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COWBOYS OWNER WENT SLUMMING: Jerry Jones spent his weekend in Missouri, deer hunting

Jerry Jones said he would have preferred to have had his team playing during the bye week. But the Dallas Cowboys owner enjoyed a weekend away nonetheless.

Jones went on a family outing to their vacation home in Missouri. He deer hunted and then watched football on Sunday afternoon.

“The afternoon is a good time to take a break from hunting,” Jones said on his weekly radio show on 105.3 FM. “It was a great time to watch the games. We spent quite a bit of time with a lot of people watching the games. The different games. So that was very enjoyable, more to the point than anything. It does give you a chance to have a Sunday probably the way a life would have been without the Cowboys.”

The Cowboys, though, didn’t have a good off weekend. The Eagles beat the Redskins to move a half game ahead of the Cowboys in the NFC East, and the Giants won their fourth in a row to set up a big division showdown at The Meadowlands on Sunday.

“I always kind of miss playing,” Jones said. “I know the players don’t. I really know the coaches don’t as well. They appreciate this week off. But from the standpoint of watching our team …of where we stand ranking in the division, you kind of feel like you lost one when you look up at the division, and all of a sudden, you’re a game back of where you were when the weekend started and didn’t play to get that done. But we needed that rest.”

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COWBOYS RIVAL HEADLINE: With Jerry Jones running Cowboys, Dallas in for Doomsday | New York Daily News | Cowboys vs. Giants rivalry

The Boys Are Back editor comments: This is an example of the crap spread around by clueless so-called NFL experts. This homers point of view is complete with quotes and opinions from unnamed sources. It includes all of the standard talking points used by jealous and bias sports reporters jockeying for attention and headlines from more respected sports journalists.  

A former NFL general manager who is identified as someone who helped his team to a Super Bowl told the New York Daily News reporter that Jerry Jones is a “horrific” GM who “undermines his head coaches with his antics.”

“What makes him bad is everything he does is based on perception, star power, making a splash. Fourth or fifth on the list is soundness. Everything revolves around him,” the unnamed GM said.

In the story, Daily News columnist Gary Myers suggests Jones should relinquish his GM duties and stick to his strengths as an owner and marketer, a common theme among pundits.

Dallas, who’s 5-5 this season, plays at the New York Giants (4-6) on Sunday at 3:25 p.m.

COWBOYS RIVAL HEADLINE - New York Daily News - With Jerry Jones running Cowboys, Dallas in for Doomsday - Cowboys Giants rivalry - NYG vs DAL rivalry

PHOTO: While the Cowboys owner is a shrewd business man, some of his football moves leave many scratching their heads. With owner Jerry Jones calling the football shots, it is no wonder the Cowboys struggle to regain their Super Bowl championship form of the 90s.

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is an incredibly bright and creative businessman, a real marketing genius, and he has helped turn Dallas into the most valuable franchise in American sports. So many of his ideas have contributed to the NFL now being a $9 billion-a-year industry.

But if the Cowboys ever want to win their sixth Lombardi Trophy, then Jones must shake up his front office.

He needs to call himself in for a little talk.

“Sit down Jerry,” says Jones the owner.

“Yes, sir, Mr. Jones,” says Jones the GM.

COWBOYS RIVAL HEADLINE - With Jerry Jones running Cowboys, Dallas in for Doomsday - New York Daily News - Cowboys vs. Giants rivalry - Eli Manning

PHOTO: Eli Manning and the Giants find much more success than their division rivals in recent years.

You’re fired,” says Jones the owner.

See, it’s that easy. Painless.

America’s Team is the best nickname in sports, but it no longer fits the Cowboys and needs to be revoked until they get back to a Super Bowl — if they ever get back to a Super Bowl.

Of course, they are worth $2.3 billion according to Forbes, the television networks can’t get enough of them, they have the best stadium in the world, but, as one executive with another team (who?) laughed Monday about the nickname, “America likes winners,” and the Cowboys just don’t win championships anymore.

The Dallas Cowboys will be at MetLife Stadium to play the New York Giants on Sunday in a game with big implications on the mediocre NFC East race. Dallas is 5-5, which is not unusual since they are 109-109 since the turn of the century. The Giants, after their 0-6 start, have won four straight as Tom Coughlin implores his players “to keep the dream alive.” They are both chasing the Eagles, who have won three in a row to get to 6-5.

COWBOYS RIVAL HEADLINE - With Jerry Jones running Cowboys, Dallas in for Doomsday - New York Daily News - Cowboys vs. Giants rivalry - Tony Romo

PHOTO: Since taking over as GM, Jones has seen more than his share of flops from Tony Romo.

But, really, how ‘bout them Cowboys?

They have endured 17 consecutive seasons without making it to the Super Bowl after winning three in a four-year period. During the Dallas drought, the longest in franchise history, longer than its expansion years, 20 different teams have been to the Super Bowl, including the Patriots six times and the Giants, Steelers and Packers three times each. In that time, the Cowboys have made the playoffs seven times and have two wild-card victories.

I was there on Feb. 25, 1989, in the Cowboys team meeting room at their Valley Ranch headquarters, when Jones announced he had bought the team, fired the legendary Tom Landry and replaced him with Jimmy Johnson. It was called the Saturday Night Massacre and it was an unforgettable moment in NFL history.

The most famous line that came out of that news conference was when Jones proclaimed he would be in charge of everything from “socks to jocks.”

Maybe Jones was running just about every department including the laundry department back then, but Johnson was running the personnel department and he brought in enough great players to win the Super Bowl following the 1992 and 1993 seasons and then left when he and Jones fought over who deserved the credit. There was enough of the core remaining that the relatively clueless Barry Switzer came off his couch to win a Super Bowl with Johnson’s players in 1995.

COWBOYS RIVAL HEADLINE - With Jerry Jones running Cowboys, Dallas in for Doomsday - New York Daily News - Cowboys vs. Giants rivalry - Jason Pierre-Paul

PHOTO: Jason Pierre-Paul and the Giants should be happy to see the Cowboys late in the year.

Yet, once Johnson and then his players eventually departed, Jones was on his own to restock as the undisputed general manger. And while nobody in the NFL is better at making money, the Cowboys can’t compete in the front office. Jones hired a bunch of puppets as head coaches following Johnson — Switzer, Chan Gailey, Dave Campo, Wade Phillips and now Jason Garrett — with one exception.

Jones tried to get it right when he hired Bill Parcells in between Campo and Phillips, and he allowed Parcells more input in their four seasons together than anybody since Johnson. But he still forced malcontent Terrell Owens on Parcells and Dallas was the only one of Parcells’ four head coaching jobs where he didn’t win a playoff game.

It’s startling that Jones the owner has put up with Jones the GM this long.

“As a general manager, he’s horrific. Just horrific,” said a former GM who once helped his team get to a Super Bowl. “What makes him bad is everything he does is based on perception, star power, making a splash. Fourth or fifth on the list is soundness. Everything revolves around him. He undermines his head coaches with his antics. They don’t have a lot of real harmony and he creates a lot of the storms.”

