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Coming into the fifth year of The Boys Are Back website, I thought it prudent to give it a tweak and find a few more ways to differentiate this site for others around the web. If you’re a regular visitor and loyal reader you already know this website is quite unique.  Continue reading →

HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY 2014: The Boys Are Back hopes you have a safe and enjoyable holiday weekend


OFFICIAL WEBSITE SONG: Dallas Cowboys – The Boys Are Back In Town (’92)

Official song of The Boys Are Back website–Welcome Dallas Cowboys fans


The Dallas Cowboys song from 1992 championship season. How ‘bout them Cowboys? Enjoy!

Courtesy: YouTube | DallasCowboysAudio

DALLAS COWBOYS MERRY CHRISTMAS: Happy Holiday’s from the 2013 2014 Dallas Cowboys

happy holidays from the dallas cowboys - the boys are back blog - Dallas Cowboys 2013 2014 - Merry Christmas Dallas Cowboys - Dallas Cowboys Christmas

Happy Holidays From The Dallas Cowboys | 1:34

Inside this snow globe is the story of the Dallas Cowboys. (Watch this Video)

rock’n christmas spirit - cowboys stadium to feature holiday theme sunday - dallas cowboys - the boys are back blog

Dallas Cowboys: Inside The Locker Room

Step inside the Cowboys locker room with Mickey Spagnola after the Dallas Cowboys win over the Washington Redskins.

(Watch Video)

MILESTONE – 3000 POSTS: Thank you, as we celebrate this special occasion

MILESTONE - 3000 POSTS - Thank you, as we celebrate this special occasion - The Boys Are Back blog - For TRUE BLUE fans of the Dallas Cowboys - America's Team

A moment to say thank you to all of the loyal The Boys Are Back readers. Today, we’ve posted the 3000th article on this website.

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THE MYSTIQUE OF AMERICA’S TEAM: NFL’s 1993-1994 NFC Championship–San Francisco 49ers vs. Dallas Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys History - 1994 NFC Championship - Dallas Cowboys vs. San Francisco 49ers - Jimmy Johnson

HISTORIC MOMENTS: NFL’s 1994 NFC Championship Game

On January 23, 1994 the Dallas Cowboys defeated the San Francisco 49er’s 38-21, and Jimmy Johnson’s famous “How bout them Cowboys!” quote from the previous year’s NFC Championship Game in Candlestick Park.

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Editors comment: As a reader pointed out, the original title of this post suggested that this NFC Championship lead to the “Making of America’s Team.” In fact, the term “America’s Team” became popular after Bob Ryan (of NFL Films) used it while preparing the Cowboys 1978 season highlight film. Also, Jimmy Johnson’s “How ’bout them Cowboys” quote came after the 1992-1993 NFC Championship Game in San Francisco. 

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SUPER BOWL PARTY: Six types of football fans

Types of NFL fans - The Boys Are Back blog

The Super Bowl party has become one of the biggest social events on the calendar. A party up there in stature and anticipation like parties for New Year’s Eve, Halloween and WrestleMania.

And since many of you don’t bother to read this far and just skip to the list, much like how you will make a b-line to the beer fridge at the party, let’s just get to it.

Designated Heckler

This is the ideal The Boys Are Back reader. Just because this guy’s team was eliminated is no reason for him not to say why these two teams are terrible. You know, the two teams playing in the Super Bowl. Get ready for three hours of why his team will be playing in the game next year. Just nod your head and say, “Yeah, it sure does sound like next year is going to be the year for the Cowboys.” “No way it goes bad for Tony Romo again.”

Fantasy guy

Every time Colin Kaepernick does something great, this guy will be quick to tell you he picked up the young signal caller on the waiver wire last year and rode him to fantasy victory! Or drone on about how Mark Sanchez’s fumble sealed his title. What’s worse, this guy will likely show up with his fantasy football trophy and make you pose with him.

I’m just here for the commercials

At least one party guest will take great pride in the fact he doesn’t watch football and revel in his ignorance. And why he’s at a Super Bowl party, we have no idea. He’s also the (expletive) who becomes annoyed if you talk during the commercials (it’s the best part!) and can’t understand why you went outside to smoke during the halftime show. He’s guaranteed to root for the team you don’t want to win, too.

The misguided know it all

This fan is the opposite of the well informed The Boys Are Back reader! You can’t miss this guy because he’s going to talk louder than the TV, no matter how many times you continue to increase the volume. Best of all, most of his statements will be wrong. He’ll say things like, “I loved Coopernick (sic) when he played at UNLV.” Sure you did. He’ll often feel like he has to talk down to the women folk, most of whom has a better understanding of the NFL and will gleefully point out KAEPERNICK played at Nevada, not UNLV. That moment will probably be the highlight of your day.

Mr. Bandwagon

Look who just got a brand new T-shirt from NFL Shop! But you can tell he isn’t a real hardcore fan by the surprise on their face when you say former Raiders receiver Jerry Rice actually started his career with the 49ers. Get ready to be stunned, but this is also likely a fan of the Yankees, Celtics and the Empire in “Star Wars.”. He does not know who Paul Tagliabue is or was, but the name sounds familiar. He insists he’s been pulling for SF or Baltimore for years! Testing this ‘fan’ is always interesting and entertaining.

