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COWBOYS VS. SAINTS GAMEDAY PRIMER: Jason Garrett press conference | Wednesday practice

video - jason garrett press conference - Dallas Cowboys vs. New Orleans Saints - 2013-2014 Dallas Cowboys schedule

Jason Garrett: Dallas Cowboys vs. New Orleans Saints road game (15:33)

Dallas Cowboys coach Jason Garrett speaks to the media from AT&T Stadium before his team takes the field for Saints practice. (Watch Video | Play Audio)

Garrett discussed:

  • Comparing Brees to the other prolific passers faced in 2013-2014 season
  • Everett Dawkins addition to Marinelli’s Misfits
  • Key to stopping New Orleans offense
  • Confidence in secondary, after seeing how they’ve covered similar offenses
  • DeMarcus Ware’s return to practice; expected game impact
  • Familiarity with Rob Ryan vs. Rob Ryan’s familiarity with Cowboys offense
  • Comparing the Rob Ryan defense in New Orleans compared to his Dallas scheme
  • Relationship he has with Rob Ryan after termination, and now
  • Lessons learned from Sean Payton’s style, as an offensive play caller
  • Comparing the defensive injuries from this season compared to last year
  • Applying lessons from other tight ends this season to game planning Graham
  • Will Graham be defended as a tight end or wide receiver
  • Evaluating Gavin Escobar production relative to the spot taken in the NFL Draft
  • Staying with Jason Witten, even when he’s in catching slumps; overall impact
  • How they’ll preparing for uniquely gifted athletes, like Darren Sproles
  • Addressing the locker room situations that have developed in Miami
  • Simulating and handling stadiums with crowd noise issues
  • Weather yards-per-carry is an effective way to grade offensive linemen
  • Evaluating run efficiency vs. yards-per-carry; season grade on this line
  • Bruce Carter and Ernie Simms competition for starting spot

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HOLD YOUR HORSES: Jerry Jones on Sean Payton and Jason Garrett’s future with Dallas Cowboys

Jerry Jones and Sean Payton - The Boys Are Back blog

While Cowboys fans might want Jerry Jones to hire Sean Payton as head coach, that doesn’t mean the Cowboys owner and general manager is thinking about that at the moment.

Sunday morning, the NFL voided the multiyear contract extension the New Orleans Saints announced for Payton in September 2011. That decision means that the suspended head coach will become a free agent after this season.

Although it’s likely that Payton will return to the Saints next season, his previous coaching ties to the Cowboys make it easy to speculate that Jones would have interest.

“I have no idea about that,” Jones said after Sunday’s 19-13 Cowboys loss in Atlanta. “I have no understanding about anything to do with his or the Saints’ business or the contracts. That was news to me.”

Jerry Jones and Jason Garrett - Dallas Cowboys - The Boys Are Back blog

Jones seems to think he is employing the right guy.

“I have a lot of faith in Jason,” Jones said Sunday night. “I think Jason’s future is ahead of him. I know how hard he works. I like his philosophy so I have a lot of faith, a lot of confidence, one of the brighter spots that I see, about our head coaching and our coaching in the future.”

REINSTATEMENT REQUIREMENTS: Sean Payton can’t consult Saints, Vitt, Loomis before Super Bowl

Video - BOUNTYGATE suspensions upheld - The Boys Are Back blog

In his judgment upholding suspensions for New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton, general manager Mickey Loomis and assistant head coach Joe Vitt, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said the parties had to meet certain requirements for their potential reinstatements.

One of the expectations is that they avoid all football and operational communication, according to a source with knowledge of the situation, citing NFL rules. Once Payton’s suspension kicks in April 16, he can’t speak to Loomis or Vitt –- or have any communication with the team –- regarding football or operational matters until after the Super Bowl. There is latitude for dialogue, for example, should a personal matter arise and counsel is warranted.

Though Payton’s suspension technically ends after the Super Bowl, he has to re-apply for reinstatement and have Goodell review his status to determine whether to allow him back to coach in the NFL.

Loomis and Vitt can operate as normal until the start of the regular season but once their suspensions begin, Vitt can’t speak with anyone on the team regarding football matters for six games, Loomis for eight.

What could be an intriguing wrinkle is how the schedule lays out for the Saints. If the NFL schedules a bye week in the first six games, Vitt’s and Loomis’s suspensions could be prolonged for a week. The same applies to Loomis if a bye is scheduled in the first eight games.

