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MEET YOUR NEW DRAFT PICKS: Pro scouting report on Dallas Cowboys DE Ben Gardner, OLB Will Smith, S Ahmad Dixon, DT Ken Bishop, and CB Terrance Mitchell | 7th round NFL Draft 2014

MEET YOUR NEW DRAFT PICKS: Pro scouting report on Dallas Cowboys DE Ben Gardner, OLB Will Smith, S Ahmad Dixon, DT Ken Bishop, and CB Terrance Mitchell | 7th round NFL Draft 2014

IRVING, Texas – Day 3 of the Dallas Cowboys draft was the busiest by far, with America’s Team selecting seven of their nine players this afternoon.

With all those players to consider, here is a comprehensive scouting report on all five of the Dallas Cowboys seventh round picks.

Ben Gardner - Stanford - DE - Dallas Cowboys Draft 2014 - 7th round NFL Draft 2014

Ben Gardner Stanford – DE – 6-4 – 272 – 5.03

  • Will work down the line. Plays the down block. Keeps his feet on the cut. Nice hand use. Uses an arm over move up the field. Nose for the ball. Can find it. Will crash down inside.
  • Much better when he is on the move. Able to hold the point. Able to split the double team. Can play as a two gap player. Tries to make tackles in the hole, had a couple of misses when he just was not quite able to finish the play. There were snaps where he can played square and was able to hold the point of attack with no problem.
  • Didn’t get turned or knocked off balance. Had a tackle for loss against Utah, on quicker swim move. Can get his hands inside. Plays along the line, different positions. Plays with some quickness.
  • Great deal of toughness to his game. He was rare that you saw him not trying to work off the block and get in the middle of the play. Relentless in his style. There is nothing pretty or classic about the way he plays, but the bottom line is he gets the job done.

        Will Smith - Texas Tech - OLB - Dallas Cowboys Draft 2014 - 7th round NFL Draft 2014

        Will Smith – Texas Tech – OLB – 6-2 – 231 – 4.59

        • Physical player at point of attack, will step up and deliver a blow. Rangy, long build. Will work his hand inside to deal with the blocker. Has a nose for the ball, did a nice job of showing awareness on the read option.
        • Helps him in the passing game as well. Was able to hunt the receiver behind him in zone coverage. Showed the ability to carry his man across the formation when he was walked outside in man coverage. Very active in the running game, will bounce off blockers. Will step up, read the blocking scheme and react.
        • Really nice job of reading the ball to the flat on the swing, wrap up tackle in space. Will be too aggressive at times and over run the play. Run-Hit factor is really good. Slippery player, all over the place when he attacks the ball. Plays with vision to see what is happening to him scheme wise. Has to be careful not to jump around blocks. Is much better playing blocks with his hands than he is with his shoulder.
        • Needs to come under better control when attack the line. Have seen him wrap up as a tackler, then the next time try to block-down tackle. Will bounce off blockers when he blitzes. Is always attack the line. Big fan of his ability to find ways to get to the ball and make the stop.
        • Better job against Texas when it came to rushing the passer on the blitz with the quick, arm over move. Better coming forward than he is going back in coverage. Fan of his ability to be in the pile.

              Ahmad Dixon - Baylor - S - Dallas Cowboys Draft 2014 - 7th round NFL Draft 2014

              Ahmad Dixon – Baylor – S – 6-0 – 212 – 4.62

              • Is not afraid to stick his nose in the action. Will wrap up as a tackler, physical. Is a reckless player that will do anything to get to the ball. Can run the play down from the backside. Awareness to play the screen, beat the block and make the tackle.
              • Will hunt for his man in coverage. Is choppy in the way he moves, not fluid at all but shows quickness once he sees. Is much better when he can handle plays in front of him, then if he has to turn and run. Takes him a little time to turn and once again get going. Has straight line speed. He will come downhill in a hurry.
              • Not a smooth player, is a little bit all over the place. There were a couple of snaps where he was so aggressive, he completely overshot the ball carrier. Needs to break down better in space and come under control. Wants to deliver the big hit and it gets him in trouble. There were some snaps in coverage where his attention would go from one man to another where it should have been with his first read.
              • Is relentless in the way that he plays. Is a missile in the way he plays. Is a jump on the back of the ball carrier type of tackler. Can really cover some ground when he has to cover in the flat. Will bounce off blockers and find the ball. Super active.
              • Plays with a chip on his shoulder. He is going to hit you, punish you and let you know about it. Will try and rip at the ball when he is in a group when they tackle. Love how much he wants to be in the pile but he is going to need to learn to slow it down a little bit or he will miss too many tackles. 

