these tackles and it is making it difficult on him.

Against the Packers, he did a much better job of holding the point attack and not allowing the ball to get over the top of him or to the edge. This was a huge improvement of what happened to him last week against the Bears, where he struggled to defeat blocks and did a poor job of defeating blocks.

If George Selvie is going to have success at defensive end for the Cowboys, this is going to be  exactly how he did it in this game — with quickness up the field, using his eyes and playing with leverage, which he was able to do.

TOO PAINFUL TO WATCH: Dez Bryant explains why he walked off the field

TOO PAINFUL TO WATCH - Dez Bryant explains why he walked off the field - Dallas Cowboys vs. Green Bay Packers - Dez Bryant crying cry cries

Dallas Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant took to Twitter last night to explain why he walked to the locker room with 1:21 left in the 37-36 loss to the Packers.

It came after the game-sealing interception from quarterback Tony Romo. Bryant walked off after the replay officials reversed the call on the field that the pass was incomplete, giving the interception to cornerback Tramon Williams.

Bryant, after declining to speak with reporters after the game, later explained his actions in a tweet on @dezbryant: 

“I walked back to the locker room because I was emotional…it had nothing to do with my teammates we had it… We fought and didn’t finish.”

Bryant was the only Cowboys player to leave the field early, but quarterback Tony Romo refused to criticize him for his actions.

“It’s an emotional game,” Romo said. “You get to the end there, obviously, it’s not fun for any of us to lose a football game. It’s not an enjoyable process the way it ends, no matter how it ends. It’s always tough emotionally so it is what it is.”

Bryant had a solid game, finishing with 11 catches for 153 yards and a touchdowns. However, he could have had better numbers as Romo underthrew him on two deep balls and overthrew him on another in the end zone.

“I think the worst thing you can do sometimes with Dez is overthrow him,” Romo said. “Obviously, you’d like to hit him perfectly in stride. He’s such a great athlete, he comes down with most of them. I look back and I wish I had one or two where I gave it a little bit more. But usually, I make sure if I err ever it’s slightly less because he always goes up and gets it. Obviously, I look back, I’ll push those down the field if I have that opportunity.”

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TOO PAINFUL TO WATCH - Dez Bryant explains why he walked off the field - Dallas Cowboys vs. Green Bay Packers - Dez Bryant remarkable TD touchdown 2

Dez Bryant regrets it. He wishes he wouldn’t have walked off the field with 1:21 left and the Green Bay Packers a couple kneels away from a 37-36 victory over the Dallas Cowboys.

Bryant spoke about the incident Monday morning as the Cowboys were on their annual visits to area children’s hospitals, which included Bryant visiting Cook Children’s Medical Center in Fort Worth.

“I was wrong,” Bryant said. “It didn’t have anything to do with my teammates. I just … I couldn’t watch Green Bay kneel the ball down on the field after a tough loss like that.

“I was very emotional. I cried when I got into the locker room. I didn’t want to show that stuff on the sideline.”

The Cowboys blew a 23-point halftime lead and wasted an impressive performance by Bryant. He had 11 catches for 153 yards and a touchdown. The TD catch might have been the most remarkable of all, as he grabbed the ball away from several Green Bay defenders and kept his feet inbounds near the back of the end zone.

TOO PAINFUL TO WATCH - Dez Bryant explains why he walked off the field - Dallas Cowboys vs. Green Bay Packers - Dez Bryant remarkable TD touchdown

But that catch was overshadowed by Bryant’s early exit.

“Whenever I’m out on the football field, it’s all about the team,” Bryant said. “I’m a team guy and that’s what I think about and that’s what I focus on. I extremely, extremely apologize for leaving, but my teammates and coaches understand. I am a very emotional player and we didn’t finish.”

The hospital visit, though, did provide some comfort for Bryant and the other players to get away from the tough loss by bringing smiles to children’s faces.

“This is something I really enjoy doing,” Bryant said. “Whenever you’re able to make someone’s day, you should feel good about it.”

TOO PAINFUL TO WATCH - Dez Bryant explains why he walked off the field - Dallas Cowboys vs. Green Bay Packers - Dez Bryant charity

Editor’s Comment: I’m going to share my own opinion of this situation. If you have one, I encourage you to express it in the comment section below. The media at large is making light of Dez Bryant’s emotional and tearful reaction to this loss. No, he shouldn’t have left. No, he will not do it again.

If you follow the Dallas Cowboys closely (like most regular visitors on this site), you already know how emotional Dez Bryant is. That’s a big part of his personality. HE’S DETERMINED TO WIN! The coaches and players are quick to point out that his emotions are one of the key elements that make his such a valuable member of the team. Most of the players that Jason Garrett has kept with his team, or brought in, have the same type of workmanlike traits. The thing with Dez is that he wears his emotions on his sleeve. He’s outwardly expressive. I think that’s a good thing and also believe it’s something that this locker room needs. A player that HATES losing that bad needs to be heard. With only two games remaining, this could be something that ignites or unites this team. They sure need it. The players on this roster want to win for Jason Garrett, the coaches … and veterans Tony Romo, Jason Witten, and DeMarcus Ware. You can add Dez Bryant to that list.