Last season the Saints’ bye did not come until Week 11.

BOUNTYGATE: Gregg Williams bounty audio released as Sean Payton, Loomis, Vitt, and New Orleans Saints to meet with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell for appeals

VIDEO - NFL Network - Gregg Williams bounty BountyGate - Audio released - The Boys Are Back blog

A speech recorded by a documentary filmmaker captures former New Orleans Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams imploring his players to injure specific San Francisco 49ers the night before January’s NFC divisional-round playoff game.

In the speech, a portion of which was captured by filmmaker Sean Pamphilon, Williams delivers a fiery, profanity-laced speech urging Saints players to inflict harm on several 49ers, including quarterback Alex Smith, running back Frank Gore, and wide receivers Michael Crabtree and Kyle Williams.

"At one point Williams says, ‘We hit (expletive) Smith right there’ — then he points under his chin (and continues) — ‘remember me,’ " Pamphilon told Michael Silver of Yahoo! Sports. "Then he rubs his thumb against his index and middle fingers — the cash sign — and says, ‘I got the first one. I got the first one. Go get it. Go lay that (expletive) out.’ "

It’s unknown if the NFL got a hold of this audio during its investigation of the Saints’ "bounty" program. The NFL declined comment to NFL.com’s Steve Wyche on whether the audio recording in the Yahoo! story or any other information in the article was evidence it previously had or if it was new.

Pamphilon captured the footage while working on a film about former Saints special-teams player Steve Gleason, who suffers from Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.

Pamphilon released a statement to The Times-Picayune on Thursday in which he explained how the serious nature of the Saints’ "bounty" scandal prompted him to release the audio.

"If this story hadn’t broken and been made public, I would not have shared this," Pamphilon wrote, not explaining why he chose to release the sound when he did. "I would not have compromised my personal relationships and risked damaging Steve Gleason’s relationship with the Saints. I would have crafted these words and sentiments for another forum, perhaps years down the road."

Gleason, a source told Profootballtalk.com, plans to release a statement saying that Pamphilon was not authorized to publicize what he recorded

Pamphilon believes "there’s no doubt at all" that Williams placed a bounty on Smith. Pamphilon emphasized that Saints coach Sean Payton and general manager Mickey Loomis were not in the room during Williams’ speech.

VIDEO - Peter King New Orleans Saints appeals NFL suspension - The Boys Are Back blogWilliams, now the St. Louis Rams‘ defensive coordinator, was suspended indefinitely by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell for his role in the "bounty" program. He did not appeal the punishment.

Goodell will listen Thursday to appeals from the Saints ($500,000 fine, two lost draft picks), Payton (suspension for the 2012 season), Loomis (eight-game suspension), and assistant coach Joe Vitt (six-game suspension).

Loomis and Vitt arrived at NFL headquarters Thursday. Payton was scheduled to arrive later in the day for his appeal.

BOUNTYGATE: Damning audio released of NFL defensive coordinator Gregg Williams telling New Orleans Saints players to harm other players.

The day didn’t start well for Sean Payton (below), the former Dallas Cowboys assistant coach who is (for now) the head coach of the New Orleans Saints.


On the day when Payton and Saints general manager Mickey Loomis are appealing the suspensions handed down earlier by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell for their roles in the team’s "bounty" program — one in which Saints players were paid to inflict injuries on opponents — a documentary maker has released an audio tape of former Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams addressing players before a playoff game against the San Francisco 49ers.

In the profanity-laced audio, Williams — who has been suspended indefinitely by Goodell — tells his players to go after the heads, knees, and ankles of particular members of the 49ers, including the San Francisco quarterback, Alex Smith; star running back Frank Gore; and wide receiver Michael Crabtree.

Here’s a story from NFL.com.

Excerpts from the tape are below. (Warning: The language is R-rated.)

The full, 12-minute recording has been posted on the Web page of the filmmaker, Sean Pamphilon, but it’s crashing right now because too many people are trying to listen.

Payton was suspended for all of the coming season. Loomis was suspended for eight games. An assistant coach, Joe Vitt, was suspended for six games. The team was fined $500,000 and forced to forfeit two second-round draft picks.

Williams, who left the Saints to become defensive coordinator of the St. Louis Rams, has been suspended from the NFL indefinitely. Unlike the others, he is not appealing.


Gregg Williams New Orleans Saints Bounty Gate audio–The Boys Are Back blog
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