                    Ken Bishop - Northern Illinois - DT - Dallas Cowboys Draft 2014 - 7th round NFL Draft 2014

                    Ken BishopNorthern Illinois – DT – 6-0 – 306 – 5.12

                    • Don’t look at the height and weight of this guy but focus on the amount of plays that he makes. One of my favorite players to study in this draft. Plays with power at the point and leverage. Can line up as the one but can also line up as the three, believe he will play in this scheme there.
                    • Can shed the blocker. Very good on the move. Does a nice job of extending his hands, really quick hands. Outstanding initial quickness. Can work down the line and extend outside the tackle box. Wrap up tackler at the point. Hard to get movement on.
                    • When he is slow off the ball, he got reached. Plays quick, he has no problem. Great job of finding the ball, has to be careful not to allow man into his body because then he will get washed out of the play. Can free himself with quickness.
                    • Will fight the down block. Can redirect and work back to ball. Will close down in the hole. Plays square, doesn’t get turned. Can control blockers, will two gap the blocker. Shed to make the tackle. Really nice job playing with his hands, active with quick feet.

                          Terrance Mitchell - Oregon - CB - Dallas Cowboys Draft 2014 - 7th round NFL Draft 2014

                          Terrance Mitchell – Oregon – CB – 5-11 – 192 – 4.61

                          • Played some press man in the Oregon State game. Would fight the receiver down the field. Will rally when his man drives inside. Tries to not give much room. Will position himself in the route by jamming his man at the line. Had a struggle with the speed of Brandin Cooks.
                          • Did not see much catch-up speed. Will come off his man to help in coverage or get in on the tackle. Will get in trouble with his hands down the field. In press, thought he needed to do a better job of getting his head around to find the ball.
                          • Able to handle routes underneath but the longer he has to carry the route, the more the issue with speed. Tried to help out of the slot to a ball to the outside and was just a little late but showed nice awareness. Would like to see him get off the block quicker on the screen. Showed a great deal respect for the speed of Cooks in zone coverage. Wrap try and wrap up as a tackle.
                          • Not a trained killer but gave the effort. His best trait is his ability to read routes. Nice job of reading the curl against Utah. Receiver ran a solid route but playing four yards off, he drove hard and was able to get underneath. If there is a concern for me with this player is his ability to handle speed because he doesn’t have his own if he were to miss on the jam.
                          • Courtesy: Bryan Broaddus | Football Analyst/Former NFL Scout

                            Editors Note: Our earlier reports on fourth-round pick (LB) Anthony Hitchens and fifth-round pick (WR) Devin Street can be found here …


                            Dallas Cowboys: Zack Martin (16th), Demarcus Lawrence (34th), Anthony Hitchens (119th), Devin Street (146th), Ben Gardner (213st), Will Smith (238th), Ahmad Dixon (248th), Ken Bishop (251st), and Terrance Mitchell (254th)

                            The skinny: We waited a long time between the second and third picks from the Dallas Cowboys, and they reached some for Hitchens, but he provides some size and much-needed depth. Trading up to get Street in the fifth gives Tony Romo another very talented, big wideout. It wouldn’t be all that surprising to see a lot of those late-round picks make the 53-man roster.

                            Courtesy: Bryan Fischer | College Football writer | NFL website

                            MEET YOUR NEW DRAFT PICKS - Pro scouting report on Dallas Cowboys DE Ben Gardner, OLB Will Smith, S Ahmad Dixon, DT Ken Bishop, and CB Terrance Mitchell - 7th round NFL Draft 2014

                            1 (16) Zack Martin | OG, Notre Dame

                            This is a good pick for a team that needed line help. They didn’t get caught up in the hype. The line will be damn good.

                            2 (34) Demarcus Lawrence | DE, Boise State

                            Great move by the Cowboys. I had a first-round grade on this kid. They need pass-rush help.

                            4 (119) Anthony Hitchens | OLB, Iowa

                            Hitchens was a productive tackler at Iowa, and comes with ideal size to play on the inside at the next level. He’s limited in space though, and may have been available later in the draft.

