THE TOUGH-LOVE DEFENSE: Dallas Cowboys defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli focused on teaching | Dallas Cowboys rookie mini-camp 2014

THE TOUGH-LOVE DEFENSE - Dallas Cowboys defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli focused on teaching - Dallas Cowboys rookie mini-camp 2014

Dallas Cowboys defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli: Time For Teaching | 2:54 | Rod Marinelli talks about why it’s an important time for teaching instead of competition. He also talks about where he could envision Tyrone Crawford playing on the defensive line. (Watch | Listen)

Former Marine, and Dallas Cowboys defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli’s not into nursing anyone’s confidence, or lack thereof.

Last season, as the Cowboys switched to a 4-3 defense, some wondered whether or not it was a confidence issue that slowed the progress of linebacker Bruce Carter. If rebuilding linebacker Carter’s confidence is part of returning him to his 2012 level, don’t expect Marinelli to do it.

Marinelli’s Marine training must have suddenly kicked in when he was asked about getting Carter to believe in himself after admitting last year that his confidence sagged during part of the season.

A reporter used the word “drooped.”

“Don’t droop,” Marinelli said. “Go play. It’s a man’s game. Just go. Play it the right way out here, and that’s what I want. We’re going to coach it. We’ll coach you hard. Be where you’re supposed to be, and here’s what I expect. And then go.”

“I don’t do confidence stuff,” Marinelli said. “Get down and play. Here’s your alignment, assignment, your key. We want you to play fast. We want you to take the ball away.”

“I just coach football,” Marinelli said, perhaps half-amused, half-annoyed at the Carter examination. “And I think there’s a lot of toughness in football, coached the right way.”

Marinelli said at the end of the year, Dallas Cowboys coaches make “get better” reels on every player, noting exactly how each player can improve during the offseason and the upcoming season.

Dallas Cowboys defensive end Demarcus Lawrence missed the first day of the rookie minicamp (Friday) because he had a newborn baby on Thursday, coach Jason Garrett said.

Garrett said Lawrence made it to Valley Ranch for “a few hours,” but returned to Boise to be with his family. Garrett said the Cowboys expect Lawrence to come back Friday night, for the Saturday and Sunday practices.

Defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli said he can’t wait to get his hands on the rookie.

“I think he’s got a chance to be a real rusher,” he said. “Got exceptional quickness off the ball. Instantaneous movement to reactions. I really like that. Great motor. Just excited to get him here and get him going.”

Editors note: Get to know your Dallas Cowboys defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli, by checking out this short video.

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