Photo above: Dallas Cowboys on their annual visits to area children’s hospitals, which included Bryant visiting Cook Children’s Medical Center in Fort Worth.

COWBOYS PACKERS POSTGAME GUTCHECK: Dallas Cowboys surrender to Green Bay Packers

ARLINGTON, Texas –  Three Dallas Cowboys writers share their initial feelings of the Cowboys’ 37-36 loss to the Packers at AT&T Stadium.

Helman: I thought perhaps Denver or Detroit would wind up being the most brutal loss of the 2013 season. But this one might take the cake, when you consider it was a home game against a backup quarterback and a dinged-up defense. I’m not a football coach, but the fact that the Cowboys handed the ball to DeMarco Murray just three times in the fourth quarter, while holding a lead for most of those 15 minutes, is almost unfathomable. The Cowboys got away from what worked, and it hurt them in the end. That goes for the defense, as well, as a solid performance in the first half was wiped away in the nightmarish second. The good news for the Cowboys is that Philadelphia’s loss to Minnesota keeps them in control of their postseason prospects. But it’s hard to feel great about that after what just happened in AT&T Stadium.

Kavner: The Cowboys lost to a team that was 1-4-1 previously without their starting quarterback, and the Packers looked like that type of team the first half of the game. Then it all imploded in a way that gave national pundits all the talking points they could possibly want to talk about, from late Tony Romo interceptions to questionable play-calling to a defense that couldn’t stop anything late. I said in my gut feeling the Cowboys shouldn’t lose this game, and they shouldn’t have. But they did, even with Dez Bryant going for 153 yards and DeMarco Murray going for 134 yards. It was as big as a collapse as a game can be when squandering a 23-point lead, emphasizing all of the many flaws this team has experienced in recent years. It’ll take a massive answer to get over the loss this week and the next for the Cowboys, who, despite the enormity of this loss, still have their playoff hopes alive after the Eagles lost to the Vikings.

Eatman:  Until about 5:00 (CDT) it was looking pretty good. The Eagles lost, the offense was rolling and the defense was playing lights out with one pick already. Then, the Cowboys woke up and realized what they are – incredibly average. I mean, there’s no way they could be 8-6 right? They have to get back to the 7-7 level. Well, they did. And I don’t really care what Matt Flynn did or how he is. To me, the backups were a complete wash. What the Cowboys were rolling out there on defense is something you’d see in the fourth quarter of the fourth preseason game. So yeah, Flynn should be able to carve them up. But the Cowboys have no excuse for what happened on offense. They lost this game with about three minutes to go when they didn’t run the ball to the 2-minute warning. Instead, they tried to get greedy and it cost them. Tony Romo apparently checked out of the pass for the first interception. If that’s the case, then that’s inexcusable.  He’s got to be smarter than that. Getting the Packers to use their timeouts and run out some clock is the top priority at that point. You don’t check from a run to a pass and throw a side-arm pick over the middle. But he did. He deserves blame for that and not getting the job done earlier to put this thing away. 

LISTEN LIVE–RIGHT NOW: Dallas Cowboys vs. Green Bay Packers postgame show | The Dallas Cowboys Radio Network

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Dallas Cowboys Postgame Show

on the

Dallas Cowboys Radio Network

the dallas cowboys radio network - 105_3 the fan krld

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NFL GAMEDAY RESOURCES: 2013-2014 Dallas Cowboys vs. Green Bay Packers | The Cowboys Packers rivalry continues

Dallas Cowboys vs. Green Bay Packers - Dallas Cowboys 2013-2014 schedule - 2013-2014 Dallas Cowboys - NFL helmets - Dallas Cowboys schedule 2013 2014

The 2013-2014 Dallas Cowboys fate hangs in the balance in the final three games after a deflating 45-28 defeat to Chicago last Monday. Now they face the wounded Green Bay Packers, who will be without injured starting quarterback Aaron Rodgers for the sixth consecutive game. The Cowboys, who are known for their December swoons, know they need to bounce back Sunday if they have designs on earning their first playoff berth since 2009. Here is a look at how both the Cowboys and Packers match up:

When the Cowboys run

If the Cowboys choose to hold onto any tape from their 45-28 defeat to Chicago last Monday it will be the cutups of their running plays. The ground offense looked as good as it has all season, producing 198 yards and one touchdown. It was the third consecutive game the Cowboys rushed for more than 100 yards, as an area of weakness has suddenly become a strength. Green Bay, which has the eighth-worst run defense in the league, shouldn’t get in the way of a Dallas running game gaining steam.

Edge: Cowboys

When the Cowboys pass

The last time the viewing public saw Tony Romo and Dez Bryant, the Cowboys’ franchise quarterback threw for 104 yards and the team’s top receiver caught only two passes. That happened Monday night, when the Cowboys lost 45-28 to Chicago. Dallas’ passing offense, which lacked bite, needs to return to form Sunday. The Cowboys depend on Romo and to a lesser extent Bryant. They should feast on a Packers defense yielding 246.8 passing yards per game, the 12th-highest average in the NFL.