                            5 (146) Devin Street | WR, Pittsburgh

                            A prolific pass-catcher, Street has good hands and runs clean routes, but doesn’t give the Cowboys much after the catch, and may struggle to beat press consistently out on the edge, in the NFL. Could be a nice slot contributor out of the gate.

                            7 (231) Ben Gardner | DE, Stanford

                            Gardner is a bit of a tweener who has battled some injuries, but exhibits toughness and grit, and could earn a roster spot with his ability to shed blocks and wrap up in the trenches.

                            7 (238) Will Smith | OLB, Texas Tech

                            Although he plays out of control and needs to get stronger, he is always around the football with his range and instincts and should stand out on special teams.

                            7 (248) Ahmad Dixon | SS, Baylor

                            Dixon is an explosive downhill athlete who lives for the big hit. He plays out of control though and lacks top-notch instincts. Needs to improve in coverage, and has been the subject of some character concerns after allegedly assaulting a fan last year.

                            7 (251) Ken Bishop | DT, Northern Illinois

                            Naturally powerful athlete with a strong anchor, who lacks initial burst to be a factor as a pass-rusher, but could contribute against the run in a rotation.

                            7 (254) Terrance Mitchell | CB, Oregon

                            Decent-sized corner who showed consistent improvement over the course of his college career, but has limited movement skills and will struggle when asked to bump and run on the outside.

                            Courtesy: Pete Prisco Rounds (1-3) | Derek Stephens Rounds (4-7) | NFL Draft Scout/CBS

                            MEET YOUR NEW DRAFT PICK: Pro scouting report on Dallas Cowboys WR Devin Street | 5th round NFL Draft 2014

                            MEET YOUR NEW DRAFT PICK - Pro scouting report on Dallas Cowboys WR Devin Street - 5th round NFL Draft 2014

                            Devin Street | Pittsburgh | 6-3/198

                            Here is a quick scouting report on Pittsburgh wide receiver Devin Street.

                            • Has outstanding size and physical makeup. Runs a ton of vertical routes but there are times where you do not see him separate.
                            • Did a nice job of running up the seam and making a play. For a guy his size, he is a smooth route runner.
                            • Plays in the slot at times which is surprising because of his build. Doesn’t have the ideal quickness for the job but didn’t totally look out of place. Is a long strider. Is not afraid to run his routes all over the place.
                            • Catches the ball in his hands. Able to make a nice adjustment to the low ball against Notre Dame for a touchdown.
                            • Effective in the short, intermediate and deep levels. He has an athletic frame with the height/length combination to match up well in the NFL, but needs to consistently play up to his numbers and develop his strength.
                            • Reminds me of Andre Holmes who was once in Dallas and now with the Oakland Raiders. Has the potential to play as the X or Z.

                            • Devin Street WR, Pittsburgh Combine Workout

                              Devin Street WR, Pittsburgh Combine Workout

                              Watch Pittsburgh WR Devin Street work out at the 2014 NFL Scouting Combine.

                              (Watch | No MP3)

                              Secret Audio - Devin Street Selection Call

                              Secret Audio: Devin Street Selection Call

                              The Dallas Cowboys War Room calls Devin Street after trading up to select him in round 5 of the NFL Draft.

                              (Watch | Listen)

                              Devin Street - This Is The Team I Wanted To Go To

                              Devin Street: This Is The Team I Wanted To Go To

                              Devin Street joined 105.3 The Fan shortly after being selected by the Dallas Cowboys.

                              (Watch | Listen)

                              TALLER TARGET TAKEN TODAY: Dallas Cowboys shift lanes for Pitt WR Devin Street | NFL Draft 2014 – 5th Round

                              TALLER TARGET TAKEN TODAY - Dallas Cowboys shift lanes for Pitt WR Devin Street - NFL Draft 2014 – 5th Round 1

                              IRVING, Texas – After trading up in the second round to grab the defensive player they coveted, the Dallas Cowboys followed suit in the fifth round to grab the offensive player they wanted.

                              The Cowboys selected Pittsburgh wide receiver Devin Street at No. 146 overall in the fifth round, trading up from their pick at No. 158 and giving away their first seventh-round pick to do so. Street comes to Dallas after a four-year career at Pittsburgh, where he set the school’s career receptions record with 202.