The Diehard

This person loves the team, or at least that’s the conclusion we can draw from the back tattoo. So why and the hell are they here? Hardcore fans are no fun because if their team loses, we all lose. Most of us just want to sit around, enjoy the game and maybe crack a few jokes. You can’t do that if you have one hardcore fan there. You have to root for their team, or your life is miserable. And if there are hardcore fans from both teams, it’s even worse.

So don’t worry diehard fan, we’ll smooth things out with your spouse (who is likely making you go). You just sit home and enjoy the game.


Ok. Did we forget anyone? What kind of fan category do you fall into?

EXCLUSIVE: BREAKING NEWS – The Great Robbini captured in Mexico

Regular readers already know that The Boys Are Back blog features the ALMOST WORLD FAMOUS predictions from The GREAT Robbini. In week #2, he claimed that the humidity in Seattle fogged up his crystal ball. We let that one slide. Everyone expected the sunny skies in Dallas home game would help beam in some clear images! Well, it did! The GREAT Robbini was seen celebrating Dallas’ week #3 win late into the early morning hours! Looked like The GREAT Robbini was on track … until reports started trickling in about spotting him at numerous Dallas area nightclubs prior to the Cowboys-Bears week #4 game!

After continuous phone calls, tweets, and messages left with Dallas stripers, we finally gave up on contacting The GREAT Robbini for his week #4 picks! After the Dallas loss, we feared the worst (he had eloped to Vegas with one of the girls).

The Dallas bye week only added to the drama. He was spotted in Baltimore wearing an old Bernie Kosar jersey from back in the day! Apparently upset with the Cleveland Browns move up to Maryland (you’d thing this emotion would have passed by now) … and holding on to the glory days of Cleveland’s Kosar (in Dallas). Sad turn of events! Undoubtedly, upset with the Ravens win, he wasn’t seen for several weeks.

Remarkably, The GREAT Robbini was seen on the CBS broadcast of the Cleveland at Dallas game in week #11. Unshaven, tattered Kosar jersey … and furiously stroking his ball (crystal) during the game winning field goal by Bailey! We sent security down to the field, but he had already left.

Then, three more weeks. Nothing. Not a word.  Finally, FOX’s sideline reporter spotted him (with a tall, unidentified woman) coming out of the visiting teams locker room at the Cincinnati game. Clutching dozens of various Dallas Cowboy jerseys, a helmet, and an iPod Touch … they vanished. At this point, we were seriously concerned.

The Great Robbini - Playa Del Carmen Mexico - The Boys Are Back blog

No news for a week. Only reports that Dallas Cowboys jerseys started showing up on eBay from a seller identified as thelovepirate located in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. We sent a crew down to Playa and hired a private investigator. With their help, we were able to obtain a few photographs to help resolve this bizarre behavior.

The Great Robbini - Playa del Carmen beach in Mexico - The Boys Are Back blog

Beachcombers reported a mysterious pirate-type of flag that appeared in random spots in the early morning hours. These spots were littered with empty Tequila bottles, fish bones, a spent campfire, and indiscernible poems written on the back of PayPal receipts. We notified the Policia. 

Policia Turistica - Mexico - The Great Robbini - The Boys Are Back blog

The Policia Turistica setup a sting operation with the cooperation of our highly recommended private investigator. Nothing. The Great Robbini (aka The Love Pirate) disappeared. Determined, we went down to Mexico to meet with our private investigator, Pablo Magnum de Remington Steele.

Upon arrival, we noticed a familiar Dallas Cowboys helmet on his credenza. It had been allegedly autographed with shaky signatures of Tony Romo and Bernie Kosar. When questioned, Pablo became defensive. It appeared we had a leak in the Robbini/Love Pirate love-nest sting operation. Our hopes diminished, disheartened by the corruption and elusive behavior of our prognostication guru … we headed back to Dallas.

Policia Municipal - Mexico - The Great Robbini - The Boys Are Back blog

Then, when it seemed hopeless … a break! Multiple domestic violence calls started pouring into the Policia Municipal office in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. The disturbance at a backroom bungalow inside a local tavern, drew large crowds of spectators. “No mas de pirate” chants erupted as the hostile crowd discovered that The Great Robbini’s new bride was actually the twin brother of famed Baby Dolls dancer Harriett Mound. Turned out, after a three day binge, when both of the newlyweds awoke, Harry had accumulated a lot of facial hair. Apparently, this caused The GREAT Robbini to flip out! Under considerable mental duress, Mr. Robbini was taken into custody, but allowed the courtesy of visiting the Valladolid Church to repent.

Valladolid Church - The Great Robbini - The Boys Are Back blog

The GREAT Robbini is being held on multiple charges in Mexico. We have been able to communicate via his iPod Touch and the wifi connection at the Policia Station. He is expected to be expedited to Dallas in the coming days for local charges.  Harry Mound has offered to post bond, but Mr. Robbini has declined the gesture. Understandably distraught and confused, The GREAT Robbini has released the following message:

“To loyal readers and fans of The Boys Are Back blog,I apologize for not providing the much anticipated predictions for the past 12 weeks. While I can’t recall every event, I experienced an adventure that most of you would relish. The wedding in Vegas was awesome. However, I strongly recommend no intoxicating beverages before you actually agree to the nuptials. I thought my bride just had big hands. Seemed reasonable that the gruff voice was from the delicious drinks at the casinos. I was in a trance for weeks! I thought it was the magic of my crystal ball. Turns out it was more about the relentless romantic whirlwind from being in love … and untold gallons of liquor. My bad. I have no money to get out of jail. Only this unsold Poppinga jersey, sweat pants, sandals, iPod Touch, a fish hook, and the love of an ugly cross-dressing brother of my dream girl. I rubbed my ball (crystal) … and it DON’T look good for me!!!