Jones gave Tony Romo a six-year, $108 million contract in March even though he’s won just one playoff game in seven years as the starter. He dumped defensive coordinator Rob Ryan after last season and replaced him with Monte Kiffin, who was one of the best — 10 years ago.

After the Saints torched the Cowboys for 625 yards in their 49-17 victory with Ryan on the opposite sideline as the New Orleans defensive coordinator, Jones admitted the switch “doesn’t look good right now.” He initially called a 51-48 loss to the Broncos a “moral victory,” which was then refuted by his son Stephen, a team vice president, and Garrett.

Jones is ultra-competitive and is willing to spend to win. He is clearly one of the smartest people in the NFL. So why isn’t he smart enough to fire himself as GM and hire somebody as good at making football decisions as Jones is at making money? “His ego is so big,” one personnel director said. “He’s had so many chances to do it and won’t. He’s going down with the ship.”

How ’bout them Cowboys?

Written by: Gary Myers | New York Daily News

COWBOYS VS. VIKINGS GUT-CHECK REVIEW: Dallas offense finds a way to win game 9 in closing minutes

COWBOYS VS. VIKINGS GUT-CHECK REVIEW - Dallas offense finds a way to win game 9 in closing minutes

ARLINGTON, Texas –  Dallas Cowboys beatwriters share their initial feelings following the Dallas Cowboys 27-23 win over the Vikings.

David Helman:

The coaches and the players on this team are never going to minimize their own success – regardless of record, they got a win against an NFL team. I don’t have the same obligation, however, so it’s fine for me to look into the future and say Dallas absolutely could not have afforded to lose this game. It might have been a season-sinker. With the NFC South leader, two tough NFC North teams and three divisional rivalries still to play, the Cowboys would have been up the creek with no paddle had they lost to this less-than-stellar Vikings team. It wasn’t pretty, and it doesn’t inspire a ton of confidence, but now the Cowboys are at least guaranteed to be .500 or better when they get to their much-needed bye week.

Rowan Kavner:

Not exactly the easy win anyone predicted. As mediocre as this team’s been, it was still somewhat stunning to see the Cowboys trailing by three points with a minute left. The entire soap opera had played out, with Dez Bryant drawing an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty, Adrian Peterson wearing down the defense and Tony Romo throwing a late pick, but Romo silenced many with his game-winning, 90-yard drive. I thought the offense should have opened it up, but I didn’t expect them to run just nine times in such a close game. I predicted a big day and a score for Jason Witten, who went for more than 100 yards and a touchdown, but I didn’t predict Terrance Williams’ streak ending. The Cowboys offense continued its inconsistency before finally showing up late. If they wait that long to get going next week against a Saints team coming off a loss, it’ll be too late.  

Nick Eatman:

Man, I was doing well with my first two and then tanked. Jason Witten did a have a big game and Terrance Williams didn’t score, but yikes, this was far from a blowout win. And out-rushing the Vikings? That was a horrible prediction. I had this feeling the Cowboys would take an early lead and get to run the ball while the Vikings were forced to pass. Nope. And Brandon Carr didn’t have a pick, but Orlando Scandrick got a big interception. He certainly played a great game, one of the best I can remember from him. Overall, no one really played great for the Cowboys. They had some guys step up, especially at the end. But this team looked like it was sleepwalking for too long. However, the Cowboys had a beautiful loss to Denver and no one cared. So they’ll take whatever this kind of win was against the Vikings.

Bryan Broaddus:

Jason Garrett likes to talk about players learning from experience. Today was that type of day for Tyron Smith against Jared Allen. I said earlier, that Smith was drafted by the Cowboys to block rushers like Jared Allen. When you face a player like Allen, you have to be ready for all his moves. This guy is not a one trick pony and I felt like that there were times where Allen put him on the edge, but Smith was able to hang in there and make things work. In the 2nd half, I thought Smith was at his best and when the Vikings really needed a pressure, it wasn’t coming from Allen. The final numbers will say that Allen had one tackle with no sacks, so that tells you a lot about the day that Tyron Smith had.  

Editors note: This article relates to the pregame predictions made by the Dallas Cowboys writers on Friday

COWBOYS VS. VIKINGS GUT-CHECK: Dallas needs to parlay emotion into a win in game 9

Dallas Cowboys vs. Minnesota Vikings - Dallas Cowboys 2013-2014 schedule - 2013-2014 Dallas Cowboys - NFL helmets

IRVING, Texas – The Dallas Cowboys are 4-4, halfway to their regular-season record of the past two years. With the Saints coming up next week, this matchup with the Vikings seems crucial for the Cowboys to get back over .500.

Here are the gut feelings for beat writers Nick Eatman, Bryan Broaddus, David Helman, and Rowan Kavner.

David Helman:

A home game against a 1-6 squad with a struggling defense and no clear answer at quarterback. Basically, this is the easiest game remaining on the Dallas Cowboys’ schedule, in my humble opinion. It’s not must-win in an immediate, win-or-go-home sense, but they certainly can’t afford to drop a game to a team that will be in contention for the top pick in the draft. And I don’t think they will. The Cowboys have been excellent at starting well this season, and I think they’ll have 10 or 14 points by the end of the first quarter. An early deficit will make it hard for Minnesota to pound the rock with Adrian Peterson, and it should lead to more pass attempts. Pass attempts mean interceptions. I think the Cowboys get two, with one of them coming from Jeff Heath. It’s not going to be a high-flying beatdown, but I think Dallas works its way to an efficient, one-sided, 27-13 win.

Rowan Kavner:

The Dallas Cowboys should win this one. It’s the first and last time I’ll say that this year, given the rest of games on their schedule. I don’t call it a “must-win” like some games have been labeled before. They just should win it against a one-win team that doesn’t know their starting quarterback on any given week and boasts a struggling defense. The Cowboys’ defensive injuries could make this interesting, though. I think after a couple down weeks, Jason Witten finds the end zone, as does Terrance Williams to give the rookie five straight scoring games. DeMarco Murray also adds another, while either B.W. Webb or Micah Pellerin picks off a pass en route to a two-score win.

Nick Eatman:

This is one of the games where we won’t really find out if the Dallas Cowboys can be contenders. But we’ll find out for sure if they aren’t. If they lose to the Vikings or even play down to their level, it won’t be a good sign, considering they’ve got some tough games coming up. I see this one playing out like the Rams game a few weeks ago. The Cowboys are that much better and they’ll show it. I see a big day from Jason Witten, who hasn’t done much in recent weeks. I don’t see Terrance Williams extending his streak of touchdown grabs, but he’ll play well. I do see the Cowboys out-rushing the Vikings, but in a collective effort. And Brandon Carr bounces back this week with at least one interception, but I’m thinking he might get two. I’m seeing a 17-point win by the Cowboys at least.