                              “I just felt like going through this whole process Dallas was my No. 1 choice,” Street said. “I know I didn’t have any say in it, but just getting a feel for them, I felt like they had a lot of faith in me at the combine talking with them and (wide receivers coach Derek) Dooley worked me out. I think everything happens for a reason, and I am blessed to go to such a great organization.”

                              Street automatically becomes one of the biggest targets on the Dallas Cowboys roster, as he weighs in at 6-3, 198 pounds and posted a 4.55-second 40-yard dash at the NFL Combine in February.

                              “I think I can bring a different dimension,” Street said. “I can run on the inside and the outside. Coach Dooley had me run routes as an outside wide receiver, but then also put me in those quick, short and intermediate routes. I ran those at (Pittsburgh) as well.

                              “I can remember running a slot route and ended up stumbling a little bit because I over-strided, and coach Dooley told me to shorten my stride up. I shortened my stride up and he said I ran one of the crispest routes he’s ever seen. He feels like I am a quick learner, and I think I definitely am.”

                              He was the Panthers’ leading receiver for two straight seasons – in 2012, he snagged 73 balls for 975 yards and five touchdowns. His receptions and yards dipped to 51 and 854, respectively, in 2013, but he did improve his touchdown total to seven.

                              Like the Cowboys’ second-round pick, Demarcus Lawrence, Street comes with a small amount of off-field baggage. He was one of three Pittsburgh football players charged with simple assault and conspiracy in November of 2012, after a student reported being struck in the head during a confrontation with the players. The charge was eventually reduced to disorderly conduct, and Street was given community service.

                              With the free agency acquisition of LaRon Byrd in April, the selection of Street gives the Dallas Cowboys nine wide receivers on the current roster. The Cowboys also have Dez Bryant, Terrance Williams, Cole Beasley and Dwayne Harris, as well as Jamar Newsome, Lance Lewis, and Tim Benford.

                              DAY TWO RECAP: Player To Watch On NFL Draft Day 3

                              Devin Street                      Pittsburgh           WR         6-3          198         4.55

                              Physically reminds me of Andre Holmes (currently of the Raiders) when you study him on tape. Long, rangy build with the ability to make plays. Smooth route runner. Will see him line up in the slot at times which is surprising because I didn’t see the initial quickness for that. Is a long strider that builds speed as he goes. Will catch the ball on all levels and hands appear to be natural.

                              TALLER TARGET TAKEN TODAY - Dallas Cowboys shift lanes for Pitt WR Devin Street - NFL Draft 2014 – 5th Round 2

                              A three-star WR recruit, Street received attention from mostly MAC schools, but committed to Pittsburgh once they offered him a scholarship the summer before his senior year in high school.

                              After redshirting in 2009, he started four games in 2010 and became a full-time starter as a sophomore in 2011, leading the team with 53 catches and 754 yards. Street again led Pitt in receiving as a junior with personal-bests in catches (73) and yards (975), earning Second Team All-Big East honors. He was the secondary option as a senior in 2013 behind true freshman stud Tyler Boyd, but tied for the team-lead in touchdown catches (7) and averaged 16.7 yards per catch.

                              Street has an expansive resume and was the go-to target for Pitt the last few seasons, lining up in the slot and outside the numbers – was effective in the short, intermediate and deep levels. He has an athletic frame with the height/length combination to match up well in the NFL, but needs to consistently play up to his measureables and develop his strength. Street projects as one of the top-5 senior WRs in this draft class and early day three selection.

                              STRENGTHS: Good-sized target with long arms to catch the ball well away from his frame…natural plucker with soft hands to catch everything thrown his way – nice job locating and high-pointing to come down with off-target throws…well-built with natural body control, using his size well, working the middle of the field and holding his own in traffic – terrific hand-eye coordination…long-strider with adequate build-up vertical speed…shows balance after the catch to pick up extra yards…coachable and known as a reliable teammate – senior captain…athletic bloodlines – father (Kutztown) and uncle (Tennessee State) both played college football…productive resume with 40 career starts and three 50+ reception seasons – school’s all-time leading pass-catcher with 202 grabs.