As the editor of The Boys Are Back blog … I’d like to apologize also. There were signs of instability, but I wanted to bring you this wonderful feature. I had no idea that The GREAT Robbini had gambling issues, bad taste in women, or a tendency to fish with the worm inside each tequila bottle. His hero, Bernie Kosar, would be very disappointed.

I’m sure you all understand. The GREAT Robbini has a lot of things to work out. The Dallas Cowboys season is winding down. We hope for a win tonight vs. the Washington Redskins. We decided to ‘go ahead’ and publish The GREAT Robbini’s predictions for this last week. Not sure if he’ll be back in 2013-2014. We’ll negotiate that in the offseason. Without further delay, it’s time for The GREAT Robbini’s predictions. I’m sure you’ll agree … a lot of these will come true. OK, here we go …

Dallas rolls over RG3–wins division, playoff spot.

Ware 1 sack.

Spencer 1 sack.

Lissemore 1 sack.

Boys D forces 2 turnovers.

Boys hold skins to a FG on 2 drives.

WAS punts 4x.

Romo 350yds.

Romo 3 TDs.

Witten TD.

Dez TD.

Murray TD.

Romo rushing TD.

Witten reaches 1000 yds on season.

Murray 65 yds.

Dallas receives ball to start 2nd half.

Romo 1 INT.

Game ends in regulation.

Poppinga is MVP, and I’m able to sell this jersey for thousands!

Bernie Kosar forgives me

I get my marriage annulled

I am able to block recent images and memories of my honeymoon

Tequila is banned in North America

The Boys Are Back readers will ask for my contract renewal.

Vegas will require sobriety tests before each wedding


— The GREAT Robbini 

Happy New Year Dallas Cowboy fans!


Merry Christmas from The Boys Are Back blog - Happy Holidays 2012 - Dallas Cowboys

A special holiday thank you from The Boys Are Back blog

Happy Holidays from The Boys Are Back blog - 2012 Dallas Cowboys - Welcome aboard

Welcome aboard! It’s been a real pleasure … and a record year! Thanks!

MILESTONE: The Boys Are Back blog reaches 100,000 hits!

100000 miles - The Boys keep rolling - The Boys Are Back blog

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ROSTER UPDATE: Dallas Cowboys promote Lance Dunbar, sign Raymond Radway to practice squad

Dallas Cowboys running back Lance Dunbar vs Miami Dolphins - The Boys Are Back blog

Lance Dunbar finally will get his chance to play. The Cowboys promoted him from the practice squad Monday to fill their 53-player roster. Dallas released cornerback LeQuan Lewis, a special teams standout who they brought in to help against returners Leon Washington and Devin Hester, last week.

"We’re going to bring Dunbar up and give him a chance just to contribute as a teams guy and also on offense when necessary," Cowboys coach Jason Garrett said Monday.

The Cowboys nearly called up Dunbar before the season opener against the Giants. Dunbar, North Texas’ all-time leading rusher, ran for 106 yards on 18 carries in the preseason and caught three passes for 11 yards.

Dunbar could be a possibility on kickoff returns. He had three punt returns in the preseason but did not handle any kickoff returns. Felix Jones has averaged 21.5 yards on kick returns this season, and the Cowboys rank next to last in average start after a kickoff (19.2 yard line).

"He’s a quick guy," Garrett said. "He’s shown that he can be a good gunner and make some plays. He’s very aggressive and active. So want to give him a chance to do that. He’s also done some returning for us as well. So just wherever he’s needed. We’ll give him some work in practice at the different spots and see how he responds."

Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Raymond Radway (86) during Dallas Cowboys training camp - The Boys Are Back blog

The Dallas Cowboys also brought back receiver Raymond Radway, signing him to the practice squad. Radway spent last season on injured reserve and was among the team’s final cuts this year. Danny Coale has a hamstring injury, necessitating the move for practice purposes.

RELATED: Radway will help Cowboys get through practice while others not at full speed

Wide receiver Raymond Radway is “more healthy now,” one reason the Cowboys have brought him back.

The team announced today the signing of Radway to the practice squad and the promotion of running back Lance Dunbar from the practice squad to the active roster.

“He had a really good preseason two preseasons ago and got hurt and missed all of last year and came back this past training camp and really wasn’t himself, and was trying to fight through some things,” Garrett said. “But we feel like he’s more healthy now and we needed a receiver on the practice roster, just really to help us function in practice, and we thought he was a good one to give another chance to.”

Miles Austin, Kevin Ogletree and practice squad receiver Danny Coale worked with trainers in practice Monday.

In preseason two years ago, as an undrafted rookie, Radway caught six passes for 91 yards and averaged 25.4 yards on four kickoff returns. He was set to make the 53-man roster. But he suffered a broken leg with three seconds left in the final preseason game and spent the rest of the year on injured reserve.

He had one kickoff return for 26 yards.