Edge: Cowboys

When the Packers run

In the last three seasons, the Packers’ rushing offense was ranked in the bottom half of the league. In 2013, Green Bay’s ground game is producing 128.8 yards per game, the 10th-best in the NFL. The difference has been Eddie Lacy. The rookie tailback has amassed 887 rushing yards – the tenth-highest total in the NFL. But he hurt his ankle last Sunday and is listed as probable. If he aggravates the injury, backup James Starks, who is averaging 5.3 yards per carry, can still damage Dallas’ weak front.

Edge: Packers

When the Packers pass

Aaron Rodgers will miss his sixth consecutive game since breaking his left collarbone. The Packers starting quarterback has been ruled out, meaning Matt Flynn, who has been with three teams in 2013, will be behind center again. And while he is not the threat Rodgers is, the Cowboys’ woeful pass defense – ranked dead last in the NFL – appears capable of collapsing. The 141.9 rating produced by Chicago’s Josh McCown last Monday was the latest indictment on this sad unit.

Edge: Packers

Special teams

As the Bears were piling up the points against the Cowboys last Monday, Dallas was dealt a big blow when return specialist Dwayne Harris aggravated his pulled hamstring. Now he will be out for the second time in three games. Just like Harris, the Packers’ Micah Hyde provides a jolt on special teams. This season, he took a punt back 93 yards for a touchdown. But the Packers haven’t fared well on kickoffs, producing the worst return average in the NFL.

Edge: Cowboys


The Cowboys are still smarting from a deflating defeat to Chicago in which receiver Dez Bryant said Dallas was “outplayed.” But the Cowboys have shown resilience throughout the season. They suffered a bitter 51-48 loss to Denver in October and came back to beat Washington the following week. They were annihilated by New Orleans before the bye in November and responded by beating the New York Giants in their next game. Expect the Cowboys to circle the wagons again and come out focused.

Edge: Cowboys

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When: Sunday, December 15th, 2013 at 3:25 p.m. (Dallas time)

Where: AT&T Stadium | Arlington, TX

Watch on TV: FOX | DirecTV


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COWBOYS PACKERS GAMEDAY GUT CHECK: Dallas Cowboys vs. Green Bay Packers | 2013-2014 NFL Game 14 of 16

Dallas Cowboys vs. Green Bay Packers - Dallas Cowboys 2013-2014 schedule - 2013-2014 Dallas Cowboys - NFL helmets - Button - Dallas Cowboys schedule 2013 2014

IRVING, Texas – Despite falling to 7-6 and losing a share of the division lead, the Dallas Cowboys can still guarantee a spot in the playoffs by winning out, beginning with todays home matchup against the Green Bay Packers.

Once again, the Cowboys will face a team without their starting quarterback. But the Cowboys will also be without linebacker Sean Lee, among others.

Here are the gut feelings for writers Eatman, Kavner, and Helman.

Nick: I think the Cowboys beat the Packers. I didn’t need to wait on Aaron Rodgers’ status (although it does help my confidence with this pick). This is the kind of season on which the Cowboys have played close to the .500 mark all year so it’d be easy to say they lose, but at home, and with an average team coming in, give me the Cowboys. I think the defense bounces back in a big way – maybe not in terms of shutting down the Packers offense but in turnovers – I predict at least three for the defense. Miles Austin has always had good games against the Packers so I see him with a long catch and I think the Cowboys get a much-needed win that ties them for first place again. Cowboys 31-16.

Rowan: The Packers are 1-4-1 since Aaron Rodgers went out. If he were playing, my answer would probably change. But he’s not, and for that reason the Dallas Cowboys shouldn’t lose this game. They should beat a Packers team whose only win since their star quarterback went out was a one-point victory against the three-win Falcons. Much like the Cowboys, the Packers’ defense has also been struggling, though Green Bay still has offensive firepower in Jordy Nelson and Eddie Lacy, if he plays. I think both teams stick to an effective running attack early on in a relatively low-scoring first half before the points start pouring on and the teams start airing it out in the second half. Both teams reach the 30s in points, Dez Bryant goes for 100 yards for the first time in seven games, both team’s running backs reach the end zone and the Cowboys get three sacks in a four-point win.

David: Having had a few days to mull over the loss to Chicago, I feel better about the Cowboys’ chances of a win against Green Bay. You can’t overstate Aaron Rodgers’ absence, which improves the chances of a Dallas win about tenfold, even if Eddie Lacy plays. The Cowboys have also played incredibly well at AT&T Stadium this year. They’re 5-1 on the season, and the one loss was a heartbreaker to one of the best teams in the league. My guess is Jordy Nelson will be the latest receiver to give the Dallas secondary fits, as he goes for 120 or so and a touchdown. But the secondary matches up much better as a whole against this depleted Green Bay receiving corps, and I think the Cowboys will finally generate enough of a pass rush to cause some turnovers. Cowboys win by six.

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PICK THE WINNER POLL: Green Bay Packers at Dallas Cowboys

Green Bay Packers vs. Dallas Cowboys - Dallas Cowboys schedule 2013 2014

Green Bay Packers vs. Dallas Cowboys – Dallas Cowboys schedule 2013 2014

WORLDWIDE EXCLUSIVE: The Great Robbini’s predictions for Game #14 | 2013-2014 Dallas Cowboys vs. Green Bay Packers

The GREAT Robbini deep in his Crystal Ball trance - The Boys Are Back blog 2013Regular readers know that The Boys Are Back website features the ALMOST WORLD FAMOUS predictions from The GREAT Robbini. Our “exalted one” predicts the fate of America’s Team with unprecedented precision and accuracy from week-to-week.  Kinda!

