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EXCLUSIVE: The Great Robbini’s BOLD predictions for Week #5 UPDATED

Here are the BOLD predictions from Robert A Knight … A self-proclaimed prediction guru. The new crystal ball from Target has proven to be much more reliable. Last week, 7 out of 12 of The GREAT Robbini predictions came true! This week … he’s even more confident … bordering cocky!

Since the Dallas Cowboys are off and enjoying their bye week, The GREAT Robbini has decided to grace us with NFL predictions concerning other teams. He’s reportedly had some very strong vibes … and wants to share them with you! I’m sure you’ll agree … this is very BOLD. OK, here we go …


The GREAT Robbini – Week #5 predictions:

  • TEN RB Chris Johnson will run for 150+yds against PIT
  • NE defense will stabilize against the Jets. Forcing multiple turnovers and win
  • CHI gives DET its first loss of the season
  • Michael Vick will have 2 turnovers
  • Aaron Rodgers sacked at least 2x vs ATL
  • BUF wins close game.  Eagles shamed
  • The 0-4 Colts will rally, win

Remember, you read it here! The Great Robbini predictions for week #5. Predictions published on: Oct 7, 2011 @ 23:44


The first 8 games are over … and it’s time to grade some of The GREAT Robbini’s predictions. TEN RB Chris Johnson was able to gain 51 yards against PIT. I also expected a nice day for CJ, but with PIT coming out on a mission … that wasn’t going to happen. He did have a nice TD run off left guard in the 3rd QTR. The GREAT Robbini was really feeling that Michael Vick INT vibe! Vick coughed it up four times!  BUF was pretty much in control of the game … except for a few lulls in the 2nd half … giving up 17 of the 24 points allowed. The 4-1 Bills took the game by 7 points. As a bonus, PHI is now 1-4 and sitting in the basement of the NFC East division. IND looked like they could pull out a win in the first half … but, was shut out in the second half. I felt like IND would win their first game today, but KC’s Matt Cassell was on fire! He threw for four TDs and they racked up almost 200 yards running the ball. Still, the Colts were in it … losing by four points. The GREAT Robbini was 2 for 2 this afternoon, but I think some extra kudos should go out for the close IND game and Vick’s woes vs BUF.

In the afternoon games, The GREAT Robbini had two predictions. The Aaron Rodgers thing didn’t materialize, but he was dead-on with the NE divisional win. The NE defense held NYJ to 14 points in the second half, 21 overall. There were no turnovers by the NYJ, Brady gave up one INT and there was a fumble lost/recovered by NE. The Patriots won by 9 points, but it really didn’t seem that close by watching, especially in the fourth quarter. That puts The GREAT Robbini at 1-1 in the afternoon and SNF game.

One game to go. MNF should be a good game with the undefeated (gag) Detroit Lions facing a hungry division rival (Chicago Bears) team. Turns out that Detroit mauled the Chicago Bears. OUCH!

POLL: Grade the Dallas Cowboys for the first quarter of the 2011 season

Four games down … twelve to-go! What grade do you give the Dallas Cowboys for the first quarter of the 2011 season? Consider all factors. New defensive coordinator with a revamped 3-4 Base defense. Young offensive line. Injury influence through the first four games. Romo and other players performance. General attitude of the club.

As always, your comments are welcome.

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