COWBOYS VS. REDSKINS PRIMER: Jason Garrett press conference | 2013-2014 Dallas Cowboys game 15 of 16 | Wednesday

COWBOYS VS. REDSKINS PRIMER - Jason Garrett press conference - Dallas Cowboys vs. Washington Redskins - 2013 2014 NFL Game 15 of 16 - Wednesday Practice

Jason Garrett Press Conference: Cowboys vs. Redskins | Wednesday Practice (13:35)

Dallas Cowboys coach Jason Garrett speaks to the media as his team starts preparation for Sunday’s game with the 2013-2014 Washington Redskins (Watch Video | Play Audio)

Garrett discussed:

  • Addressing the “available” linebacker’s roles in practices and upcoming game
  • If ever been in similar position of ‘not knowing’ what players will be available on gameday
  • How do you help the defense with even more injuries on offense than last week
  • Any scheme changes planned to help boost the offensive output
  • Is it easier to gameplan with replacement players when QB is a traditional type player
  • How do you combat against the types of beatdowns the Cowboys have faced recently
  • How do you keep faith in Tony Romo when you start seeing late in game mistakes
  • Does Romo need to be convinced how good the running game can be right now
  • If JG is surprised by recent improvement in the running game
  • OLs adaption and recent success with the zone blocking scheme
  • Addressing Dwayne Harris’ injury situation regarding gameday
  • What’s wrong with Terrance Williams this week
  • The recent impact of losing the Special Teams field position with Harris being out
  • The signing of new (big) defensive lineman Frank Kearse  
  • With LB Orie Lemon back, where does he best fit in this defense (W/M/S)
  • Miles Austin’s return (from injury) has been incrementally better; grade on last game
  • What is it about Jim Haslett defense that holds Cowboys offense back (scoring)
  • Latest on Sean Lee and Ernie Sims injuries
  • Sean Lee’s tests and results from them
  • How did Holloman do (film room) with filling in for Sean Lee in last game
  • Dealing with headset issue for the middle linebacker (went out in Green Bay game)
  • Anticipate using a ‘dime package’ this week vs. Washington Redskins
  • Was Jason Hatcher hurt or did he just have a bad game vs. Packers
  • How effective can the Cowboys be with personnel packages due to lack of depth
  • Has Brandon Carr lost his confidence
  • Why is he not playing as well as he has earlier in the season
  • Are teams targeting Carr more in the past couple of weeks

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