Last week, there was a slight hiccup and malfunction issue with his crystal ball. Apparently,  frozen (crystal) balls can lead to some very misleading signals. For safekeeping, he had put his powerful (and awe inspiring) crystal ball in his freezer to prevent his family cat (Katnip Kiffin) from playing with it in the middle of the night. Needless to say, he caused league-wide issues with frozen tundra last weekend! We feel it’s important to inform you that The GREAT Robbini feels personally responsible for the Chilled Cowboys embarrassing loss to the Chicago Bears.

This week, The GREAT Robbini has appropriately thawed his balls and envisions a complete contrast in Dallas Cowboys production leading into the matchup with those traveling Packers from Green Bay.

This afternoon, The GREAT ONE was able to sit down and put a seriously powerful rub on his magic ball. I’m told it was so vigorous, that his balls emitted images of a very determined (warm) Dallas Cowboys team and supportive home crowd sportin’ some Christmas magic. Obviously, he’s psyched about the Dallas Cowboys – Green Bay Packers vibe … and ready to share his prognostications that we all count on from week-to-week. Without further delay, it’s time for The GREAT Robbini’s predictions …

The GREAT Robbini’s – 2013-2014 Dallas Cowboys game #14 predictions:

Not even I could see last weeks beating coming. Did you? I didn’t think so.

This game should go SLIGHTLY different. we ‘ll still see the 4 Cowboy touchdowns, and a field goal for good measure. This time its enough for a win. Without Sean Lee, the ‘Boys give up points, but the (pissed off) Rodger-less Pack can’t supply an upset. The Cowboys continue an impressive streak at home vs. Green bay.

Predictions for the Texas 2 Defense …

  • 2 takeaways
  • 4 sacks on QB
  • 2 sacks Hatcher
  • 1 sack Ware
  • Fumble recovery Church
  • Carr Interception
  • T2D gives up 310 in the air
  • T2D gives up 80 on the ground

WORLDWIDE EXCLUSIVE - The Great Robbini’s predictions for Game 14 - 2013 2014 Dallas Cowboys vs. Green Bay Packers - Aaron Rodgers mad

Predictions for the offense …

  • Romo 300 yds.
  • Bryant Touchdown
  • Witten Touchdown
  • Murray Touchdown
  • Austin Touchdown
  • Murray/Randall 155 all purpose yards
  • Austin 60 yards
  • Dez 120 yards
  • Williams 60 yards
  • Witten 55 yards
  • Cowboys receive second half kick

The GREAT Robbini

Remember, you read it here! The Great Robbini predictions for game #14. Feel free to leave your final score or predictions in the comment section.

Stats and predictions to be confirmed by:

button - Dallas Cowboys Box Score - NFL Box score - 2013-2014 Dallas Cowboys

COWBOYS AT&T STADIUM GAMEDAY EXPERIENCE: Dallas Cowboys hope to corral Green Bay Packers in 2013-2014 home game 7 of 8

COWBOYS AT&T STADIUM GAMEDAY EXPERIENCE - Dallas Cowboys hope to corral Green Bay Packers in home game 7 of 8 - Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders

    WHAT: Green Bay Packers (6-6-1) at Dallas Cowboys (7-6)

    WHEN: Sunday, 3:25 (CST)

    WHERE: AT&T Stadium, Arlington, Texas

    TELEVISION: Fox (Joe Buck, Troy Aikman & Pam Oliver)

    If you’re one of the fortunate fans to attend tomorrow’s game, here are some things to look for before, during and after the game.

    Did You Know:

    • The roof and the doors are expected to be closed for this game.  Please note that this can change up to 90 minutes prior to kickoff.

      • The key times for Sunday’s game include:

        Parking Lots open at 10 a.m.

        Plazas open at Noon

        Doors open at 1 p.m.

        Kickoff is 3:25 p.m.

      • Ford is the title sponsor for this game and will provide 60,000 Dallas Cowboys Car Flags to fans as they exit AT&T Stadium after the game.

      • Dallas Cowboys Alumni will be signing autographs in the club areas one hour prior to kickoff.

        • Main Club Home : Jay Novacek

        • Main Club Visitors : Rayfield Wright

        • Silver Club Home : John Gesek

        • Silver Club Visitors : Mel Renfro

              *Alumni are subject to change/cancellations. One item/autograph per person. Autographs are not guaranteed. Prohibited items are not permitted inside AT&T Stadium.

              On the Plazas

              Other forms of entertainment will abound at AT&T Stadium.

            • FOX Sports’ Robot, Cleatus, will be taking photos by the Miller Lite East Plaza stage from 12:00-3:00pm.

            • Santa Claus and Reindeer will be taking photos in ‘Santa’s Village’ on the AT&T West Plaza from 12:00-3:00pm – Free for all kids

            • The Dallas Cowboys Center for Dance’s Youth Dancers will be performing on the AT&T West Plaza during pregame.