Bryan Broaddus:

When you team is 1 – 6, not much is going right for you but if there is a bright spot on this Vikings defense, it is the play of Jared Allen. No matter what the score or situation, Allen is going to give you everything he has. He is a relentless player in every sense of the word and there is no quit to his game . Tyron Smith was drafted by the Dallas Cowboys to play against guys like Allen and keep them from being that disruptive player. Despite what happened with the holding call last week against the Lions, Smith has brought his “A” game each week. He has been consistent with his technique and finish which has allowed him to be rock solid on that left side. My gut tells me that Tyron Smith finds a way to pitch a shutout in his matchup with Jared Allen this Sunday.

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NFL Films Preview: Minnesota Vikings at Dallas Cowboys (2:01)

NFL Films previews the 2013-2014 week 9 matchup between the Minnesota Vikings and the Dallas Cowboys.  (Watch Video | No Audio)

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NFL GAMEDAY RESOURCES: New York Giants vs. Dallas Cowboys

TEXAS 2 DEFENSE - Starters continue to excite in 24-18 preseason win at AT&T Stadium - The Boys Are Back blog 2013 - Pledge

The Dallas Cowboys open the 2013-2014 season against an old and familiar nemesis, the New York Giants. Dallas had a busy off-season, overturning its coaching staff, giving quarterback Tony Romo a contract extension, reshuffling its offensive line and switching play-callers. All in hopes of getting the Dallas Cowboys over the hump of consecutive 8-8 seasons.

Here is a look at the Dallas Cowboys’ keys to victory:

Invade the backfield

Eli Manning has his share of success against the Cowboys in the past. But in 2012 his stat line and 77.6 passer rating against Dallas were fairly pedestrian, in part, because the Cowboys’ defense was able to apply pressure – sacking him four times. The Giants’ line has been weakened by injuries to center David Baas and right tackle David Diehl. That will affect a team that had the fewest negative plays in the NFL last season. The Cowboys’ patchwork defensive front needs to take advantage.

Create takeaways

When the Cowboys dumped defensive coordinator Rob Ryan and replaced him with Monte Kiffin, they made it known that the move was born out of the desire to force more turnovers. Last season, the Cowboys generated 16 takeaways. Only three teams had fewer. Dallas’ defense has spent the preseason trying to create more game-changing plays. They need to be opportunistic against the Giants, who coughed up the football 21 times last season and had the ninth-fewest giveaways.

Jump out to fast start

Last season, the Cowboys’ offense procrastinated, waiting until a decent chunk of time had expired before kicking into high gear. Only three teams scored fewer points in the first halves of games in 2012 than the Cowboys, who were notorious slow starters. Case example was a loss to the Giants last October, when Dallas trailed 23-0 early in the second quarter before staging a furious comeback that ultimately fell short. On Sunday, the Cowboys will have to get on track early against the Giants.

Get running game going

The Cowboys spent the off-season and training camp trying to resuscitate a running game that was historically bad in 2012, when Dallas rushed for 1,265 yards – a franchise low for a 16-game season. The Cowboys have installed zone-blocking schemes and stretch plays designed to boost the ground attack. Tailback DeMarco Murray is confident the changes will help as he tries to bounce back from a disappointing season. He’ll find out Sunday while facing the team that was the opponent in the last game he accumulated 100 or more rushing yards.

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NFL GAMEDAY RESOURCES: Houston Texans vs. Dallas Cowboys | NFL Preseason 2013

GAMEDAY RESOURCES - Houston Texans vs. Dallas Cowboys–NFL Preseason 2013 - Cole Beasley

ARLINGTON, Texas – For just about every key player on the Dallas Cowboys roster, Thursday’s game with the Texans will be nothing more than a front-row seat to the preseason finale.

Neither team will likely play any of its starters. Still, it’s an important game for several backup and reserve players who are still trying to solidify a spot on the roster or their role on the team.

Let’s check out the players to watch in tonight’s game with the Texans.

Cole Beasley – This should be the first game action for Beasley since he suffered the foot sprain against Oakland earlier in the preseason. That night against the Raiders, Beasley was nearly unstoppable making several plays from the slot including an adjusting, high ball catch from Kyle Orton in the red zone. Beasley begin to work his way back into practice on Monday, then on Tuesday received a full load to once again get him into the flow. As he sits on the roster, he is the fifth receiver with Anthony Armstrong trying to grab that final spot from him. With the injuries to this team and the possibility of having to go long at a position or two, not sure how they would be able to carry six receivers on the active roster. Another situation that you also have to factor in is how Garrett uses his “12” personnel package.  With Jason Witten, James Hanna and Gavin Escobar, all three of these guys can play out of the slot which means less reasons for them to have to carry the extra receiver.

Micah Pellerin – Don’t believe Micah Pellerin is fighting for a roster spot on this club or how he plays tonight will sway that decision one way or another. Pellerin’s play through the last three weeks has put him in a position where he could make this roster as a free agent. His skill in coverage along with his physical style of play has got him noticed by the front office and this coaching staff. Where Pellerin has made the most improvement in his game throughout the training camp is with his technique and you can truly tell that by working with Jerome Henderson and Joe Baker, he has become a much better player from observations in the Spring. He is doing a much better job of staying in position defending the route and has done a much better job of finishing the play. He is a highly competitive kid and you can see that he hates to get beat. He did struggle some in the Miami game but since then, he has been in nice form.

Anthony Armstrong, WR: When he was just a rookie with the Dallas Desperados, fans have no problems rooting for him to make this team. Armstrong absolutely goes about his business the right way. He works extremely hard to improve. He understands the game and the business side of it. But he never stops smiling and keeps the perfect attitude throughout this grueling process. Right now, Armstrong is definitely on the bubble. He needs to either be better than Cole Beasley or prove to the coaches that he simply can’t be cut. Armstrong needs a great game on special teams and a long  pass on offense to showcase his speed surely wouldn’t hurt.

Jeff Heath: When the rookie safety blasted the ball carrier last week to force a fumble against the Bengals, a consensus feeling trickled through the press box last Saturday night: Jeff Heath just made the team. That may be the case. Now, watch him Thursday night to see if he’s got a chance to make the 46. Forget the 53, Heath made it. Now we need to see if he’s good enough to actually suit up and play come Sept. 8 against the Giants. Watch how the Cowboys use Heath on special teams and how he does in extended time at safety. The team feels good enough about his potential to keep him around. But now we need to see if he’s ready to contribute right away.

Alex Tanney, QB: The Cowboys might have wanted to use him sparingly Thursday to avoid other teams from seeing him, but with Nick Stephens released, it appears there might be a heavy dose of Tanney. The Cowboys will have a difficult decision to make on the 53-man roster if Tanney plays exceptionally well. Let’s see if he can play his way onto this roster.

Sterling Moore, CB: Moore was one of the most physical corners during training camp, but he hasn’t stood out as much during the game. It would be surprising to see him left off the 53-man roster. He needs to make some more plays on the ball and demonstrate that same physicality in the games to ensure he’s safe from the cuts, with other corners behind him playing well.