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2012 LABOR DAY WEEKEND: A personal invitation from The Boys Are Back blog | Read | Watch | Listen | Comment

OOOOhhh, the September breeze, the sound of your neighbor mowing his lawn, smell of charcoal smoldering down to ashes in the grill, anticipating Sunday afternoons, Monday nights, Chex mix, and maybe an ice cold beer. Labor Day weekend. Honestly, is there a better time of the year? The NFL-less part of winter. Gone. The rains of spring. Gone. The dog days of summer. They’re nearly gone too. Let’s call it the fourth quarter of the year, if you will. Again, it’s Labor Day weekend. Let that sink in for a moment … It’s football season.

In two days the NFL kicks off the 2012-2013 season. Two days. Dallas Cowboys. New York Giants. Storied rivals. One without the trophy, in determined pursuit. One with the trophy, just as determined to defend it. And us. We’re here for the drama … anticipating the battle … ready for it all to unfold before our very eyes.

We were out in the yard with cousins and siblings, a withered football, sweat in our eyes. Running around like NFL legends

Think back to yesteryear (which is longer for some of us). We were out in the yard with cousins and siblings, a withered football, sweat in our eyes. Running around like NFL legends of our day. Making plays, dodging defenders. In pursuit of that game winning touchdown. The crowd roars! At least, in our minds. Those bruises and knots … totally worth it! Now, a little part of us remembers those moments …

When DeMarco Murray runs, we run. When Romo rolls out and throws that bomb, we’re right there with it … spiraling all the way, towards the intended target. When DeMarcus Ware plants that quarterbacks ass to the turf … oh yes, we’re there. Aren’t we?

In our minds, we’ve all done those things. Sometimes, when you look over at your son, or think of him, a little part of you sees him out there too! It’s a part of the evolution within us … like the changing seasons.

Dallas Cowboys tight end Jason Witten and son - The Boys Are Back blog

It’s Labor Day weekend. Like the bare trees of winter, the old players were shed. Spring brought the buds and blossoms, we call it the draft, free agency. Summer, training camp … the fittest of the fit. Only the strongest survived. Now, it’s finally time, for the greatest season of them all … it’s football season. Soon, very soon, our warriors will be strapping on the armor. Let the games begin.

I hope you’ll join us … right here, at The Boys Are Back blog. Read. Watch. Listen. Comment.

Robert D Knight | Editor

The Boys Are Back blog - True Blue fans of the Dallas Cowboys - Read Watch Listen Comment

SUPERBOWL REPOST: Belle of the Bowl – Five questions for Jessica Jones, Jerry’s granddaughter

Jerry Jones granddaughter Jessica Jones - The Boys Are Back blogJessica Jones is a senior at the Episcopal School of Dallas, a model with the Campbell-Wagner Runway agency and — oh, yes — the granddaughter of Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones. (Her dad is Stephen Jones, Cowboys’ chief operating officer. “He basically does what my granddad does but isn’t as recognized,” is how Jessica explains it.) Caught at home this week on a snow-and-ice day, the Highland Park 18-year-old revealed where she likes to shop, who she wants to meet this week and which parties she might be crashing.

Are you sick of talking about the Big Game?

Everyone is asking me about the Super Bowl. I am just as excited as everyone else. I have only been to one Super Bowl since we were in it, in 1992. And all my friends want me to get them into parties. But we can only bring so many people, so they’re really sucking up to me. My family is throwing a party on Thursday for all the owners. It’s black-tie. Jamie Foxx is performing.

Which celebs will you be looking out for this weekend?

I would love to meet Rihanna. I love her fashion. I would love to meet Katy Perry. If I ran into those two it would be a good day. There are some rumors they’re coming.

Are there parties you’re trying to score invites to?

I am going to try to go to Leather and Laces and I want to get into the [official Cowboys] party with Drake. I’m a little underage, but hopefully they can put a little “X” on my hand. That means I can’t drink.

Some Dallas fashion folk are wondering what out-of-towners will think of local style. And local style makers. Your family is pretty high-profile. Feeling the pressure?

Everyone thinks Dallas is big hair, pink clothing and preppy. But we have really high fashion here, too. I mean Forty Five Ten is here. If I had more money I would shop there every day.

I’m pretty sure people think you do.

Yes, but I have a budget, about $500 a month. My mom gives me money on my debit card. I was overdrawn this month and she threatened to take it away. Most of my allowance goes to jeans.


OFF THE CHARTS: Army general delivers talk to Dallas Cowboys at Garrett’s request

Gen. David Rodriguez - Recently speaks to Dallas Cowboys - The Boys Are Back blog

Dallas Cowboys coach Jason Garrett said he brought in a guest speaker before Wednesday’s practice who was “off the charts” in terms of stressing themes about preparation, adaptability, mental toughness, accountability and trust.

BG David Rodriguez, US Army, comments on IED's during the Jan. 7

The speaker: Gen. David Rodriguez, who oversees the 800,000 troops in the U.S. Army. Rodriguez, a former defensive end at Army who recently led U.S. forces in Afghanistan, is the brother-in-law from the other side of the family of one of Garrett’s brother-in-laws.

“He’s in a different league than the rest of us. Off the charts,” Garrett said today. “He made a presentation and then guys asked questions. He took over the room and it was remarkably good. It was emotional for some of our players. He got an ovation.”

After Rodriguez’s presentation, he received a signed Dallas Cowboys’ helmet from quarterback Tony Romo and outside linebacker DeMarcus Ware. He also sat in on some meetings.

Garrett said Rodriguez, at 6-foot-5, related well to football players because of his size.

“You didn’t have to say, ‘Quiet down’ very much,” Garrett said. “It was a great learning experience for everyone.”