            • Jana Kramer Band will perform on the AT&T West Plaza at 12:45 and 2:15 pm.

            • Rhythm & Blues Dance Team, Rhythm & Blues Drum Line and Rhythm & Blues Break Boys will each perform on both East & West plaza before the game.

            • There will also be a free Kids Zone, complete with mechanical bull, rock climbing wall and zip line. There will also be NFL Play 60 games, face painting and balloon animals.

            • There will also be giveaways like official game-used merchandise, CD’s, and much more  on each stage in the plazas for games like Karaoke Contest, Ladder Golf, Bag Toss and Dance Contest

            • There will also be Plaza food and beverage discounts:  $2 for 12oz. soda & bottled water; $5 12oz. Miller beer, as well as discounted hot dogs, burgers and sausages.

                    In-Game Entertainment

                  • Trumpeter Freddie Jones will once again perform the national anthem Sunday, as he is scheduled to do for every home game this fall. Jones’ instrumental anthem was wildly popular at the Cowboys’ season opener.

                  • The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders will perform the Christmas Spectacular dance show during halftime.

                  • Time Machine will perform during the Post-Game Party on the Main Concourse East Platform.

                          Looking For 20

                          All season long, Cowboys fans attending home games will be hoping for at least 20 points. This year, Papa John’s has partnered with the Cowboys for the ultimate fan promotion. Any game in which the Cowboys get at least 20 points, all fans in attendance will get 50 percent off their entire order the following day at papajohns.com with promo code COWBOYS20. Offer valid for regular-priced menu items and only at participating stores.

                          New Bag Policy

                          Fans are reminded to remember the NFL’s new bag policy, which will be in effect Sunday night and at every Dallas Cowboys home game this season.

                          Only hand-held purses will be allowed into the stadium, along with clear plastic tote bags that do not exceed 12”x6”x12” inches.

                          Items such as backpacks, coolers, large purses, camera bags, diaper bags, fanny packs and seat cushions are not allowed into the stadium under the new NFL safety rules.

                          Traffic and Parking

                        • It’s recommended to use the Dallas Cowboys interactive parking site for all travels to AT&T Stadium.  This website provides the best route from point of origin to the pre-purchased or selected cash parking lot.

                        • The I-30 HOV lane is being converted to a managed toll lane.  As a result, HOV lanes from west of downtown Dallas to the Tarrant County line will not be available.  However, you can access the HOV lane that serves the left exit to Legends/AT&T Way, as it will continue to be open for in-bound and out-bound needs.

                        • Lamar Avenue in Arlington is under construction and has been reduced to one lane from Collins to Ballpark Way.


                              • Tailgating is permitted in designated tailgating spaces located along the perimeter of each of the AT&T Stadium and Rangers parking lots.  The spaces are available on a first come, first served basis.

                              • There will be no early admittance into parking lots.

                              • Parking privileges can be revoked at any time for failure to follow parking guidelines.

                              PACKERS VS. COWBOYS GAME PLAN: Dallas defense must defend run with linebacker shuffle | Dallas Cowboys 2013-2014 NFL Game 14 of 16

                              PACKERS VS. COWBOYS GAME PLAN - Dallas defense must defend run with linebacker shuffle - Dallas Cowboys schedule 2013-2014 NFL Game 14 of 16

                              IRVING, Texas — Some final gameplan thoughts from scout Bryan Broaddus:

                              Linebacker Shuffle

                              When the news came down that Sean Lee missed practice due to the MRI results of a sprained neck ligament, the wheels were in motion of how the Dallas Cowboys on defense would adjust to his loss for the game against the Packers.

                              In knowing what I know about these linebackers and how these coaches like to play them, look for to start at the Mike, at the Sam or strong side and at the Will or weak side.

                              The Cowboys will also be without the services of , who normally lines up at the Will, but he too will miss the game with a hamstring injury. should be active this week after missing the last several games with a neck issue of his own.

                              The backups for the game will be Holloman, and . is currently on the roster as well but could be a roster spot casualty when defensive end is activated off the injured reserve list.

                              In watching the game Monday, it was clear that when Lee went out of the game, that Bears decided it was the right time to hammer the ball at Sims and the middle of this Cowboys defense, and they did it with great success. I expect the Packers to do the exact same thing with Eddie Lacy in order to try and protect Matt Flynn at quarterback.

                              Going Deep

                              You have heard me say this a lot about watching the Packers — they play with an aggressive set of cornerbacks.

                              Tramon Williams is the best one, in my opinion, over Sam Shields. Both run well, but Williams is the better cover man, and I would expect Dom Capers to try and match him up with . What I have learned over the years in the NFL is if you play against aggressive corners, take some shots on them down the field.

                              The Packers like to play man coverage with their corners and when you do that, double moves and pick routes are great beaters of coverage. This Cowboys offense has played this season with the attitude of taking what the defense gives them, and these corners and the way they play, makes you want to go down the field because there is a chance here for some big plays.

                              I believe you will see these Cowboys receivers in some longer routes if the protection is able to hold up.

                              Running On The Edge

                              Since the Minnesota contest, this Cowboys offense has been an efficient unit when it comes to running the football. The questions of and his inability to find the hole because of his vision issues is now an afterthought.

