VALLEY RANCH YOUTH MOVEMENT: Dallas Cowboys welcome 31 rookie draft picks & undrafted free agents | Full list of jersey numbers issued

Youth Movement - The Boys Are Boys - The Boys Are Back 2014

IRVING, Texas – If it hadn’t felt real before, it must have started sinking in today.

The hallways of Valley Ranch have been quiet for much of the past five months, but they sprang to life with players – many of whom had roughly 36 hours to process the realization of a lifelong dream.

In all, the Dallas Cowboys brought in 31 players on Monday – six of their nine draft picks and 25 undrafted free agents. Three of the six draftees, second-rounder Demarcus Lawrence, fourth-rounder Anthony Hitchens, and seventh-rounder Terrance Mitchell. have obligations keeping them from joining the roster until Thursday. Despite that, the Cowboys had enough new players on hand to field a full team.

“It feels good to meet some of the guys and kind of start to get acclimated a little bit,” first rounder Zack Martin said.

Martin has at least had a few days to acclimate, as he was drafted Thursday night and arrived in Dallas on Saturday afternoon. The No. 16 overall pick said it was nice to get the rest of the rookies into town and start working.

“It feels good to be back in football – get in the meeting room and start talking football,” Martin said.

Some of those might know each other better than others, in fact. The Dallas Cowboys added 33 total rookies from 28 different schools, though not all of them are total strangers. Martin lined up opposite Stanford defensive end Ben Gardner for three years during the annual rivalry between the Fighting Irish and Cardinal.

“It was always me and him lining up against each other – we had a good little rivalry,” Gardner said. “He’s a great player and I’m glad we got him. I’m glad to be on his team now, because he’s not the most fun guy to face on game day.”

Gardner said Saturday he could feel the chip on his shoulder growing with every round he slipped in the draft. That’s bound to be a common sentiment around Valley Ranch, as Martin and Demarcus Lawrence are the only rookies on hand taken before the third round.

“I had a lot of mixed emotions, but I said to myself, ‘Anybody gives me a shot, I’m going to go in and give it all I got and make everybody regret who passed me up,’” said fullback J.C. Copeland (undrafted free agent).

All of those emotions are bound to make any player’s first day in the NFL surreal, but it might pack a little more punch for others. Auburn safety Ryan Smith, one of the many undrafted free agents (see list below) signed after the draft, happened to enter the league on his birthday.

“This is probably the best birthday I ever had, even though I’m kind of at work right now,” Smith said.

“It’s just a working process, everything’s just moving fast. But it’ll hit me soon when everything slows down when we get into camp.”

That will come sooner rather than later. Training camp is still several months away, but the rookies begin their first mini-camp on Friday – a much quicker turnaround than usual. It’s a process that’s bound to take some adjusting to, but Smith said it’s starting to settle in.

“Seeing the vets come in, seeing Romo come through the locker room, Dez Bryant, guys like that, it’s just kind of realistic now,” he said.

If it hasn’t settled in yet, it’s going to quickly. The physicals have been administered and the pictures taken. The pads go on soon enough.

“I’ll see when I start hitting somebody,” Copeland said.

As expected, the Dallas Cowboys waived six players to make room for their new rookies.

Most of the players removed from the roster were players the team added after the season as street free agents, or near the end of the 2013 season and placed on the practice squad.

The Dallas Cowboys cut guard Chris DeGeare, defensive tackle Frank Kearse, wide receiver Lance Lewis, defensive end Tristan Okpalaugo, linebacker Quinton Spears, and linebacker Jabara Williams.

Kearse finished the year on the active roster while Lewis was added to the practice squad.

The Dallas Cowboys need to be at 90 players when the team officially begins training camp on July 24 with the first practice. The first cut-down to 75 players will be in mid-August just before the last preseason game.

Dallas Cowboys 2014 Draft picks …

1 (16) Zack Martin | OG, Notre Dame | Reassigned jersey #70 today*

2 (34) Demarcus Lawrence | DE, Boise State | Assigned jersey #90 today

4 (119) Anthony Hitchens | OLB, Iowa | Assigned jersey #59 today

5 (146) Devin Street | WR, Pittsburgh | Assigned jersey #15 today*

7 (231) Ben Gardner | DE, Stanford | Assigned jersey #71 today*

7 (238) Will Smith | OLB, Texas Tech | Assigned jersey #40 today

7 (248) Ahmad Dixon | SS, Baylor | Assigned jersey #36 today

7 (251) Ken Bishop | DT, Northern Illinois | Assigned jersey #66 today

7 (254) Terrance Mitchell | CB, Oregon | Assigned jersey #30 today

* Zack Martin’s held up jersey #71 on his staged photo, assigned his college jersey #70 today. Gardner will wear #71 this season. WR Devin Street was issued his college jersey #15.

Dallas Cowboys 2014 undrafted free agents  …

Josh Aladenoye, OT, Illinois State (Left tackle, could see them trying him inside at guard)
Chris Boyd, WR, Vanderbilt
Brian Clarke, G, Bloomsburg (Right guard, undersized but very strong)
Davon Coleman, DT, Arizona State
J.C. Copeland, FB, LSU (#2 ranked FB in this years draft)
Andre Cureton, G, Cincinnati (Right guard, stout, will need development, coachable)
Casey Kreiter, LS, Iowa
Ben Malena, RB, Texas A&M
Cody Mandell, P, Alabama
Glasco Martin, RB, Baylor (he’s your big thumper to watch)
Jordan Najvar, TE, Baylor
Ronald  Patrick, G, South Carolina
Dashaun Phillips, CB, Tarleton State
Jarrod Pughsley, G, Akron
Marvin Robinson, S, Ferris State
Dontavis Sapp, LB, Tennessee
Jocquel Skinner, CB, Bethel
Keith Smith, S, San Jose State
Ryan Smith, S, Auburn
Dustin Vaughan, QB, West Texas A&M
L’Damian Washington, WR, Missouri (Combine 4.39 40, sentimental favorite)
Chris Whaley, DT, Texas (JJ’s “stored nut for winter”, torn ACL last November)
Joe Windsor, Northern Illinois
Evan Wilson, Illinois State

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