In terms of bringing in guest speakers, Garrett said he is very selective.

“You’ve got to pick your spots on it,” Garrett said. “If you do too many of them, they start losing the message. But if you have an ongoing theme with your team and have a guest speaker than can support it, that can be really effective.”

Gen. David Rodriguez pins a Purple Heart Medal on SSG Bryan McNees at Walter Reed Army Medical Center - The Boys Are Back blog

From all indications, Rodriguez nailed the message Garrett asked him to deliver.

Jimmy Birch

DALLAS COWBOYS TRAINING CAMP ENDS: The boys are back in Oxford in 2013

Dallas Cowboy Training Camp fans in Oxnard, California are glad to see The Boys Are Back in town - The Boys Are Back blog

Dallas Cowboys executive vice-president Stephen Jones wrapped up today’s final workout in Oxnard, Calif. by saying that the team’s entire 2013-2014 camp will be back in the same location next year (… in other words, The Boys Are Back in town).

He’ll get no argument from Dallas Cowboys veterans who have seen the training camp bounce between multiple locations through the years, including last year’s stop in San Antonio.

Safety Gerald Sensabaugh said he’s in favor of Oxnard because “the weather’s always great” and the team can work with a heightened focus.

“We were able to get some optimum work in,” Sensabaugh said. “We’ve been taking full advantage of it. We got better as a football team.”

Dallas Cowboys safety Gerald Sensabaugh said he’s in favor of Oxnard because “the weather’s always great” and the team can work with a heightened focus - The Boys Are Back blog

Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett agreed.

“The weather … allows you to get more work in,” Garrett said of Oxnard’s daily high temperatures in the 70s, as opposed to triple-digit heat in Texas. “The players are more focused on what we ask them to do instead of the Gatorade and the water jug behind us. We have all practiced in some of those hot Texas days when the focus isn’t on competing. It’s, ‘Where’s the trainer? Where is the water? Give me a cold towel.’ All that stuff. This gets you away from that mindset and lets you go to work.”

DALLAS COWBOYS TRAINING CAMP ENDS: The Boys will be back in 2013 - The Boys Are Back blog

Having a full off-season of work, rather than last year’s truncated schedule created by the NFL lockout, also helped the team achieve more in this training camp, said veteran receiver Kevin Ogletree.

“I think there was definitely more work put in. More work that got done because we were able to have that off-season time where a lot of the installations were put in,” Ogletree said. “We were out here reviewing it. Guys were able to go out there and play a little more loosely instead of worrying about making mistakes like in last year’s training camp.”

Jimmy Burch

THE BOYS ARE BACK: Celebrating 50,000 hits

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NO MO IN O(AKLAND): Dallas Cowboys cornerback Morris Claiborne expected to play in San Diego

Morris Moore, 8, of Los Angeles gets an autograph from Dallas Cowboys cornerback Morris Claiborne - The Boys Are Back blog

PHOTO: Morris Moore, 8, of Los Angeles gets an autograph from Dallas Cowboys cornerback Morris Claiborne

Dallas Cowboys cornerback Morris Claiborne, the team’s first-round draft pick, took the field Thursday for the first time since being diagnosed with a sprained knee last week.

Claiborne participated in the morning walkthrough, but not the afternoon session, in pads. Although coach Jason Garrett said Claiborne has not been ruled out for Monday’s preseason game against Oakland, Claiborne said trainers have indicated a more likely date for his debut will be Aug. 18 against San Diego.

"I plan on playing in the preseason," said Claiborne, who hopes to don pads for today’s workout. "It looks like I won’t be playing Monday, but I’m looking forward to the next [game]. I’m just doing what the training staff wants me to do right now."

Claiborne, who had off-season wrist surgery, has received limited practice time since being taken with the sixth overall pick in April. That is why Garrett called it "really valuable" that Claiborne was able to take part in Thursday’s walkthrough.

"We feel like it is a big part of our learning. In the short period of time that … Claiborne has practiced, he’s picked things up really well," Garrett said. "He’s working hard to get his treatment right. We don’t think it’s going to be a long-term thing at all."

Claiborne said he anticipates wearing a protective sleeve on his knee, along with a wrist brace, when he returns to contact drills.

Courtesy: Jimmy Burch | FWST

RELATED: Stephen Jones suggests that Morris Claiborne needs to play through injury

Stephen Jones suggests that Morris Claiborne needs to play through injury - The Boys Are Back blog

Dallas Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones wasn’t holding back Friday morning. The interviews at training camp aren’t always the most revealing but this was one of the exceptions.

Jones somewhat surprisingly admitted that he’s disappointed with the team’s top draft pick, Morris Claiborne, who has been sidelined with injuries for most of the off-season.

“Our young guys got to get healthy,” Jones told the Elf & Slater Show on 105.3 [KRLD-FM]. “There’s no excuse. All of them.”

Jones then mentioned rookie safety Matt Johnson and rookie defensive end Tyrone Crawford before saying, “Mo Claiborne’s got to get out there. The times he’s been out there, it’s been impressive. But he certainly can’t make the club in the tub, if you will. He’s got to get out there. It’s time. We got to start having a mentality that we’re going to play through things.”

Jones added: “You don’t ever see Jason Witten missing practice, and he’s going on 10 [seasons]. He just won’t miss. So, we got to have the young guys step up and play better.”