                              This offensive line and group of tight ends have done a much better job at the point of attack, and Murray has rewarded them for their effort. Against this Packers front, I believe you can run the ball as well, but it is going to have to come more in the form of it going off the tackle than up inside.

                              It’s a 3-4 front that has tremendous size at all three spots along the front. BJ Raji, Ryan Pickett and Johnny Jolly are strong, massive, powerful defenders that can hold the point of attack, but having them have to move laterally is an issue for them. It’s very difficult to get push on them, so shielding them or staying between them and the ball carrier is the right way to block them.

                              In this type of front, you are going to see some traps, angle blocks and quick hitting plays. There are all points along this offensive line where the ball could hit with Murray, but the most productive will continue to be on that left side with and, where the club has run to the ball in that direction 131 times for an average of 5.1 per carry. 

                              Important Role For Scandrick

                              It was a business decision for both and the Dallas Cowboys on a two year extension that gives him guaranteed money and frees up $4.5 million for the next three years.

                              Scandrick, to his credit, has been playing well and it does add years to a player that is still a young man and should continue to grow as a player. Putting all this behind him, Scandrick will be called on to play a very important role in how this game against the Packers will shake out.

                              The Packers even with Matt Flynn at quarterback will still play a great deal of “11” personnel, which means the Cowboys nickel package will be on the field during that time. Scandrick will have the job of dealing with Jordy Nelson, who is the best Packers receiver, where he does some of his best work.

                              Nelson is one of those guys who doesn’t look like he is moving fast initially, then you see him covering a great deal of ground. He is the best route runner on the Packers and will catch the ball no matter where it is thrown. Nelson is very similar to what we saw with Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery in his ability to snatch the ball on the move and out of the air.

                              He has outstanding sideline awareness and is a big time threat in the red zone.Scandrick has the quickness to hang with Nelson, but where he can’t give up on him is how he uses his body to physically push off for separation. No matter who is the quarterback for the Packers, Jordy Nelson is the direction in which they look to make a play.

                              Orlando Scandrick needs to make sure he is there so that doesn’t happen.

                              DALLAS COWBOYS INJURY UPDATE: Sean Lee won’t play Sunday | Dallas Cowboys vs. Green Bay Packers | 2013-2014 NFL Game 14 of 16

                              Bruce Carter #54 and Sean Lee #50 of the 2013-2014 Dallas Cowboys walk down the tunnel to play San Diego Chargers

                              IRVING, Texas – Green Bay’s starting quarterback will be out again, but so too will the Dallas Cowboys defensive quarterback and leader. 

                              Sean Lee had been a limited practice participant all week since straining his neck against the Bears on Monday night, but he was off the field entirely for the first time this week on Friday and will not play in Sunday’s game. The news was discovered not long after the Packers ruled out Aaron Rodgers.

                              In an interview with 105.3 The Fan on Friday, Lee said he was feeling better earlier in the week. He also said there’s still a chance he could play against Washington on Dec. 22.

                              “The plan is to rest and hopefully reevaluate early next week,” Lee said. “Early in the week I was getting better and feeling healthier and healthier, so that’s why I was gung-ho on being ready to play this week. Hopefully that’s a good sign, meaning that I’m going to continue to improve this week and continue to improve next week and get reevaluated. Hopefully we’ll know pretty soon when I’ll be back. Obviously, it’s extremely frustrating.”

                              Lee said after Thursday’s no-pads practice he would try to fight through the injury. But after checking with doctors between Thursday’s practice and Friday morning’s practice, he was deemed incapable of going back on the field this week.

                              “He worked through yesterday’s practice on a fairly limited basis,” head coach Jason Garrett said before Friday’s practice. “He was in there a lot, but some of the other guys were getting some action as well. That happened the other night in the ballgame where it was a neck type issue. He’s as tough a guy as there is. We talked about (Jason) Witten, and Sean Lee’s cut from the same cloth.”

                              Garrett said Lee’s injury is similar to anyone’s in that they’ll try to predict how he can handle it with physical exams and scans and based off what the player’s saying and how he’s reacting. He said he’d see how Lee felt Friday, but evidently the news wasn’t positive.

                              Lee described the injury as more muscle related than nerve related and said there wasn’t necessarily a specific protocol he had to pass in order to play this weekend. But he also said he’d continue to get tested throughout the week and go through scans.

                              Clearly, the doctors saw something they weren’t comfortable with. The injury to the neck comes immediately after Lee missed two games with a hamstring injury.

                              Bruce Carter, Dwayne Harris and Morris Claiborne were also off the field at Friday’s practice.

