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COWBOYS VS. BEARS GAME TAPE: Jason Garrett press conference | Gameday film study

JASON GARRETT PRESS CONFERENCE -2013 Dallas Cowboys vs. Chicago Bears | Dallas Cowboys schedule 2013-2014

Jason Garrett press conference: Game breakdown after game film review (16:39)

Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett speaks to the media after having a chance to review the tape of Dallas Cowboys vs. Chicago Bears game (Watch Video | Play Audio)

Garrett discussed:

  • Coming back from loss on a short week
  • Evaluation of players focusing on ‘task at hand” vs. Bears on Monday Night Football
  • Whether he’s confident that Monte Kiffin is the right man for the job
  • (inaudible question) Related to LBs playing in nickel and dime
  • Fixing issues or managing recurring issues with this defense
  • Jeff Heath and Wilcox rotation at safety
  • Analyzing George Selvie’s QB penalty
  • Weather blitzing is a part of Kiffin’s strategy.
  • Are Hatcher and Ware healthy enough to influence pass rush
  • Ware’s self critical statement and how JG see’s his impact
  • Is outscoring DAL D (points yielded) a part of the game plans going into each week
  • How the offensive run game graded vs. Bears; aspects to build on
  • How the offensive passing game graded vs. Bears
  • Can you win by running the ball against teams that are having success throwing
  • Evaluation of FB Tyler Clutts and his role in the run game success vs. Bears
  • Mental aspects of scoring right before the half, regarding either team
  • Necessary to “win out” in order to get into playoffs
  • Reputation for JG teams to continually fight, regardless of score. That done on MNF?
  • Are the issues with this years defense the scheme or the personnel?
  • When defensive scheme was changed to 4-3, how long was adjustment expected to take
  • Acclimating new players coming in from the streets
  • What makes JG feel confident in Kiffin’s ability to get defense competitive
  • How many times can a DC be given a chance to bounce back from bad performances
  • Morris Claiborne status and if Sterling Moore will be nickel CB
  • Harris/Carter status after re-tweaking hamstring vs. Chicago: Sean Lee’s neck injury
  • Addressing hamstring issues; conditioning staff and what can be done
  • Team and player responsibility for staying warmed up and stretched.
  • Injury analysis on team vs. other teams in NFL

COWBOYS VS. BEARS GAME TAPE - Jason Garrett press conference - Gameday film study - Game Rewind

GAME FILM BREAKDOWN | Week 14 | Dallas Cowboys vs. Chicago Bears (4:03)

Three key plays from Monday night’s game against the Chicago Bears (Watch this Video)

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