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SITTIN’ AT SWEET SIXTEEN: True Blue fans also preparing for the Dallas Cowboys 2014 NFL Draft | NFL Draft 2014 | Special Feature

The Dallas Cowboys 2014 NFL Draft is now only 11 days away. We want True Blue Dallas Cowboys fans even more prepared for the upcoming draft than your average fan around the league. This article also introduces Dallas Cowboys players and coaches. These interviews and features shows a personal side to some of these key people in the Dallas Cowboys organization.

Take time to view The Blitz television series and latest Dallas Cowboys Draft shows on your PC or phone. All of the (much smaller) audio files can be downloaded to your computer or phone and listened to at will.

This article is part of the 2014 Dallas Cowboys Draft series on The Boys Are Back website called “SITTIN’ AT SWEET SIXTEEN”. For all related articles click HERE. Enjoy!

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The Blitz: Top Safeties and Linebackers (1/5) | Take a look at some of the top safeties and linebackers in this year’s draft. (Watch | Listen)

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