                              COWBOYS RIVAL HEADLINE: Aaron Rodgers listed as out for Sunday’s game vs. Dallas Cowboys | Green Bay Journal Sentinel

                              COWBOYS RIVAL HEADLINE - Aaron Rodgers listed as out for Sunday's game vs. Dallas Cowboys - Green Bay Journal Sentinel

                              Green Bay – Highlights from Mike McCarthy‘s Friday news conference …

                              • (On Rodgers) Frankly it’s been a difficult morning going through conversation with Dr. McKenzie and Aaron. He feels ready to play. …He’s very disappointed. He’s frustrated. Speaking with Dr. McKenzie, this is the right decision. He was not scanned this morning — whens, ifs, buts will continue to go on . The hurdle Aaron wanted to get over, he felt he achieved it. Listening to all the facts, it’s in our best interest as a team for him not to play.
                              • (On Flynn’s week) Thought Matt had his best practice today. Matt Flynn was very sharp today and he obviously took the reps.
                              • (On Lacy) Ready. Looks good. All of those guys look good.
                              • (On maybe letting this play out for strategy) I’m not very good at that. …Minnesota last year with Christian Ponder not playing was about as well-kept as I’ve ever seen. Had researched Joe Webb earlier.
                              • (On if he was OK with decision) I’m definitely OK with it. …Aaron feels he’s ready to play. With what he did Wednesday and Thursday, he feels ready to go. It’s not easy to tell your franchise quarterback he can’t play. But this is in the best interest of Aaron Rodgers.
                              • (On Starks maybe seeing reps) I have no problem giving the ball to James 20 times if that’s the way it worked out. Like our running back situation.

                              Courtesy: Tyler Dunne | Journal Sentinel

                              RELATED: Green Bay Packers official website announcement

                              GREEN BAY - Aaron Rodgers will not play in Dallas on Sunday - Dallas Cowboys schedule 2013 2014 - Dallas Cowboys vs. Green Bay Packers

                              GREEN BAY–Aaron Rodgers will not play in Dallas on Sunday.

                              “Aaron Rodgers is declared out for Sunday’s game. It’s been a difficult morning going through the conversation with Aaron and Dr. McKenzie. He’s very disappointed. He’s frustrated. He was not scanned this morning. He felt like he was ready to play. It’s in our best interests as a football team for Aaron not to play,” Packers Head Coach Mike McCarthy said on Friday.

                              “I’m definitely OK with it. (Aaron) feels he’s ready to play,” McCarthy said.

                              More from McCarthy:

                              “(Rodgers) feels based on what he’s accomplished physically, what he was able to do at practice on Wednesday and Thursday, he’s ready to go. Hey, it’s not the easiest thing to sit there and tell your franchise quarterback he can’t play in the game when he wants to play in the game. This is clearly a decision that’s made in the best interests of Aaron Rodgers.”

                              Matt Flynn, obviously, will start his third straight game on Sunday.

                              “I thought Matt had his best practice today of the two weeks of preparation,” McCarthy said. “I thought Matt was very sharp today, and he obviously took all the reps.”

                              Other than Rodgers and DE C.J. Wilson (knee), who is also out, everyone else on the Packers’ injury report is probable. That includes RB Eddie Lacy (ankle) and inside LBs Brad Jones (ankle) and Jamari Lattimore (knee), who practiced for the first time this week on Friday.

                              “I felt like we got healthy as the week went on,” McCarthy said. As for the inside LB situation, which looked tenuous all week, McCarthy said, “We have different packages. We feel we’re prepared to do what we need to do.”

                              Based on Lacy’s limited practice work, it’s possible RB James Starks will play a larger role in the offense on Sunday, though McCarthy remains confident Lacy will be ready to go.

                              “I have no problem giving the ball to James 20 times if that’s the way it shakes out. I like our running back situation right now.”

                              Courtesy: Green Bay Packers website

                              PACKERS VS. COWBOYS PRIMER: Jason Garrett press conference | Dallas Cowboys vs. Green Bay Packers | 2013-2014 NFL Game 14 of 16 | Friday Practice

                              PACKERS VS. COWBOYS PRIMER - Jason Garrett press conference - Dallas Cowboys vs. Green Bay Packers - 2013 2014 NFL Game 14 of 16 - Friday Practice

                              Jason Garrett: Dallas Cowboys vs. Green Bay Packers | Friday Practice (7:43)

                              Dallas Cowboys coach Jason Garrett speaks to the media as his team closes preparation for Sunday’s game with the 2013-2014 Green Bay Packers (Watch Video | Play Audio)

                              Garrett discussed:

                              • Jason Witten’s role and respect garnered in the Cowboys locker room
                              • Sean Lee’s progress this week in Dallas Cowboys practices
                              • Who plays weak side linebacker (WLB) vs. Green Bay Packers
                              • With Dwayne Harris likely out, who will be returner in Sunday’s game
                              • Which Dallas lineman will face Green Bay’s Clay Matthews
                              • Challenges facing CB Morris Claiborne with fathers death and his injury recovery
                              • Impression of Matt Flynn in games he’s played for the Packers; pre-draft
                              • Deflating concerns if Aaron Rodgers ends up playing instead of Matt Flynn
                              • Surprised/Impressed by Green Bay Packers RB Eddie Lacy this season
                              • How do you test a player to see if they are, in fact, ready to play with an injury
                              • This season’s perception of a Home Field Advantage in AT&T Stadium
                              • If Sean Lee’s injury similar to Jason Hatchers injury in any way
                              • Recovering from a muscle strain vs. nerve issue in a players neck (Sean Lee)
                              • Tiger Balm

                              PACKERS VS. COWBOYS PRIMER - Dallas Cowboys vs. Green Bay Packers - 2013 2014 NFL Game 14 of 16 - Monte Kiffin interview

