BEHIND THE STALLS AND WALLS: Getting to know Dallas’ ADPP Will McClay, and how he can help the Dallas Cowboys this offseason

BEHIND THE STALLS AND WALLS - Getting to know Dallas’ ADPP Will McClay, and how he can help the Dallas Cowboys this offseason - The Boys Are Back website 2014

True Blue Dallas Cowboy fans want to know more about Will McClay, and they should.

He’s the assistant director of player personnel for the Dallas Cowboys, a role that he took on before the team left for Oxnard before the 2013 season.

It was a nice promotion for a guy that is extremely hard working and prepared. What is different about McClay from the other guys that have sat in that chair, is that his background is more on the pro side of the ball. Guys like Larry Lacewell, Jeff Ireland, and Tom Ciskowski were guys that went on the road to scout the college players.

What’s to like about this change for the front office and coaches, is that McClay knows this league backwards and forwards. One of the key component in building your 53 man roster is knowing who you are playing. College scouts are outstanding at telling you about that safety at Florida State but very few of them can tell you who is lining up there for the Washington Redskins.

His strengths are an old school belief in the toughness of your team, along with speed but his best trait is understanding how this league is about matchups. He has a keen understanding of how you find players that can handle the quickness out of the slot against the Giants or the edge rushers in Seattle or the offensive power of the 49ers.

To McClay it’s about winning your division first, then working from there. With McClay, you will not have a mixed matched squad. Each player will have a specific role and assignment on why they are part of the roster and he’s able to merge that with the other members of the front office. Communication is extremely important to him. 

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DALLAS COWBOYS COACHES ROSTER - Will McClay overlooking the North practice at 2014 Senior Bowl

EDITORS NOTE: Will McClay has been in Jerry Jones’ ear for a few years now. He’s one of the people that Jones listens too (regarding personnel issues). You’ve seen McClay mentioned on The Boys Are Back website many times in the past … primarily because he helped staff Marinelli’s Misfits (and many other players) due to rash of injuries during the past two seasons. He’s also a part of the improved production we’ve been seeing from recent draft picks. His promotion during last years offseason is clearly justified. He’s done a great job evaluating the market and the talent available. Some people around Valley Ranch (including Bryan Broaddus) think he’s the best personnel guy in the building. Examples, he’s the person credited with bringing in Laurent Robinson in 2012 … and two starters along the 2013 Dallas Cowboys defensive line. Click HERE to read more about Will McClay.

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