The cornerback out of LSU, who was the sixth overall pick, missed all of rookie mini-camp, organized team activities and mini-camp because of a surgically repaired left wrist. Recently, Claiborne has missed several days of training camp after spraining the MCL in his left knee last week.

Dallas Cowboys cornerback Morris Claiborne stretching - The Boys Are Back blog

Claiborne participated in today’s walkthrough practice but is not expected to play in the Cowboys’ preseason opener Monday in Oakland.

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NEW SPORTS SITCOM: NBC’s “GO ON” starring Matthew Perry

GO ON Show on NBC with Matthew Perry - The Boys Are Back blog

A sportscaster with anger issues must attend grief counseling to keep his job.

Matthew Perry ("Friends," "Mr. Sunshine") stars as Ryan King, a recent widower and sports talk radio host ready to get back to work after the loss of his wife. Ryan’s boss, Stephen, played by John Cho ("Star Trek," "Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle"), has a different plan in store for Ryan, making him attend grief counseling before returning to the air. A reluctant Ryan finds himself in a support group for "life change," where he meets an oddball cast of characters, all with their own backstories filled with varying degrees of loss.

On his very first visit, Ryan convinces the group to deviate from their normal session and starts a tournament-style competition (March Sadness!) to find out whose story is the worst. Ryan’s total lack of interest in "the healing process" proves distracting and he soon butts heads with the by-the-books group leader, Lauren, played by Tony Award-winner Laura Benanti ("The Playboy Club"). Back at work, Ryan is confronted with the fact that he hasn’t really processed his grief and realizes Lauren and the other members of the group might be key in helping him move on. Also starring are Tony Award-Winner Julie White ("Transformers") as Anne, Bill Cobbs ("The Muppets," "Night at the Museum") as George and Suzy Nakamura ("Dodgeball") as Yolanda.

"Go On" is a touching new comedy created by Emmy Award-winning writer/executive producer Scott Silveri ("Perfect Couples," "Friends"). Todd Holland ("Malcolm in the Middle"), Karey Nixon ("Free Agents," "Miss/Guided") and Jon Pollack ("Up All Night," "30 Rock") also serve as executive producers. The pilot was directed by Holland.

STARRING: Matthew Perry (Ryan King), Laura Benanti (Lauren), Julie White (Annie), Suzy Nakamura (Yolanda), Tyler James Williams (Owen), Brett Gelman (Mr. K), John Cho (Stephen)

GO ON comedy on NBC with Matthew Perry - The Boys Are Back blog

Press the PLAY button to watch the pilot – NEW EPISODE PREMIERE SEPT 11 TUESDAYS 9/8c

LINK:  http://www.nbc.com/go-on/video/Pilot/1412723 GoON Show

Press the PLAY button to watch Fan Chat with John Cho – Duration 2:45

LINK: http://www.nbc.com/go-on/video/fan-chat-with-john-cho/1412541

HAPPY BIRTHDAY: The GREAT Robbini is older and wiser!

It’s August 9th … time to take a pause and recognize one of the most cherished days of the year! Today, The Great Robbini (aka Robert A Knight) celebrates his birthday. Please join me in wishing him the very best on this special day! No one really knows his exact age. He has the wit of a 20 year old … but, the wisdom and fortitude of a centurion. If I had to guess … I’d say he’s exactly 30 years old today.

Regular readers already know that The Boys Are Back blog features the ALMOST WORLD FAMOUS predictions from The GREAT Robbini during the football season. His new crystal ball has been dragged out of the closet … dusted … and polished. The GREAT Robbini is already psyched about the 2012 Dallas Cowboys vibe … and ready to share his prognostications that we all count on from week-to-week.

I do know, for a fact, that he’s Jerry Jones’n for the Glory Hole days of the Dallas Cowboys. Let’s be honest … aren’t we all?

Happy Birthday to The Great Robbini.

40,000 HITS: Thanks, from The Boys Are Back blog

40000 hits - The Boys Are Back blog

Thanks for checking out The Boys Are Back blog! Over 40,000 hits … and counting!

The Boys Are Back World stats - July 2012

Here’s a recap of hits since February. Glad to have you all … from all over the world.

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SPECIAL FEATURE: Baseball cards found in grandfather’s attic worth millions

baseball cards

Karl Kissner picked up a soot-covered cardboard box that had been under a wooden dollhouse in his grandfather’s attic. Taking a look inside, he saw hundreds of baseball cards bundled with twine. They were smaller than the ones he was used to seeing.

But some of the names were familiar: Hall of Famers Ty Cobb, Cy Young and Honus Wagner.

Then he put the box on a dresser and went back to digging through the attic.

It wasn’t until two weeks later that he learned that his family had come across what experts say is one of the biggest, most exciting finds in the history of sports card collecting, a discovery worth perhaps millions.

The cards are from an extremely rare series issued around 1910. Up to now, the few known to exist were in so-so condition at best, with faded images and worn edges. But the ones from the attic in the town of Defiance are nearly pristine, untouched for more than a century. The colors are vibrant, the borders crisp and white.

”It’s like finding the Mona Lisa in the attic,” Kissner said.

Sports card experts who authenticated the find say they may never again see something this impressive.

”Every future find will ultimately be compared to this,” said Joe Orlando, president of Professional Sports Authenticator.

The best of the bunch – 37 cards – are expected to bring a total of $500,000 when they are sold at auction in August during the National Sports Collectors Convention in Baltimore. There are about 700 cards in all that could be worth up to $3 million, experts say. They include such legends as Christy Mathewson and Connie Mack.