Danny Coale, WR: If ever there was a time for Coale to show his stuff, this would be it. It’s a given that Dez Bryant and Miles Austin are going to sit against Houston, and Terrance Williams and Dwayne Harris probably won’t spend much time on the field, either. Coale said Tuesday that he’s finally getting back into some sort of comfort level after soreness in his knee sidelined him during training camp, and hopefully that shows in the game. Cole Beasley has probably already solidified his spot on the roster, and Anthony Armstrong is right behind him if the team decides to keep six wide receivers. A big night from Coale might be the only thing that saves him from the roster spot chopping block.

Cameron Lawrence, LB: Same logic applies. We’ve seen Lawrence on special teams and in some playing time, but the Texans game promises to be a much bigger audition. We know that Sean Lee, Bruce Carter, Ernie Sims and Justin Durant have secured roster spots. DeVonte Holloman is a safe bet, given his fantastic preseason. That leaves probably one roster spot to fight for between Lawrence, Taylor Reed , Caleb McSurdy and Brandon Magee – if the Cowboys keep any of them at all. Thursday night would be a good time to show what all Lawrence can bring to the table.

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DRESS REHEARSAL REVIEW: Tony Romo believes the starters on the right track

DRESS REHEARSAL REVIEW - Tony Romo believes the starters on the right track

ARLINGTON, Texas – Tony Romo got sacked on the first play of the game Saturday, but it wasn’t a sign of things to come.

Romo finished Saturday’s game 13-of-18 with 137 passing yards and two touchdowns, one each to Dez Bryant and Miles Austin, behind an offensive line that featured Doug Free at right guard and Jermey Parnell at right tackle.

“We won’t know until we look at the tape, but (Free)’s been doing a really good job there and he’s a really smart player,” Romo said via a conference call after the game. “Not everybody can make an adjustment like that, especially not in really one week. I think it’s a testament to Doug’s ability to play both those positions. Not unlike what I said about the wide receivers, the flexibility that he gives us sometimes is really, really a big deal to have a guy who can do multiple positions. I think he did a real good job.”

The offensive line had its occasional struggles, but for the most part managed to give Romo enough time and opened enough running lanes for the offense to rush for 154 yards. Romo said after the first sack of the game, the offense really got going.

“I think you’re always going to run the ball if you’re running the ball successfully,” Romo said. “More than anything, this game is about getting in the end zone. We all want it to be 10 runs and six passes – that’s ideal for everything – but that’s not always realistic.”

DRESS REHEARSAL REVIEW - Tony Romo believes the starters on the right track - Dez Bryant TD

Romo spread the ball to his top wide outs throughout the day, finding Bryant for six catches, 54 yards and a touchdown and Austin for four catches, 59 yards and a touchdown. Both players scored their respective touchdowns in the second quarter, with Bryant securing a jump ball to cap a five-catch drive.

All four of Austin’s receptions came on third down, including his 12-yard touchdown catch in the back of the end zone to give the Cowboys a seven-point lead at the end of the second quarter.

“He did great,” Romo said. “I said it in training camp, Miles had a great training camp this year. He’s really got some juice to him. He’s been doing that the entire training camp. I’ve been saying this over and over again, but we’ve got to keep doing what we’re doing in training camp and it’s carried over to the preseason games.”

Romo also credited the offensive line for giving him time to operate and find Austin in the back of the end zone. He said it’s been a little bit since he’s had that kind of time.

DRESS REHEARSAL REVIEW - Tony Romo believes the starters on the right track - Dallas Cowboys offensive line giving Romo time in pocket

“When you’re able to have that kind of time, you can do a lot of things as a quarterback – move a lot of different people a lot of different ways,” Romo said. “That’s a testament to the guys up front giving me that kind of time. That play doesn’t happen over time in the past, per se, I guess you could say.”

The Cowboys’ starting quarterback said it can be tough to recover if the offense struggles through the whole preseason, and Saturday’s dress rehearsal performance has the starters on the right track as they prepare for the opener against the Giants. He said his thought process will turn to the Sept. 8 opener Saturday night or Sunday morning.

“I’ve sprinkled in a little bit, but now I’m going to get real tightened up as far as a little more situational than an overview,” Romo said. “I think the team will probably wait until the middle of the week, but more than anything my stuff will start here this weekend.”

NFL GAMEDAY RESOURCES: Cincinnati Bengals vs. Dallas Cowboys | NFL Preseason 2013

GAMEDAY RESOURCES - Cincinnati Bengals vs. Dallas Cowboys–NFL Preseason 2013

ARLINGTON, Texas – The second-to-last preseason game is typically referred to as the “dress rehearsal” for the regular season.

Actually, it’s more like the first half will be the dress rehearsal although it’s possible the starters could come for a series or two in the third quarter.

They first-teamers won’t play the entire game against Cincinnati in the first game played at the newly-named AT&T Stadium, but it’ll be the longest action they’ve received so far this preseason.

The focus will be on the starters, it’s also the final chance for the bottom-roster players to make a difference. The rosters will be trimmed from 90 to 75 players early next week.

Let’s check out the players to watch in todays (Saturday’s) game with the Bengals.

Doug Free – The focus of the entire off season and through this training camp has been on the offensive line and could as a group improve enough to create more balance heading into the 2013 season. One of those pieces that needed to improve his play was Doug Free who by his own standards struggled badly the last two seasons. For Free it has been an uphill climb but one that he has made progress every step of the way. There are still moments where reps do not always go well but there are far fewer issues than what we had seen in the past. In the quest to find the best five linemen, Jason Garrett and the staff have moved Free inside to guard in order to see if that might be a fit that they can live with if needed. This is a move that is never made if Free was struggling badly at tackle. We all need to keep an eye on him as he gets snaps at right guard.

Bruce Carter – There are those that have felt like that Carter has had a very quiet camp but I have not seen that as the case at all. In these preseason games, the numbers might not what we all expect from Carter but having the opportunity to observe him every day in practice, he is performing at a level that is pleasing to the front office and coaches. Where Carter has made his biggest gains has been in pass coverage and his ability to quickly read, then adjust in space to make the tackle or defend the ball in the air. There are plenty of plays where you see Sean Lee in the middle of plays from his Mike linebacker spot but if you were to ask him who the most athletic linebacker there is on the squad, without hesitation, he will say Bruce Carter. This scheme is a perfect fit for him and though he is not always as noticeable as Lee, he is just as important to how it is played. Carter and Lee with extended time this week on the defense has my attention.

James Hanna, TE: Until last week, Hanna had been clearly ahead in the race for the No. 2 spot.Gavin Escobar did some nice things against the Arizona backups. So now the onus is back on Hanna, who again will get first-team reps in the “12 personnel.” He needs to continue to help in the running game as a blocker but a catch or two in the passing game certainly wouldn’t hurt.

Orlando Scandrick, CB: The Cowboys are probably less concerned who plays on the Bengals’ side, but I would think they’d want to see A.J. Green in there at receiver. With Scandrick having such a good camp, this would be a great test for him on the outside. Mo Claiborne is out this game and maybe the rest of the preseason with a knee injury. I’ll be interested to see how Scandrick stacks up on the outside in the base defense and then he’ll slide inside to the slot on the nickel.

