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ESPN’S WHIMP BRAINLESS: Dallas Cowboys WR Dez Bryant uses Twitter to enlighten Skip Bayless

Twisting Dez Bryant words - Skippy Bayless is an idiot - The Boys Are Back blog - Whimp Brainless

Dez Bryant really wants to be clear that he never said he was going to record 2,000 receiving yards in a season. He simply said it was possible.

The Dallas Cowboys wide receiver has used Twitter the last two days to defend comments he made in a Tuesday article on ESPNDallas.com.

Bryant told the website that he could “potentially” be the first player to record 2,000-receiving yards in a single season, but added that stats don’t mean anything to him if the Cowboys are not “strapping up for the playoffs.”

skip-bayless aka whimp brainless - The Boys Are Back blog

ESPN’s Skip Bayless (aka Wimp Brainless on The Boys Are Back blog) obviously didn’t read the story, tweeting Wednesday: “Just when I thought it was safe to trust the ‘maturing’ Dez, he makes a ‘me’ statement about 2K yds instead of a ‘we’ about making playoffs.”

skip bayless - idiot hired by ESPN - The Boys Are Back blog - Whimp Brainless

Bryant got wind of Bayless’ comment and responded Wednesday with the following tweets:

“My bad skip I forgot you and your buddy get paid to twist up stories whenever you already know the truth.”

“Correction…i was asked a question.. i didn’t predict anything…basically all i said was it was possible.”

Bryant is coming off his best NFL season, finishing with 92 catches for 1,382 receiving yards and 12 touchdowns.

Courtesy: Jon Machota | Special Contributor | Dallas Morning News

Reader comments:

ZoneBlitz.com says: Dez Bryant isn’t perfect, but Skip Bayless is one of the most self-important douchebags in sports journalism.

Nathan Adams says: Some day, Some place, Skip Bayless is going to get his ass handed to him for his big mouth!

Lars Hedegaard says: I agree with Nathan. Skip is a big mouth and really never has anything to say worth listening too!

John Leonard says: Thanks, Zone. You saved me the trouble of posting the same sentiment.

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