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COWBOYS VS. BEARS GAME PRIMER: Jason Garrett press conference | 2013 Dallas Cowboys vs. Chicago Bears | Sean Lee

DALLAS COWBOYS COACH JASON GARRETT PRESS CONFERENCE - COWBOYS VS. BEARS - Jason Garrett press conference - Dallas Cowboys news - Dallas Cowboys schedule 2013 2014

Jason Garrett: Controlling own destiny | Sean Lee outlook (19:43)

Dallas Cowboys coach Jason Garrett speaks to the media before his team takes the practice field for the upcoming game with the 2013-2014 Chicago Bears. (Watch Video | Play Audio)

Garrett discussed:

  • Standings and health position heading into December playoff run 
  • Sean Lee’s outlook as of today
  • Dealing with the Lance Dunbar injury/replacement going forward
  • Four players worked out for Dunbar’s available roster spot
  • Teams need/decision to add a fullback to the Dallas Cowboys roster
  • Does bringing in a dedicated FB shift team away from this seasons established routes
  • How weather in colder months is affecting the decision to add a full-back
  • How extreme cold affects a quarterback
  • Addressing recent ‘drops” by Dez Bryant
  • Thoughts on rookie RB Joseph Randle becoming more active in the offense
  • Tyron’s Smith’s athletic ability and alertness during turnover track-down situations
  • Thoughts on facing Jay Ratliff considering all of the circumstances involved
  • (quick questions related to Jay Ratliff with Jason Garrett’s turn back to Bears focus)
  • Terrance Williams recent rookie slump after few big games during Miles Austin’s absence
  • Tyron’s Smith’s improvement this season and what distinguishes him from others
  • How he addresses the reputation for the team not ‘finishing’ as the season closes out
  • How they kept Sean Lee focused on a healthy return and his healing process
  • The keys to the last two wins without Sean Lee in the lineup
  • Question above lead to a series of comments related to ‘Next Man Up’
  • Plans with strong side linebacker now that Kyle Wilbur has stepped up in that role
  • How Kyle Wilbur affects plans with strong side LB Justin Durant’s return this week
  • Fitting in flexible Kyle Wilbur who was originally drafted as 3-4 defensive lineman
  • Tony Romo’s leadership development over the course of his years in Dallas
  • Does any player bring the speed and breakaway traits that Dunbar has shown
  • If Tanner/Randle don’t get chances, will ‘lead dog’ RB Murray get more downs
  • Comparison of how RB Murray has played before and after his injury this season
  • Impact of having to play without Dwayne Harris in the Oakland and Giants games

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