THE AMERICA’S TEAM DREAM: Tony & True Blue Timothy Tinman–Romo helps a dream come true for 7-year-old fan | Surprise reunion with family’s father

Timothy Tinman Brookshire and his Tony Romo poster - The Boys Are Back websiteDallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo helped give 7-year-old Timothy Brookshire a day he won’t forget.

Romo met with Brookshire through the Dream On 3 organization, which helps children with “chronic illnesses, developmental disabilities or life-altering conditions” meet their favorite professional athletes and attend sporting events.

Timothy, nicknamed “Tinman”, has several medical conditions, including a heart defect, chromosomal abnormality and Langerhans cell histiocytosis.

Timothy’s dream was to meet Romo, which he did yesterday (Monday) when he and his family flew to Big D to take a tour of the Dallas Cowboys facilities.

The boy’s father, a National Guardsman, also took part in a surprise reunion with the family, as depicted in the video.

Timothy “Tinman” Brookshire reunited with dad and meets Tony Romo


Timothy “Tinman” Brookshire

Timothy: Even before birth, it was determined that Timothy’s conditions and birth defects were “not compatible with life.” His mother and father were told to enjoy their time with their son because he would likely only live for a few days. 7 years and 58 surgeries later, Timothy’s medical conditions include TOFPA – Tetralogy of Fallot with Pulmonary Atresia (Heart Defect), Cleft lip and palate, Trisomy 16 (a chromosomal abnormality,) and Langerhans cell histiocytosis (LCH).

“Tinman” Brookshire has inspired people from across the country with his amazing story and his theme…”Don’t stop believing!” Timothy’s story has been covered by several local and national media outlets. He has thousands of followers on his Facebook page, “Miracle of Timothy The Tinman.”.

His Dream: Timothy has been an inspiration for his community and thousands of followers across the country, but when Dream On 3 asked what has been his inspiration to keep fighting he responded with two words… TONY ROMO. His walls are decorated with pictures of Tony and his closet is filled with blue and silver jerseys. His mother tells stories of how Timothy’s journey has so closely mirrored Tony Romo’s career. She says “…when Tony goes down, so does Timothy. When Tony is on top of the mountain, so is Timothy. When Timothy sees Tony pushing through adversity, it gives him the strength and determination to do things that no one thought he could do. They have never met…but they have a connection that I could never begin to explain or understand.” ~ Crystal Brookshire

Timothy’s sports Dream is to “give Tony Romo a big hug and play football with him.” On Monday March 23rd, Dream On 3 and the Dallas Cowboys made a lifelong dream come true for Timothy. Timothy and his family flew to Dallas where they got a VIP tour of the Cowboys facilities and a personal meeting with his hero, Tony Romo.

Surprise Reunion: Dream Kid Timothy’s Dad is in the Army National Guard and hadn’t seen his family in months. We were so thankful to be able to bring him in for a surprise reunion to be a part of Timothy’s Dream Experience with Tony Romo!

Special thanks:

Molly Grantham of WBTV (Charlotte, NC) | Recommended WBTV video here | and here

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