THE AMERICA’S TEAM DREAM: Jason Garrett’s 2014 rookie mini-camp Day 2 Press Conference | Second impressions of your aspiring Dallas Cowboys

THE BOYS ARE BACK - Day Two - Watch Jason Garrett’s Press Conference - Second impressions of aspiring 2014 Dallas Cowboys - Dallas Cowboys rookie scouting report

Jason Garrett – Rookie Impressions | 13:12 | Jason Garrett speaks to the media from Valley Ranch after the second day of their 2014 Dallas Cowboys rookie minicamp. (Watch | Listen)

IRVING, Texas – Today (Saturday) saw the Dallas Cowboys rookies take the fields at Valley Ranch for Day 2 of minicamp, highlighted by DeMarcus Lawrence’s debut on-field.

Dallas Cowboys coach Jason Garrett addressed the media following the morning practice, which was conducted without helmets after several players suffered injuries on Friday.

Here are some highlights from Jason Garrett’s Day 2 press conference …

  • Despite the “walkthrough-type tempo,” Garrett said it was good to see Lawrence getting some work, and the coaching staff worked separately with the defensive end after the walkthrough.
  • Garrett said this afternoon’s practice will also be more of a walkthrough, but the rookies will return to a more intense practice routine on Sunday.
  • After going through installation during Day 1 practices, Garrett said it seemed like some of the rookies handled Day 2’s information well.
  • Garrett said his coaching staff does a good job evaluating players and not making comparisons between players — such as that between Lawrence and his predecessor DeMarcus Ware – during practices.
  • Asked about L’Damian Washington, Garrett said the receiver has a very business-like approach. He said Washington is serious-minded and it has allowed him to progress a lot in the week he’s been at Valley Ranch.
  • Anthony Spencer spoke about his recovery from injury on Friday afternoon. Garrett said the goal is to get Spencer healthy, but he added that you “can’t count” on any specific player to recover fully. He said it’s important to add “safety nets” to the roster in that regard, which he said he felt like the Cowboys had done during the offseason.
  • Former Cardinals running back Ryan Williams worked out for the team following the morning practice. Garrett called the workout “impressive,” but he added that no decision has been made about signing Williams.
  • Former offensive lineman Marc Colombo has been at Valley Ranch this week, and Garrett said he’ll be working with the personnel department and helping out on-field. Garrett said he has “great energy.”
  • There were several fumbles during the morning practice – something Garrett described as a byproduct of young quarterbacks “growing up in the shotgun.” He said it’s something the staff asks rookie quarterbacks and centers to focus on especially.
  • Garrett said the Cowboys still anticipate Kyle Orton will return to the team, but added that they feel good about Brandon Weeden and Caleb Hanie.

Editors note: The Jason Garrett press conference covers much more information that the recap above. Please watch (or listen to it) in it’s entirety for more details about what was discussed today at the Dallas Cowboys rookie mini-camp Day 2.

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  1. At this rate the only remaining knock i have on garrett is in the player psychology aspect. In terms of when to let something go. In order to ride a mojo wave to its fullest OR to spark one.
    To unleash hell on someone, or to beat them over the head. The nail in the coffin plays so to speak. Or on the flipside, the mojo stealer. A gusto play when the Other team is riding the spark
    If u let players have these moments from time to time it will bring major rewards in brotherhood, unifying the guys and generating late game and SEASON enthusiasm


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