Miles Austin, WR: Austin’s quietly put together a nice camp and, more importantly, has managed to stay healthy throughout, as the “veteran off days” seem to be paying off. He’s looked quick and has been a reliable target for Tony Romo. With more double teams likely coming for Dez Bryant and the addition of Terrance Williams on the outside, that should create more favorable matchups for Austin. I look for him to be a solid option to move the stick

Barry Church, S: Church drew tremendous praise as one of the best and most electrifying players at camp last year. He’s looked good this year, but he hasn’t turned heads quite as often. Church is capable of being a hard-hitting safety but has over-pursued a couple times this preseason. I want to see him being a sure tackler and coming up with a couple noticeable plays this week, as he should get more time on the field. He says he feels completely healed from Achilles’ surgery last year, and at full health he has big play ability.

DeMarco Murray, RB: Murray’s total number of carries through three preseason games is a mere seven. That’s to be expected, with the way teams rest their starters this time of year. But this game should give us a more realistic look at what to expect from the top back. With those seven carries, he’s managed just 22 yards. Ideally, I’d like to see both of those numbers go way up if I’m going to believe the Cowboys’ running game is new and improved. Of course, the patchwork offensive line should be taken into account, but this is still Murray’s first chance to show off this year.

Kyle Wilber, DE: DeMarcus Ware is presumably going to play his highest snap total of the preseason against Cincinnati, which makes it a great dress rehearsal for Wilber. With more playing time for the starters, Wilber will be able to operate as part of a rotation, instead of handling the load by himself. Hopefully he’ll do something half as entertaining as his rumbling, bumbling, stumbling fumble recovery on the dead ball against Arizona.

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gametrax - dallas cowboys vs. cincinnati bengals 2013 preseason

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Listen to the “Voice of the Dallas Cowboys” Brad Sham on KRLD in Dallas.

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To watch on TV tonight, tune to:

CBS11/Cowboys TV in Dallas | Local 12 in Cincinnati..

CBS 11 Dallas Ft Worth - Dallas Cowboys - The Boys Are Back blog 2013

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When: Saturday, Aug. 24 at 7 p.m. (Dallas time)

Where: AT&T Stadium (formerly Cowboys Stadium), Arlington, Texas

Live Stream: NFL Preseason Live

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HOMERS POINT OF VIEW: The Walkthrough – Dallas Preview Edition (Cincinnati Enquirer)

Bengals - Cincinnati Bengals vs. Dallas Cowboys

It will be wheels up this afternoon for Team Enquirer as photographer Jeff Swinger and I head to Dallas for tomorrow night’s game against the Cowboys.

This will be my second trip to JerryWorld. Yes, it is an impressive stadium and you can catch yourself watching most of the game on the big screen instead of down on the field. When it comes to sheer size and scope, it is tops in the NFL but if you are grading it on fan experience and watching a game, to me it would be fourth. I think Seattle, Kansas City and Baltimore are better.

Weather wise, this should be a better trip compared to two years ago when I went to Dallas for the Super Bowl. During the early part of Super Bowl week, the Dallas-Fort Worth area was hit with snow and ice storms, which made the highways treacherous. That wasn’t good since it was billed as a North Texas Super Bowl and everything was far flung.


Due to our deadlines, the game will not be completed in time for Sunday’s paper. A game story and notebook will be available on Cincinnati.Com following the game and there will be more coverage in Monday’s paper.


How much will A.J. Green play? Probably not as much as the rest of the first unit. As Lewis noted on Thursday, he has a number of snaps in mind for each position group depending on the depth and a player’s experience. Plus, Green doesn’t need much work in game conditions. Just kick the tires, get out there for a couple series, catch a pass or two and call it a day.

Bengals - Can the defense get a pass rush

Can the first-team defense get a sack? There hasn’t been much pressure on the quarterback during the first two games. Geno Atkins has applied some pressure but they have yet to get a sack. The line though has not been at full strength in the preseason, particularly at defensive end. Carlos Dunlap has missed both games and Michael Johnson was out against Tennessee. Both should play against the Cowboys but Robert Geathers has not practiced this week.

Bengals - Does Shawn Williams emerge at safety

Does Shawn Williams emerge at safety? With George Iloka doubtful for tonight’s game, Shawn Williams and Taylor Mays will get another prime opportunity to show what they can do. Williams led the Bengals with 10 tackles last week and continues to show progress. Mays has had flashes of good play but also some painful lapses in coverage. Iloka still has the advantage for the starting spot at strong safety, but the gap is starting to close.

Bengals - Offensive bubble player to watch

Offensive Bubble Player to keep an eye on: Running back Rex Burkhead grew up in nearby Plano and is used to playing in AT&T Stadium. Burkhead is averaging 5.5 yards per carry and has two runs of 15 yards or more during the preseason. He remains in a battle with Dan Herron for the final running back spot but might the edge based on if Burkhead were to be waived, the odds are pretty good that he would get claimed by another team.

Bengals - Defensive bubble player to watch

Defensive Bubble Player to keep an eye on: Cornerback Chris Lewis-Harris has had a good training camp, but the highest exposure he has received came during the fourth quarter of last week’s game when he bit on a double move by Michael Preston that resulted in a 46-yard touchdown. If the Bengals keep 10 defensive backs, it will likely come down to which DB plays best over the final two games – Lewis-Harris or Mays.

Cincinnati Bengals vs. Dallas Cowboys

Kickoff: 8 p.m., AT&T Cowboys Stadium – Arlington, TX
Local TV: WKRC-TV (Channel 12)
Local Radio: WCKY-AM (1530), WEBN-FM (102.7).
Series: Second preseason meeting. Dallas won the 2010 Hall of Fame Game 16-7.
Note: Bengals are 22-20 in preseason games under Marvin Lewis.
Not expected to play: OT Andrew Whitworth (knee), DE Robert Geathers (unspecified), CB Brandon Ghee (concussion), LB Sean Porter (shoulder), WR Andrew Hawkins (ankle), FB Chris Pressley (PUP/knee), QB Zac Robinson (PUP/elbow), HB Bernard Scott (PUP/knee).


Taylor Mays has had plenty of camera time on Hard Knocks as he faces another reality — life on the roster bubble.

There is something of interest related to Adam Jones’ case. The attorney representing the alleged victim in the case was indicted by a federal grand jury on Thursday.

Coming Sunday, Paul Daugherty tells the story of Reggie Williams who, after 24 knee surgeries and years of pain, won’t accept losing his leg.

Courtesy: Joe Reedy | Cincinnati Enquirer

(Photographs courtesy: Cincinnati Enquirer)


Joe Reedy - Cincinnati Enquirer beat writer - The Boys Are Back blog 2013

About Joe Reedy

Joe Reedy took over as The Enquirer’s Bengals beat writer in 2009 after covering the University of Kentucky and doing an NFL picks column. Reedy’s previous NFL experience includes covering the Jets for The Post-Star in Glens Falls, NY (1997-98) and Jaguars for The Gainesville Sun (1999). The Youngstown native lives in Burlington and is a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame’s Board of Selectors.

