DALLAS COWBOYS RADIO NETWORK: Watch on TV, listen to Brad Sham, ‘the voice of the Dallas Cowboys’ and Babe Laufenberg

Now, from within The Boys Are Back (A blog for TRUE BLUE fans of the Dallas Cowboys) … you can LISTEN LIVE to Dallas area sports broadcasts while you read, browse, or work around the house.

You can also catch Dallas Cowboys talk shows, commentary, pregame/postgame interviews, analysis, and daily/weekly shows with some of the key players and coaches of America’s Team.

Listen Live to: The Fan 105.3 Dallas (KRLD) …

Flagship of The Dallas Cowboys Radio Network!

Listen to ‘the voice of the Dallas Cowboys’ Brad Sham, with Babe Laufenberg!

After the game:

Listen to live analysis and interviews from players, coaches, and Jerry Jones.

DALLAS COWBOYS RADIO NETWORK - Watch on TV, listen to Brad Sham, 'the voice of the Dallas Cowboys' and Babe Laufenberg


If you live in or around Dallas/Ft. Worth broadcast area, tune to

The Fan 105.3 KRLD-FM on your radio.

If you live anywhere else in America,

click HERE to see if you have a local station teamed up with

The Dallas Cowboy Radio Network.

After the game:


Everyone can click on the 105.3 The FAN button above to listen online to the postgame show!

Note: By NFL rule, National Football League games cannot be broadcast live online without exclusive rights agreements.

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