2014 COWBOYS CAMP COVERAGE: Special Edition – Behind the Scenes look at your 2014-2015 Dallas Cowboys | Dallas Cowboys Training Camp 2014

2014 COWBOYS CAMP COVERAGE - Special Edition - Behind the Scenes look at your 2014-2015 Dallas Cowboys - Dallas Cowboys Training Camp 2014

Special Edition: Destination Training Camp – Video 1 of 5 – (Watch | Listen)

Follow the Dallas Cowboys on their trip across the country to Oxnard, California. Behind the scenes footage from the tarmac and the buses to the shores of the west coast.

Special Edition: Lawrence Gets Settled In – Video 2 of 5 – (Watch | Listen)

Behind the scenes footage of Dallas Cowboys rookie defensive end DeMarcus Lawrence getting settled into his room at training camp. He shows off his pink luggage, jokes with his roommate, and talks about adjusting to life in the NFL.

Special Edition: It’s All Fungible – Video 3 of 5 – (Watch | Listen)

It is always must-see-TV when Jerry Jones takes the podium, and he didn’t disappoint during the Dallas Cowboys first day of training camp. With a headline statement statement about his head coach, and a word that had writers and fans alike scrambling for their dictionaries.

Special Edition: Crawford’s Road To Recovery – Video 4 of 5 – (Watch | Listen)

This time a year ago Tyrone Crawford suffered a season ending Achilles injury on day one of training camp. See what has gone into his return to professional football, and how he has improved in his time off the field.

Special Edition: Garrett’s Team Speech – Video 5 of 5 – (Watch | Listen)

Each season, Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett opens up training camp with a speech to his team. See what this year’s message was in this behind-the-scenes look.


6 responses

  1. Excellent Garrett team speech. He got ME fired up.

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    1. I enjoy posting those … very insider kind of material. Anytime a fan can ‘hear for themselves’ they become better informed and better fans.


      1. Its true. Esp with garrett.

        Liked by 1 person

          1. Jason Garrett always seems to rub people a certain way. Without ever hearing him speak. I talk to people who have a whole opinion of him based soley on looking at him on the sideline

            Liked by 1 person

            1. That’s so common … people form opinions on little information or repeated misinformation all the time. That’s why I’m so emphatic about including video and audio whenever possible. You watch a person over a short period of time and read good info from people without other agendas, then you have a basis for a fair opinion. TBAB readers are educated better because so often, they’re getting info directly from the source, in its entirety.


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