2013-2014 DALLAS COWBOYS ROSTER: Saturday’s dress rehearsal vs. Cincinnati Bengals brings “what ifs” into forefront

Cincinnati Bengals brace for the Dallas Cowboys - The Boys Are Back blog 2013

IRVING, Texas – The Dallas Cowboys got a taste of the past Thursday night at AT&T Stadium, stepping back in time to interact with their rich history.

         Present were Pro Football Hall of Famers galore, the likes of Roger Staubach, Rayfield Wright and Mel Renfro, along with Ring of Honor members such as Lee Roy Jordan, Cliff Harris and Charles Haley. And then maybe the less decorated but certainly not forgotten, from center Mike Connelly, a member of the franchise’s inaugural 1960 team, to locally-raised cowboy Walt Garrison to exciting wide receiver Butch Johnson and stalwart center Tom Rafferty and invaluable tight end Jay Novacek, all the way to 11-year deep snapper Dale Hellestrae.

         “I think we’re fortunate to be in an organization where such a high standard has been set,” Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett says of the franchise’s alumni being invited in for practice and the dinner afterward.

Cincinnati Bengals vs. Dallas Cowboys - The Boys Are Back blog 2013

         Saturday night at AT&T Stadium we’ll all get a better taste of the future and hints to if those previously high-set standards can be met, Garrett intending to play his starters at least a half and those in need of more work into the third quarter in the fourth of five preseason games this year, this one against the Cincinnati Bengals, the current Hard Knocks subjects on HBO. This exercise will be as close to real as a preseason game gets, though minus any sort of game plan or regular-season strategic intentions.

         No sense showing your hand before being called upon, and believe me, that will definitely include the final preseason game, too, scheduled for Thursday, Aug. 29, against the Houston Texans, also at AT&T Stadium, where starters will mostly sit and sitters will mostly start.

dallas cowboys demarco murray picks up a first down on the final drive vs cincinnati bengals 2012 - the boys are back blog

         So Saturday night maybe you see Tony Romo throw the ball 10 to 15 times; maybe you see DeMarco Murray carry the ball a handful of times; maybe you see DeMarcus Ware actually play a couple of series instead of just a couple of plays in this new 4-3 defensive alignment; and maybe you see the likes of recently-extended Sean Lee, the up-surging Jason Hatcher and a seemingly revitalized Miles Austin play more than previously. Still, bank on the Cowboys not wanting to overexpose any of them to injury possibilities with the season opener just 15 days away.

         Oh, we know all about these guys, and for sure you’d like to see this Cowboys first-team offense score its first touchdown of the preseason, even if that drought encompasses but five series over the two games Romo has played in, and for them all to do a better job of hanging onto the football than what took place last Saturday in Glendale, Ariz.

2013-2014 DALLAS COWBOYS ROSTER - The preseason home opener vs. Cincinnati Bengals brings “what ifs” into forefront

         Fine and good, but this Cowboys coaching staff also must use this game to address the near future, as in the Sunday night of Sept. 8 when the New York Football Giants come calling on national television at the newly named and re-carpeted AT&T Stadium. There still are so many compelling what-ifs so close to the season opener.


What if projected starting left guard Ronald Leary does not return in time as expected from arthroscopic knee surgery for the opener?

What if starting defensive tackle Jay Ratliff is not ready to play as expected in the opener after missing the entire offseason, entire training camp and as expected at least the first four preseason games?

What if starting defensive end Anthony Spencer does not return in time as expected from having his knee scoped at the start of training camp to man the strong side of this 4-man front against the Giants?

What if cornerback Morris Claiborne, bothered by patella tendinitis in his knee for the past two weeks, isn’t as ready to play in the opener as he seems to insist?

dallas cowboys safety barry church - the boys are back blog

         Oh, and while we’re at it, what if injured safeties Matt Johnson (ankle) and Eric Frampton (calf) aren’t ready for season-opening duty? First of all, how are you cutting that position down to a probable five and just who are the immediate backups to starters Barry Church and Will Allen?

         These are the present dilemmas that must be solved with time running short, and for that reason you should get an eye-full Saturday night of possible solutions.

         Already the Cowboys have been bracing for the worst on the offensive line. Chances are the do-si-do we witnessed this week in practice will continue Saturday night, with Jermey Parnell being inserted at right tackle, right tackle Doug Free moving over to right guard and right guard Mackenzy Bernadeau leapfrogging over to left guard.

         Hmmm. Everyone seems occupied with Free moving to guard. My concern, and this coaching staff’s, too, is if Parnell is ready to play right tackle. He’s started only one NFL game, and injuries have caused him to miss the entire offseason, the first three preseason games and the first three weeks of training camp. And that’s who you want to trust on the right edge against those Giants ends?

         “So we haven’t seen him,” Garrett says of Parnell, and hasn’t since he rotated in with Free at right tackle in the final month of last season. “We got him back the end of last week, doing some good things and playing a little bit like he did the end of last season. At the end of the day, we want to put our best five guys out there.”

Parnell definitely is on trial Saturday night, and if he can’t hold up, and Leary isn’t ready, don’t be surprised if rookie center Travis Frederick moves to one guard spot, Phil Costa returns to center and Free stays put … that is if a starting-quality free-agent guard is not claimed or signed.

Cowboys Camp Football

         OK, the defensive line. So far with Ratliff and Spencer missing the Cowboys have gone with Nick Hayden at defensive tackle and George Selvie at the strong-side defensive end. Hayden seems to be gaining the staff’s confidence that he can hold down the one-technique DT spot in a pinch, thus allowing Hatcher to play – and play well, so far – Ratliff’s three-technique position. Hayden has started 13 of the 28 games he’s played over his four years in the NFL, but did not play this past season.

         “He’s done a nice job,” Garrett said of Hayden, who also has the ability to play either DT position. “Regardless of what combination he’s in there with or who he is going against he seems to show up and make some plays.”

         As for Selvie, well, let Garrett tell you what he thinks of the 6-4, 270-pounder who previously has been with four teams since drafted in the seventh round by the Rams in 2010. The player who has yet to start a game (36 played) in the NFL and wasn’t signed by the Cowboys until a week into training camp:

         “He played particularly well in the game up there in Canton (Dolphins), played well last week in Arizona – just kind of showing up … a guy we want to keep looking at and see if he has a role on this football team.”

         Who knows for sure, backups today, starters tomorrow?

dallas cowboys cb morris claiborne scores on a 50 yard fumble recovery vs philadelphia eagles - the boys are back blog

         At least Claiborne has started running a bit, and hopes to practice next week. If not, well, the Cowboys have been running nickel back Orlando Scandrick with the firsts at right corner. So, the dilemma there is this: On nickel, does Scandrick move inside to his slot-cover position and the Cowboys then bring in either Sterling Moore or rookie B.W. Webb to play right corner, or do they leave Scandrick outside and go with either Moore or Webb inside? Scandrick previously has struggled doing both in the same game.