Kissner and his family say the cards belonged to their grandfather, Carl Hench, who died in the 1940s. Hench ran a meat market in Defiance, and the family suspects he got them as a promotional item from a candy company that distributed them with caramels. They think he gave some away and kept others.

”We guess he stuck them in the attic and forgot about them,” Kissner said. ”They remained there frozen in time.”

After Hench and his wife died, two of his daughters lived in the house. Jean Hench kept the house until she died last October, leaving everything inside to her 20 nieces and nephews. Kissner, 51, is the youngest and was put in charge of the estate. His aunt was a pack rat, and the house was filled with three generations of stuff.

They found calendars from the meat market, turn-of-the-century dresses, a steamer trunk from Germany and a dresser with Grandma’s clothes neatly folded in the drawers.

Months went by before they even got to the attic. On Feb. 29, Kissner’s cousin Karla Hench pulled out the dirty green box with metal clips at the corners and lifted the lid.

Not knowing whether the cards were valuable, the two cousins put the box aside. But Kissner decided to do a little research. The cards were at his office in the restaurant he owns when he realized they might have something. He immediately took them across the street and put them in a bank vault.

Still not knowing whether the cards were real, they sent eight to expert Peter Calderon at Heritage Auctions in Dallas, which recently sold the baseball that rolled through the legs of Boston Red Sox first baseman Bill Buckner in the 1986 World Series for $418,000.

Calderon said his first words were ”Oh, my God.”

”I was in complete awe,” he said. ”You just don’t see them this nice.”

The cards are from what is known as the E98 series. It is not clear who manufactured them or how many were produced, but the series consists of 30 players, half of them Hall of Famers.

The experts at Heritage Auctions checked out the family’s background, the age of the home and the history of the meat market. They looked at the cards and how they were printed.

”Everything lines up,” said Chris Ivy, the company’s director of sports auctions.

They then sent all the cards to Professional Sports Authenticator, which had previously authenticated fewer than 700 E98s. The Ohio cards were the finest examples from the E98 series the company had ever seen.

The company grades cards on a 1-to-10 scale based of their condition. Up to now, the highest grade it had ever given a Ty Cobb card from the E98 series was a 7. Sixteen Cobbs found in the Ohio attic were graded a 9 – almost perfect. A Honus Wagner was judged a 10, a first for the series.

Retired vintage sports card auctioneer Barry Sloate of New York City said: ”This is probably the most interesting find I’ve heard of.”

In a measure of what baseball cards can be worth, the owner of the Arizona Diamondbacks paid a record $2.8 million for a rare 1909 Honus Wagner. Another version of the card brought $1.2 million in April.

Heritage Auctions plans to sell most of the cards over the next two of three years through auctions and private sales so that it doesn’t flood the market. In all, they could bring $2 million or $3 million, Ivy said.

The Hench family is evenly dividing the cards and the money among the 20 cousins named in their aunt’s will. All but a few have decided to sell their share.

”These cards need to be with those people who appreciate and enjoy them,” Kissner said.

STANDING OUT: This years Cowboys’ Dallas-Day crop looks strong

STANDING OUT: This years Cowboys' Dallas-Day crop looks strong - The Boys Are Back blog

DeSoto’s Patrick Crayton is the biggest success story from the Cowboys’ Dallas Day workouts, which are held before each day for prospects who attended local colleges or high schools. Dallas Kimball’s Phillip Tanner is an example on the current roster of a player who caught the Cowboys’ eye on Dallas Day and kept impressing after signing as an undrafted free agent.
This year’s Dallas Day netted a pretty intriguing haul. The Cowboys signed four undrafted players from those workouts who appear to have legitimate chances to stick, whether it’s on the practice squad or 53-man roster. A look at the rookies with local roots:


Lance Dunbar could force his way onto the Dallas Cowboys roster as a fourth running back and kick returner - AP Photo Tony Gutierrez - The Boys Are Back blogOLB Adrian Hamilton: He took a twisted path from Dallas Carter High to Prairie View A&M, signing with Oklahoma State, playing briefly for Texas Tech and spending some time at a community college, but Hamilton had one the most prolific pass-rushing season in SWAC history last year. His 22 sacks broke the conference record held by Colts defensive end Robert Mathis. The knack for getting to the quarterback gives Hamilton a chance to make the team.

CB Isaac Madison: The 5-foot-10, 173-pound Madison, another Carter High product, started the last three seasons at Arkansas. He performed well enough during offseason workouts to earn some reps with the first-team nickel package with Mike Jenkins and Morris Claiborne unavailable. Madison will be fighting for the fifth cornerback job during training camp and the preseason and can help his cause by proving he can contribute on special teams.

WR Cole Beasley: The son of his high school coach at Little Elm, the SMU product is the stereotypical short, quick slot receiver. Beasley won’t earn high marks on any eye tests, but coaches can’t help but notice his tendency to get open and catch the ball. The Cowboys didn’t have a pure slot receiver on the roster last season, moving Miles Austin inside in multi-receiver formations. Beasley, who had back-to-back 1,000-yard seasons at SMU, could give them another option.

RB Lance Dunbar: He’s a 5-foot-8, 191-pound scatback who broke North Texas’ all-time records for rushing yards (4,224), all-purpose yards (5,375) and touchdowns (49). It will be tough for Dunbar to beat out Tanner for the third running back job, but the Cowboys kept four running backs at the beginning of last season. Dunbar, a Haltom High product, will have a chance to impress on kickoff returns.