                              Dallas Cowboys defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin – Defensive Struggles; Changes

                              Monte Kiffin spoke with the media about his units struggles in recent weeks, and what needs to be done to get things fixed. (Watch Video | Listen Audio)

                              COWBOYS GAME 14 PRIMER: Jason Garrett press conference | 2013 Dallas Cowboys vs. Green Bay Packers | Thursday Practice

                              JASON GARRETT PRESS CONFERENCE - Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett - watch video - button Cowboys Packers - 2013-2014 Dallas Cowboys vs. Green Bay Packers

                              Jason Garrett: Dallas Cowboys vs. Green Bay Packers | Thursday Practice (7:11)

                              Dallas Cowboys coach Jason Garrett speaks to the media as his team continues preparation for Sunday’s game with the 2013-2014 Green Bay Packers (Watch Video | Play Audio)

                              Garrett discussed:

                              • How do you build confidence after coming of a big loss
                              • Focusing on upcoming opponent ‘mentality’
                              • Miles Austin productivity (4 catches in 3 games) since returning from injury
                              • Are key players, such as Miles Austin, 100% healthy
                              • (inaudible question) Related to Miles Austin injury and decline in his stats
                              • Sean Lee’s practice yesterday and hopes for him playing vs. Green Bay Packers
                              • If team relies on players like Austin and Ware based on prior year production
                              • Tony Romo and Sean Lee’s role and involvement in game planning
                              • If at a point where team feels it can win a game with the running game
                              • If confidence was gained in the running game vs. Chicago Bears
                              • What’s on the top of a list of things JG can “count on” going into the final three games
                              • Evaluating issues with four different defensive coordinators since 2010
                              • Durant and Holloman inactive status vs. Bears; thoughts that went into that decision

                              Audio - Jason Garrett press conference with Green Bay Packers media - 2013-2014 Dallas Cowboys schedule

                              Jason Garrett: Preparing For Both Quarterbacks (6:20)

                              Jason Garrett talks to the Green Bay media about the challenges with having to prepare for both quarterbacks. (Listen to Audio | Video version)

                              Audio - Mike McCarthy press conference with Dallas Cowboys media - 2013-2014 Dallas Cowboys schedule - button

                              Mike McCarthy: Packers Prepared To Play With Flynn (5:50)

                              Green Bay Packers head coach Mike McCarthy talks about this weekend’s matchup with the Dallas Cowboys media  (Listen to Audio | Video version)

                              Audio - Tony Romo press conference with Green Bay Packers media - 2013-2014 Dallas Cowboys schedule Audio - Johnny Jolly press conference with Dallas Cowboys media - 2013-2014 Dallas Cowboys schedule - button
                              (Audio | Video) (Audio | Video)

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                              REPORT FULL OF WHAT-IF’S: Aaron Rodgers might not face the Dallas Cowboys

                              REPORT FULL OF WHAT-IF’S - Aaron Rodgers might not face the Dallas Cowboys - Dallas Cowboys schedule 2013 2014

                              When Green Bay visits Dallas on Dec. 15, it could be a crucial game for the Cowboys’ playoff hopes.

                              And the Packers might come to Texas without their star quarterback.

                              REPORT FULL OF WHAT-IF’S - Aaron Rodgers might not face the Dallas Cowboys - Rodgers in love with Vick - Dallas Cowboys vs. Green Bay Packers

                              There’s speculation (from the drama queens at NFL.com) that if Aaron Rodgers (collarbone) can’t play next week against Atlanta, Green Bay might shut the quarterback down for the season, if the Packers are out of the playoff race.

                              Rodgers, who did not play in Thursday’s loss to Detroit, was cleared to practice on a limited basis earlier this week and did some throwing on the field Tuesday and Wednesday.

                              The Packers are 5-6-1 and in third place in the NFC North.

                              When asked Friday whether Rodgers has a chance to play against Atlanta, coach Mike McCarthy replied, “I don’t know that.”

                              “I just know when we came off the field Wednesday that he wasn’t ready to play yet,” McCarthy added. “So, we’ll see how the testing goes. But it needs to be the right thing. I know he wants to play, I know he’s trying to gear up each and every week to play, but we’ll see what happens next week.”

                              Feeling the sting of the Packers’ most lopsided loss since they fell 35-0 at home against New England in McCarthy’s first season as coach in 2006, at least one frustrated player commented on how much Rodgers has been missed.

                              REPORT FULL OF WHAT-IF’S - Aaron Rodgers might not face the 2013 2014 Dallas Cowboys - Dallas Cowboys schedule 2013 2014

                              Green Bay didn’t have a victory in its five November games after Rodgers went out after the first series of the loss to Chicago on Nov. 4. The last time the Packers were winless in a full month of games was December 1990, when they went 0-5.

                              “It definitely made things a lot more difficult without Aaron,” left guard Josh Sitton said Thursday. “I think we all know that. There’s no denying that. You can’t say, ‘Hey, we can go and play just as good without Aaron.’ We haven’t won a game without him in five weeks. He’s the best player on this team. Yeah, we need him, but there’s a lot more going on than just that.”

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