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REAL MEN OF GENIUS: Regular Season ends … playoff time

If you’re a regular visitor to The Boys Are Back blog, please disregard this post. My son and I play a Pro Pick ‘Em game on Yahoo! Sports and it’s time to rub a few things in his face! haha

RMOG 2012 Regular Season overall - The Boys Are Back blog

Here is a screenshot of our Pro Pick ‘Em 2012-2013 Regular Season Overview. As you can see, it was another ass kicking … very similar to the 2011-2012 ass kicking you received last year! I thought you would ‘insist’ on me posting this public record … so that we can relish it for many years to come!  I’m trying to be humble, but it’s hard to do when you’re NUMBER 1 … the big cheese, the top dog … and the master of all I survey! As you can see, I waxed your butt by 307 points … and also dominated the W-L column. That’s a 65.88 percent winning percentage. You had the 54.90 percent winning percentage … which is cute. So damn cute. If you want, go ahead and print out a copy of this. It will look great on your refrigerator!

RMOG 2012 Regular Season - Weekly Performance

I knew you’d want to look at the weekly breakdown, so click on the image above to bring it to life … you know, make it larger … super-size it! Pay particularly close attention to the last seven weeks … and note the nice 7-game winning streak! Think of this as the 7-Eleven year … I won 7 in a row, Eleven overall. You did have those 3 wins … in week 3, 8, and 10. Not bad for a little feller! Also note that I had four weeks over 100 points, 116 being the highest points scored this season! I liked your 90 in week #8. Next year, go ahead and shoot for those 100’s! They really add up!!!

RMOG 2012 Week 7 - 12 of 13 winners - The Boys Are Back blog

It would be wrong for me not to point out this week 7 spanking! I, your dad, had the best week recorded in 2012 in our group … picking 12 winners. None of us got the elusive undefeated week … but, I’ll go ahead and knock out a few of those next season.

Well. It’s been fun. I’ve enjoyed it, once again. The new game starts in August … so that gives you a few weeks and months to think about this one! I’ll bring it up from time to time … because I’m sure you’ll want to be reminded … 


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