         Not sure they’ve decided on which, so keep an eye out on Saturday night.

         And then safety: Johnson and Frampton haven’t practiced for two weeks, and with the final preseason game next Thursday, hardly seems possible they would practice fully on Monday and Tuesday and play against the Texans on Thursday after being out so long. And then would they be ready for the Giants the following Sunday? Heck, will they even make the final 53-man roster?

         If not in either case, then you are looking at Wilcox, who returned Wednesday after going home for his mother’s funeral and is expected to play against the Bengals; veteran Danny McCray, more of a special teams player than a true safety; and then rookie free agents Jeff Heath (Saginaw Valley State) and Jakar Hamilton (South Carolina State).

cincinnati bengals defensive end carlos dunlap (96) gets called for a facemask as he sacks dallas cowboys quarterback tony romo - the boys are back blog

         A little bit of a roster conundrum for sure.

         So call this a dress rehearsal if you wish. But with so many what-ifs hanging over the Cowboys’ heads, this just might be last call for many of these guys since the cuts to 75 come Tuesday (August 27th), then the ones to 53 by the following Saturday (August 31st), and since this likely will be the final chance to prove yourself against first-team opposition.

         See there? So much to decide, so little time left to do so.

New York Giants vs. Dallas Cowboys - AT&T Stadium - 2013 Dallas Cowboys

Button - Dallas Cowboys vs. New York Giants - Dallas Cowboys 2013-2014 schedule - 2013 Dallas Cowboys season opener

TRAINING CAMP LIVE: Watch the Silver and Blue Debut at AT&T Stadium (Video)

Training Camp LIVE - Silver and Blue Debut 2013 - The Boys Are Back blog - Watch Dallas Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys Training Camp LIVE: Silver and Blue Debut

Join Bryan Broaddus and Nick Eatman from Cowboys Stadium as they give you a look in to the Cowboys Silver and Blue debut practice. Duration – 17:31

Button - Pop-out Player - Watch Video - The Boys Are Back blog  Button - Download Audio - Listen to MP3 - The Boys Are Back blog

The Dallas Cowboys open practice, at the newly named AT&T Stadium, is a chance for the rookies to get a feel for the stadium before Saturday’s first preseason home game. It’s a chance to try out the new turf and for the local fans to get an up-close look at the 2013 team. 

New turf was installed in the off-season, and the Cowboys are getting a chance to try it out.

“I think it’s good for us to be able to get out there and run around a little bit, have a real football practice instead of just walking around or jogging around on it before the game,” Garrett said. “I think that’s a good thing for our team. We’ve got to take advantage of it.”

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NFL OWNERS SPRING MEETING: Pro Bowl, Super Bowl on agenda

NFL’s owners meeting kicked off as the owners, general managers, and coaches for each team gathered in Arizona 2012 - The Boys Are Back blog

Next week’s NFL Spring Meeting in Boston (May 20-22, 2013) will include talks on potentially marked changes for the embattled Pro Bowl.

The NFL will continue to advance the idea of a “draft” to select the AFC and NFC squads. Team owners also plan to toy with adding a twist to the annual all-star game by having the top vote-getters in each conference serve as team captains.

As reported in March, the draft concept — previously used by the NHL for its all-star game — is “not a done deal.” The NFL Annual Meeting in March already featured starter discussions about allowing captains to draft their squads, pick team uniforms and come up with names and rules.

These talks are a start, but the Pro Bowl’s core problems have been low player attendance and effort. The game’s biggest names all too regularly have declined to play — often citing mysterious injuries — and those who did show up failed to give us anything worth watching.

Until the game offers any tangible stakes, a more pressing topic is if the Pro Bowl makes any sense at all.

Votes for Super Bowls L (SB 50) and LI (SB 51) will take place at next week’s meeting, along with sessions on finance and stadium issues, the fan experience, stadium security, officiating, youth football and the NFL’s international initiative.

PHOTO: 2012 NFL’s owners meeting kicked off as the owners, general managers, and coaches for each team gathered in Arizona – Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett located on right side. Click on photo for larger view.

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PRINT AND PREDICT: How many wins do YOU think the 2013-2014 Dallas Cowboys will have?

America's Team - The Dallas Cowboys - The Boys Are Back blog

The 2013-2014 NFL Schedule was released on Thursday. Naturally, we can’t resist the urge to run down the list and predict the seasons wins and losses. Below are two examples of Dallas Cowboy writers predictions to get you started. You’ll also see the predictions of The Boys Are Back (nearly famous) guru, The GREAT Robbini. Just for kicks, print this out, write down your predictions and put it away for safe keeping. Let’s meet back here on December 30th and grade ourselves.


Tom Orsborn

Jon Machota

Great Robbini


Sept. 8 vs. NYG

Loss. The Giants are 4-0 at Cowboys Stadium. Eli Manning and Co. continues their dominance in Arlington.

Win. The Cowboys are 2-6 in their last eight against the Giants, but like last year, Dallas opens the season with a victory over New York. Tony Romo proves for at least one week that he’s worth his new deal, tossing a pair of touchdowns to Dez Bryant and a third to James Hanna.

Win. Jason Garrett’s game planning wins again.


Sept.15 @ KC

Win. Andy Reid will make the Chiefs better, but the Cowboys have too much offensive firepower for a team that finished 20th in defense last season.

Win. Andy Reid is familiar with the Cowboys from his many years leading the Eagles, but Jason Garrett’s club has more talent and they win a nail-bitter. The victory allows Garrett to improve to 4-3 against Reid as a head coach.

Win. I have a definitive win @ KC. Boys get the jump on an uncertain Chiefs team


Sept. 22 vs. STL

Win. DeMarco Murray won’t run wild against Rams like he did as a rookie, but Cowboys will win this one going away.

Win. DeMarco Murray should be pumped for this one. Last time the Cowboys faced the Rams, Murray ran for 253 yards, setting a single-game franchise rushing record and leading Dallas to a 34-7 victory. This one’s closer and Murray doesn’t finish with half as many yards as the previous meeting.

Win. First interesting matchup. Fisher strong defense versus an offense typically slow to start. DAL new defense against hot/cold Bradford led team. Close game. STL and CHI are the two barometer teams this season. STL for the first half, CHI for the second.


Sept. 29 @ SD

Win. The pressure will mount on Philip Rivers after DeMarcus Ware and Anthony Spencer take turns sacking him.

Loss. The three-game win streak is ended. This one comes down to which quarterback makes less mistakes. Philip Rivers wins out as Romo tosses a pair of costly interceptions while the Cowboys are attempting to rally.

Win. A solid win against SD. Boys roll over the Turnerless Chargers. Come off looking crisp against a team with too many holes to fill with one draft.


Oct. 6 vs. DEN

Loss. Peyton Manning will take advantage of the Cowboys’ inexperience playing Monte Kiffin’s Tampa 2 scheme and Von Miller will get at least three sacks of Tony Romo.