                              WEAKNESSES: Lean-muscled and needs to spend more time in the weight room to develop his functional strength…will be pushed around by smaller defenders and needs to shed the “soft” label…tight lower body and struggles to create much separation in his breaks…doesn’t have any suddenness as a route runner and will struggle vs. press coverage…needs to show better creativity and wiggle as a ball carrier to be a consistent threat after the catch…needs to stay focused for all four quarters and appears to have some mental lapses…lacks an ideal competitive temperament and too passive…some durability concerns, missing playing time in 2013 with nagging shoulder and ankle issues…character needs investigated after a Oct. 2012 incident when he was charged with one count of criminal conspiracy and simple assault after being accused of punching a student in the head – charges were reduced and he performed community service.

                              –Dane Brugler | NFL Draft Scout/CBS

                              STRENGTHS: Has excellent length and room for added bulk. Chews up ground with long strides. Is a big target underneath with a sizable catch radius. Shows natural receiving skills to track, concentrate and adjust. Soft, dependable hands to extend and pull in a throw off his body. Uses his big frame to post up defensive backs. Nice field awareness. Lined up outside and inside. Solid personal and football character. Productive, 40-game starter. Team captain.

                              WEAKNESSES: Has a thin build and could stand to pack on body armor — durability could be an issue. Needs to get stronger, particularly to improve his release vs. the jam. Builds to speed and is not a threat to take the top off. Leggy and fairly straight-linish — does not pop out of breaks or separate with quickness. Inconsistent route runner. Not aggressive or physical as a blocker. Can be more cognizant of ball security — carries loosely and swings the ball away from his body. Limited special-teams utility.

                              DRAFT PROJECTION: Rounds 4-5

                              BOTTOM LINE: Pitt’s all-time leading pass catcher, Street is a narrowly built, long-levered, smooth-muscled receiver whose best assets are his length and hands. Needs to incorporate more physicality into his overall game, but has the ability to be an effective zone beater and red-zone target.

                              –Nolan Nawrocki | NFL website

                              MEET YOUR NEW DRAFT PICK: Pro scouting report on Dallas Cowboys LB Anthony Hitchens | 4th round NFL Draft 2014

                              MEET YOUR NEW DRAFT PICK - Pro scouting report on Dallas Cowboys LB Anthony Hitchens - 4th round NFL Draft 2014 1

                              Anthony Hitchens | Position: Linebacker | College: Iowa  | 6-0/240 | 4.74

                              He’s a compact looking player on tape. You can see that there is a lot of weight packed on his body. For his bulk, felt like there were some times where he was very physical at the point of attack and then others where he could have done a little bit better job with his shed. He’ll extend his hands. He does a nice job of finding the ball. Big fan of the way that he reacts. He’ll take on in the hole with his shoulder, then work to the ball.

                              MEET YOUR NEW DRAFT PICK - Pro scouting report on Dallas Cowboys LB Anthony Hitchens - 4th round NFL Draft 2014 2

                              When he lowers his pads, you see a much better player. There were some snaps where he unloaded on the ball carrier. There is some pop with him. He does a nice job of handling the puller on the trap. He needs to get off the block a tick quick at times, but something he will get better at. Will close down in the hole. He’s able to flow to the ball. There were times where he over ran the ball and was very aggressive.

                              When he can see it, he can make the play. He’s not a fluid-moving athlete in space when it comes to coverage. He’s more of open, drop and float. Didn’t see him drive back to put himself in position. Think he would be a much better player if he didn’t weigh 240 pounds. That might help his quickness, but he’s extremely tough.

                              Courtesy: Bryan Broaddus | Football Analyst/Former NFL Scout

                              Related videos …

                              Secret Audio - Anthony Hitchens Selection Call

                              Secret Audio: Anthony Hitchens Selection Call

                              Listen in as the Cowboys War Room calls Iowa LB Anthony Hitchens to let him know he is about to become a Dallas Cowboy. (Watch | Listen)

                              Anthony Hitchens - Fortunate For This Opportunity

                              Anthony Hitchens: Fortunate For This Opportunity

                              Anthony Hitchens joins 105.3 The Fan shortly after being selected by the Cowboys in the 4th round of the NFL draft. (Watch | Listen)

                              Anthony Hitchens Conference Call

                              Anthony Hitchens Conference Call

                              Anthony Hitchens speaks to the Dallas Cowboys media shortly after being selected by the Dallas Cowboys. (Watch | Listen)

                              HEAT-SEEKING MISSLE HITCHED: Dallas Cowboys ready to coach up Iowa LB Anthony Hitchens | NFL Draft 2014 – 4th Round

                              HITCH HEAT-SEEKING MISSLE - Dallas Cowboys ready to coach up Iowa LB Anthony Hitchens - NFL Draft 2014 – 4th Round 1

                              IRVING, Texas – The Dallas Cowboys got back into the drafting swing of things today with a fourth-round pick.

