DALLAS COWBOYS CALENDAR: NFL announces 2015 offseason workout dates | Dallas 2015 OTA dates | Cowboys voluntary & mandatory camp calendar 2015

DALLAS COWBOYS CALENDAR: NFL announces 2015 offseason workout dates | Dallas 2015 OTA dates | Cowboys voluntary & mandatory camp calendar 2015

The mover & shaker mode of free agency is winding down. Super Bowl XLIX is in the rearview mirror. That means it’s almost time for all 32 teams to start their offseason programs.

Below are the key offseason dates to know for your 2015 Dallas Cowboys and their evil NFC East rivals. 

Wanna get down n dirty with details? Below the schedule is an explanation for each phase of the NFL offseason programs.

Offseason workout dates

Team First day OTAs Voluntary camp Mandatory camp Rookie camp
Dallas Cowboys April 20 May 26-28; Jun 2-4, 8-10 June 16-18 TBA
Giants April 20 May 27-29; June 1-2, 4, 8-9, 11-12 June 16-18 TBA
Eagles April 20 May 26-28; June 1-2, 4, 8-11 June 16-18 TBA
Redskins April 20 May 26-28; June 2-4, 8-11 June 16-18

According to the Collective Bargaining Agreement, each club’s official, voluntary nine-week offseason program is conducted in three phases:

Phase 1 consists of the first two weeks of the program with activities limited to strength and conditioning and physical rehabilitation only.

Phase 2 consists of the next three weeks of the program. On-field workouts may include individual player instruction and drills as well as team practice conducted on a “separates” basis. No live contact or team offense vs. team defense drills are permitted.

Phase 3 consists of the next four weeks of the program. Teams may conduct a total of 10 days of organized team practice activity, or “OTAs.” No live contact is permitted, but 7-on-7, 9-on-7, and 11-on-11 drills are permitted.

Article 22 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement stipulates that clubs may hold one mandatory minicamp for veteran players. This minicamp, noted below, must occur during Phase Three of the offseason program.

Head coaches hired after the end of the 2014 season are entitled to conduct an additional voluntary veteran minicamp.

Any voluntary minicamp for veteran players must be conducted prior to the NFL Draft (April 30-May 2), but no earlier than Week 3 of the club’s offseason workout program and after at least one week of the two weeks of Phase 1 activities that the clubs may hold pursuant to Article 21. This year, seven clubs will hold voluntary veteran minicamps.

Each club may hold a rookie football development program for a period of seven weeks, which in 2015 may begin on May 11. During this period, no activities may be held on weekends, with the exception of one post-NFL Draft rookie minicamp, which may be conducted on either the first or second weekend following the draft. The dates of the post-draft rookie minicamps will be circulated at a later date.

The NFL Offseason Workout Program calendar dates are tentative and subject to change.

Did you know? The entire 2015 Dallas Cowboys Calendar of Events and all Dallas Cowboys Schedules are continually updated here on The Boys Are Back website.

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