MEET YOUR NEW OFFENSIVE GUARD: Pro Scouting report on Dallas Cowboys OG Tyronne Green | Team waives TE Evan Wilson | Dallas Cowboys free agency 2014

MEET YOUR NEW OFFENSIVE GUARD - Pro Scouting report on Dallas Cowboys OG Tyronne Green - Team waives TE Evan Wilson - Dallas Cowboys free agency 2014

IRVING, Texas – The Dallas Cowboys added another veteran to their roster with the signing of offensive guard Tyronne Green.

Fresh off the first practice of their spring OTAs, the team added Green to replace rookie tight end Evan Wilson, who was waived/injured. Wilson signed with the Cowboys out of Illinois following the NFL draft.

Green comes to Dallas as a 2009 draft pick, after six months away from football. He was selected No. 133 overall by the San Diego Chargers in 2009, and he started 28 games in 41 appearances from 2009-12. During that 2012 season with the Chargers, he appeared in 13 games – all of them starts.

Green signed with New England in 2013 free agency. He was released May 31 and re-signed before the start of the Patriots 2013 training camp. He was waived Oct. 25 and sat out the remainder of the year.

MEET YOUR NEW OFFENSIVE GUARD - Pro Scouting report on Dallas Cowboys OG Tyronne Green - 69 - Dallas Cowboys free agency 2014

Tyronne Green | OG | Auburn | Height/Weight: 6-2, 316

Drafted: 133 overall, 2009 NFL Draft by San Diego Chargers;

Experience: San Diego Chargers 2009-2012; New England Patriots 2013 (free agent)

Games Studied: San Diego 2012 against New Orleans, Cincinnati, Kansas City.

  • Normally lined up at the left guard and played the majority of the snaps in a two-point stance.
  • Shows some nice initial quickness off the snap and pop. Needs to do a better job with his sustain when he makes that first strike. Can see him knock his man back but didn’t always finish his block when on the second level. His man tended to get away from him.
  • When he did maintain contact, he was able to drive his man past the hole.
  • Can make the short pull, but he needs to do a better job of finding his man and not drifting off in space. There were snaps where he would pull in good shape but hit no one.
  • Best trait in the running game is when he can make the reach or cut-off block. There were times where I thought he would not get his head across to secure the block, but then he would keep his feet working which put him in position.
  • When matched up one-on-one like he was against Geno Atkins of the Bengals, he was able to work for a stalemate along the line. Atkins tried to beat him with quickness to the corner but he was able to handle it. Where he got in trouble is when Atkins drove hard to his inside and he was not able to adjust. He also had some problems with this in the Saints game.
  • Plays with a very wide base in his pass set and this caused him to get overextended and play over the tops of his feet. For his lack of height, I would have expected him to sit down better on his man but there was some inconsistency here.
  • There were some snaps where he was very patient in the way he handled his man. He was able to deal with rushers that tried to use a spin move on him.
  • Aware to pick up stunts and pass the twists. Good when he had to deal with linebackers and safeties on the blitz.
  • Did not see any plays where he had huge mistakes — run or pass. Played with good awareness and smarts.

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