                              Once again, the Cowboys addressed the defensive side of the ball, taking Iowa linebacker Anthony Hitchens.

                              In 2013, Hitchens (6-0, 240) was the Hawkeyes’ team MVP and lead the team with 112 tackles and 13.5 for loss with two sacks. 

                              Hitchens, a second-team All-Big 10 pick in 2013, ran a 4.74 at the scouting combine in February.

                              The Cowboys nearly went with an outside linebacker with the 16th pick with their eyes on Ohio State’s Ryan Shazier, who went one spot ahead to Pittsburgh, leaving them to take Notre Dame guard Zack Martin.

                              Hitchens is the second defensive player taken by the Dallas Cowboys, who traded up in the second round Friday night for Boise State defensive end Demarcus Lawrence at No. 34 overall. The trade forfeited their third-round pick.

                              At linebacker, the Cowboys have a lot of question marks, from Sean Lee’s injury history, Bruce Carter’s inconsistent play, and the unknown about Kyle Wilber and DeVonte Holloman switching positions.

                              Hitchens becomes the first Iowa player drafted by the Cowboys in 30 years. Ironically enough, in 1984 the Cowboys went with Hawkeye players in consecutive rounds, taking running back Norm Granger and guard Joe Levelis in the fifth and sixth rounds.

                              Hitchens was a productive tackler at Iowa, and comes with ideal size to play on the inside at the next level. He’s limited in space though. – NFL Draft Scout


                              Florida native who took initiative to move out of his biological parents’ house and live with a friend’s family in order to attend a better, safer school and remain focused on his football career. High school running back, linebacker and kick returner who had 3,864 career rushing yards and 52 touchdowns — earned four varsity letters in addition to playing basketball and running track.

                              Bounced between safety, linebacker and running back as a true freshman in 2010, recording nine tackles, zero for loss and zero sacks in 10 games played. Appeared in eight games in ’11, tallying 25-0-0. Missed five games because of a knee sprain. Started all 11 games at Will linebacker in ’12 and notched 124-5.5-1. Was the Hawkeyes’ leading tackler and Defensive MVP in ’13 — started all 13 games at Will and registered 112-13.5-2 with two pass breakups, an interception and two forced fumbles.


                              Aggressive tackler. Flows fast to the ball (when he sees it) and has good playing range to the sideline. Plays bigger than his size and does not back down from big-bodied blockers or physical runners (see Ohio State). Explosive hitter. Plays with a chip on his shoulder and is highly respected for his work ethic, makeup and overall approach. Is mentally and physically tough. Very durable despite lack of size (missed only one game in career).


                              Is short and lacks bulk. Tends to play narrow-based and get rooted out of the hole on inside runs. Angles and anticipation could stand to improve — is late to sort out misdirection. Very average cover instincts — often is lured by play-action passing game. See-and-go reactor. Modest production for a weakside position where action is designed to be heavily funneled his way — leaves some on the field.

                              BOTTOM LINE

                              An active, undersized, run-and-hit weakside linebacker, Hitchens is at his best in a scheme where he is protected and free to run to the ball. Has shown gradual improvement.

                              Related video …

                              HEAT-SEEKING MISSLE HITCHED - Dallas Cowboys ready to coach up Iowa LB Anthony Hitchens - NFL Draft 2014 – 4th Round - combine

                              Anthony Hitchens Combine Workout | 1:32 | Watch Iowa LB Anthony Hitchens work out at the 2014 NFL Scouting Combine. (Watch | No MP3)

                              NFL DRAFT 2014–DAY 3: Top talent still available in rounds 4 through 7

                              nfl draft 2014 - radio city music hall - the boys are back blog

                              The first 100 picks of the 2014 NFL Draft are in the books, but the talent well is far from dry in this deep class.

                              The bulk of NFL rosters are built in the final four rounds of the draft, where teams can find future starters or fill spots on special teams. Many picks won’t pan out, but the NFL is filled with third-day success stories, just ask Tom Brady, Jared Allen and the countless number of other examples.

                              Here is a look at the Top-10 players still available entering the fourth round today:

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