PLAYER SPOTLIGHT: Dallas Cowboys FB Lawrence Vickers

Dallas Cowboys FB Lawrence Vickers - The Boys Are Back blog

Position: Fullback  Size: 6-0, 250  Age: 29  College: Colorado

Drafted: Sixth round, 180th overall pick, in 2006

Experience: Entering his seventh season

Contract status: Signed a two-year contract with the Cowboys in March. According to Spotrac.com, the deal is worth a total of $2.4 million with Vickers making a base salary of $800,000 in 2012.

2011 review: While playing in 14 games for the Houston Texans, Vickers caught four passes, recorded one rushing attempt and one start. However, Vickers played a significant role in clearing space for Texans running back Arian Foster, who rushed for 1,224 yards and 10 touchdowns.

2012 Outlook: Although Vickers has become known for briefly exiting organized team activities earlier this month because of fire ants in his pants, during the 2012 season, the veteran will be identified as the lead blocker for DeMarco Murray and Felix Jones.

Before landing in Houston last year, Vickers spent his first five NFL seasons with the Cleveland Browns doing similar work. The Beaumont native rarely carried the ball, something he’s done only 34 times in 90 career games, instead, Vickers occasionally caught passes [45 career grabs with three going for scores] and blocked for several running backs.

“I want to do the dirty work,” Vickers said in a 2010 interview posted on YouTube. “I want to do that job that most people can’t do. And most people can’t play the fullback position. It’s hard. It’s not like blocking on the line. It’s a collision. It’s a gut check.”

In 2008, Vickers was named as a second alternate for the Pro Bowl. Two years later, he led the way for Peyton Hillis to rush for a career-high 1,177 yards and 11 touchdowns.

When the Cowboys were healthy at fullback last season, Murray had success. But when fullback Tony Fiammetta, who is currently with the New England Patriots, was sidelined because of illness, Murray, who eventually had his rookie season ended prematurely because of a broken ankle, wasn’t as productive.

Can Vickers help Murray find similar success? Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones must think so. After all, Jones recently said: “This can be the best we’ve been at fullback since Daryl [Johnston].”

Murray wasn’t about to make any bold predictions last week when asked about the addition of Vickers. Like Murray pointed out, because players weren’t wearing pads at OTA and mini-camp practices it’s difficult to know how everything will unfold when both sides start hitting.

“So far so good,” Murray said. “I’m loving the enthusiasm he brings to the running back group and brings to the practice field and what he brings to this team, so I’m excited to see what he’s going to do in training camp.”

Dallas Cowboys fullback Lawrence Vickers (47) and running back Darrell Scott (35) work on blocking technique during Dallas Cowboys football mini-camp at Valley Ranch - The Boys Are Back blog

Lawrence Blanchard Vickers, Jr. (born May 8, 1983 in Beaumont, Texas) is a fullback for the Dallas Cowboys of the National Football League. He was drafted by the Cleveland Browns in the sixth round of the 2006 NFL Draft. He played college football for the University of Colorado at Boulder Buffaloes.

Early years

Four year letterman at Forest Brook High School in Houston, Texas.

College career

He played for the University of Colorado Buffaloes during his college career. Vickers saw limited playing time as a true freshman in 2002. He saw action in 11 games, including the Alamo Bowl (no starts), seeing time on both offense (at fullback) and on special teams; he was a regular at the end of the year in CU’s Stack-I formation (two fullbacks). He had seven rushes for 25 yards on the year, and also caught one pass for seven yards. In 2003, he played in 11 games on both offense and special teams, started six of those games at FB and finished with 100 yards on 28 carries with one TD. He also finished with 15 receptions for 123 yards and one TD. As a junior in 2004, Vickers started seven games and finished with 63 carries for 252 yards and two TD’s, and 28 receptions for 290 yards. He remained the Buffs No. 1 FB and backup RB as a senior in 2005, when he finished with 258 yards and nine TDs on 73 carries and 152 yards and two TDs on 26 receptions. He was an Ethnic Studies/Sociology major. It has also been revealed that he is allergic to ants.

Professional career

Cleveland Browns

Vickers was drafted by the Cleveland Browns in the 6th round, pick 11 (180th overall) of the 2006 NFL draft. Serving as the team’s backup fullback behind Terrelle Smith, Vickers started one game, earning three rushing attempts for two yards and catching six passes for 60 yards. He saw significant time on special teams, having five kick returns for 84 yards. He made his NFL debut versus the New Orleans Saints on September 10.

Vickers took over the fullback position in 2007 and played in every game with 14 starts. He was Jamal Lewis’ primary lead blocker, helping him rush for 1,304 yards and 9 touchdowns. He also had 15 carries for 43 yards and 13 receptions for 91 yards and 2 touchdowns. For his efforts, Vickers was named as a second alternate for the 2008 Pro Bowl at fullback.

In his four seasons, Vickers has scored 3 touchdowns, all on short-yardage receptions. All of his touchdowns were scored against the division rival Pittsburgh Steelers.

Houston Texans

On August 3, 2011, Lawrence Vickers signed with the Houston Texans. Vickers was released by Houston on March 13, 2012.

Dallas Cowboys

Vickers was signed to a two year deal by the Dallas Cowboys on March 14, 2012.

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