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RESPECTABLE ROSTER: Picking the 2013 Cowboys Mr. Indispensable is not so clear cut (Special Feature)

    IRVING, Texas – Maybe for the first time in the eight years of naming the Dallas Cowboys’ Mr. Indispensable, the annual award that comes with a hearty pat on the back and quite possibly national Twitter acclaim, the chosen one is not so clear cut.

    That can mean one of two things for the Cowboys heading toward training camp for the 2013 season:

    Either the Cowboys have a slew of players they just can’t do without.

    Or they just don’t have that one dominant player standing out above all the rest. You can decide.

    But, well, the ton of injuries suffered by the Cowboys this past 8-8 season sure clouded not only the team’s performance but also individual expectations for this year. Like just how good is this guy? He only played six games or eight games or 10?

    Think back to last season if you can stomach a second consecutive year that winning the NFC East came down to winning or losing the final game of the season, that the Cowboys lost both times. Like Sean Lee, he seemed on his way to the Pro Bowl, yet played just the first games of the season. Or Bruce Carter missing the final five games. DeMarco Murray missing six games. Jay Ratliff missing 10. Miles Austin rarely 100 percent. DeMarcus Ware playing nearly the entire season with a bad hamstring, and then down the stretch with a shoulder in need of postseason surgery and an elbow’s function aided by a brace.

    Some season, huh?

    But we must soldier on, and as always the quarterback is ineligible, meaning Tony Romo doesn’t count. That would be too easy, and usually is the case with I’m guessing at least two-thirds of the NFL teams, that the starting quarterback is the one guy they can’t do without. That certainly applies to Romo, no matter how maybe a quarter of the polled players voted in NFL.com’s Top 100.

    So let’s go.

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