Loss. Peyton Manning is firing on all cylinders and not even abnormally loud Cowboys Stadium can mess with the chemistry between him and Wes Welker on this day.

Loss. Not so much Manning but the DEN D holds up against Cowboys. Leave Romo on the run.


Oct. 13 vs. WAS

Win. Cowboys finally beat RGIII.

Win. Robert Griffin III isn’t close to being 100 percent and Kirk Cousins gets the start. Without the dynamic RG3 working his magic, the Cowboys’ defense keys on Alfred Morris and prevents him from going off like he did in the 2012 regular season finale.

Win. I think Dez is gonna blow WAS up. Bryant eats up WAS secondary. DAL uses quick strike offense to exact revenge over the skins.


Oct. 20 @ PHI

Loss. Chip Kelly knows how to beat Monte Kiffin.

Loss. Monte Kiffin takes the blame for this one. The 73-year-old’s defense looks overwhelmed against Michael Vick, LeSean McCoy, DeSean Jackson and Chip Kelly’s high-powered offense.

Win. I don’t have PHI gelling as a team until mid season, or later. I think PHI D will be solid. DAL wins on offensive turnovers. Cowboys head away with a division win.


Oct. 27 @ DET

Loss. Calvin Johnson catches at least three TDs against Cowboys’ young safeties.

Loss. This is different than the Oct. 2011 game when Dallas built a 27-3 lead early in the second half before Detroit rallied for the victory. This time, Ndamukong Suh and Nick Fairley set the tone, embarrassing the Cowboys’ porous offensive line by sacking Romo six times.

Win. Cowboys’ defense starts to take hold. Shuts Johnson and company down. Win by 7 against a one note offense. 


Nov. 3 vs. MIN

Win. Adrian Peterson will make up for the poor game he had against Cowboys in rookie season of 2007, but Christian Ponder makes too many mistakes.

Win. Christian Ponder is picked three times, once each by Brandon Carr, Morris Claiborne and Barry Church. DeMarcus Ware, Anthony Spencer and the guys up front don’t shut down Adrian Peterson but they also don’t let him single-handedly get the victory.

Win. I’ve got Ponder in the dirt. Cowboys will neutralize the run game of the Vikings. With a heavy effective emphasis on run stop and Ponder playing horizontally, Cowboys extend their winning record


Nov. 10 @ NO

Loss. Rob Ryan talks a good game and then backs it up with plenty of help from Drew Brees.

Loss. Sunday night football in the Superdome is not where any opponent wants to be in 2013. Sean Payton has the Saints’ offense firing on all cylinders and it’s too much for the Cowboys. It’s not a blowout, though. Romo does a good job of battling but the game unfolds similar to the 2012 loss in Atlanta.

Loss. Team beginning to feel beat up. Season taking a toll. DAL team winded and hungry for a break can’t bring it on against the surgical attack of the Saints.







Nov. 24 @ NYG

Win. Jason Garrett is 2-1 at MetLife Stadium. Make it 3-1.

Loss. Coming off the bye week the Cowboys know they need a win to pull even with the Giants for the division lead. But they fail to get the job done. Jason Pierre-Paul and Co. wreck havoc like it’s 2011 all over again, sacking Romo six times.

Win. Rested Cowboys pull one over in New Jersey. Take another division win in a close game.


Nov. 28 vs. OAK

Win. Tony Romo recovers his Thanksgiving Day mojo against hapless Raiders.

Win. Just to toy with the emotions of their fans, the Cowboys win, pulling them back to .500 and keeping the door open for a possible Wild Card playoff berth.

Win. With only 4 days preparation, it’s a Turkey Day win for the Boys. Raiders don’t have the talent to take advantage of hazy Cowboys. Dallas lucks out on this one, and finds enough home field excitement to win it.







Dec. 9 @ CHI

Loss. Jay Cutler carves up Cowboys in the cold.

Loss. Romo doesn’t throw the five interceptions he did last season against the Bears on Monday night but Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall get the best of Dallas, again.

Loss. Even with 10 days rest, CHI seals the deal on defense. Even with the new coaching staff, Bears prove to be a team the Boys struggle against as of late. CHI is one of two barometer teams this season. STL for the first half.


Dec. 15 vs. GB

Loss. Aaron Rodgers carves up the Cowboys indoors.

Loss. These two teams have something in common: Both were hit hard by the injury bug in 2012. Both bounce back but Aaron Rodgers is the difference as he eventually wins MVP for the second time in three seasons.

Win. A probable loss on all prediction sheets. The Boys run stop wins another game. The Packers are in DAL that’s also key. GB once again bruised up at the end of the season. They’ll modify their game plan but fail against Garrett’s.


Dec. 22 @ WAS

Loss. In a game with playoff implications, the Cowboys come up short again at FedEx.

Loss. Griffin has been back for three games and appears to be recapturing his 2012 form. It becomes evident that the Cowboys will finish under .500 and miss the postseason for the fifth time in the last six seasons.

Win. With RG3 either out altogether or badly bruised, I see the Cowboys putting away another NFC East rival. Look for Shanahan to reveal a new shade of red on his face. Close, by a field goal.


Dec. 29 vs. PHI

Win. Cowboys win, but it’s too little too late.

Win. The Kiffin defense has adjusted and it helps that Vick has lost the starting quarterback job to Nick Foles. Kelly’s offense isn’t the same without a mobile quarterback.

Loss. PHI is playing as a unit by midseason and DAL is gearing up for the playoffs. Cowboys rest and take the loss








Courtesy: Tom Orsborn | San Antonio Express News and Jon Machota | Dallas Morning News

Courtesy: The GREAT Robbini | The Boys Are Back blog’s (almost famous) prediction guru.

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2013 NFL SCHEDULE RELEASED: Dallas Cowboys 2013-2014 NFL Schedule – Dallas Cowboys 2013 schedule

EDITORS NOTE: This information is continually updated. Click HERE for the latest scheduling news. The current Dallas Cowboys 2014-2015 Schedule is below … the archive schedules are below it. 

The Boys Are Back 2014-2015 Dallas Cowboys Schedule - Dallas Cowboys 2014 schedule - Dallas Cowboys 2014 Schedule - The Boys Are Back website 2014-2015

The Boys Are Back 2014-2015 Dallas Cowboys Schedule – Dallas Cowboys 2014 schedule – Dallas Cowboys 2014 Schedule – The Boys Are Back website 2014-2015

 ARCHIVE: 2013-2014 Dallas Cowboys 2013-2014 Schedule – Preseason and Regular Season

Dallas Cowboys 2013-2014 NFL Schedule - Dallas Cowboys 2013 schedule - The Boys Are Back blog

REVISED 12/23/2013: DALLAS COWBOYS SCHEDULE UPDATE: NFL flexes Philadelphia Eagles vs. Dallas Cowboys to SNF for NFC East title game

ARCHIVE: 2013-2014 Dallas Cowboys regular season NFL schedule – Printable (right-click)

2013-2014 Dallas Cowboys regular season NFL schedule - NFL Dallas Cowboys preseason schedule 2013-2014

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