EXCLUSIVE: The Great Robbini’s predictions for Game #8-2013 Dallas Cowboys vs. Detroit Lions

The GREAT Robbini's Crystal Ball - The Boys Are Back blog 2013

Regular readers already know that The Boys Are Back website features the ALMOST WORLD FAMOUS predictions from The GREAT Robbini. Last week, our “exalted one” predicted a big win … and was correct!

This week, The GREAT Robbini is on a heavy dose of Marinelli sauce and excitement this week! He even boosted his pregame commentary about this game. Last week, the GREAT ONE was distracted by a house full of women, clamoring for his mystical tunic, scarves, and head wrap. This weekend, he was able to escape their advances and sit down long enough to pound his thumbs on the keyboard for a little longer.

EXCLUSIVE - The Great Robbini’s predictions for Game #8-2013 Dallas Cowboys vs. Detroit Lions - Happy Halloween

After putting a world-class rub on his magic pumpkin, he was able to conger up visions of a Dallas Cowboys Hallowin.

Overwhelmingly psyched about the Dallas Cowboys – Detroit Lions incoming vibe… and ready to share his prognostications that we all count on from week-to-week. Without further delay, it’s time for The GREAT Robbini’s predictions. OK, here we go …

The GREAT Robbini’s – 2013-2014 Dallas Cowboys game #8 predictions:

Dallas Cowboys win. Players will be dinged up on both the Lions and Cowboys. A well played offensive game comes back for Dallas. Don’t turn away from this game before the clock stops ticking.

Predictions for the Texas 2 Defense …

  • 3 takeaways (2 INTs/2 FFs)
  • 4 team sacks
  • 1 1/2 sacks Hatcher (had 1, close enough)
  • 2 sacks Selvie
  • Lee/Carter lead tackles (Carr/Church)
  • Hatcher fumble recovery (Church/Heath had 1 each)
  • Carr interception (Lee had 2)
  • Claiborne secures a takeaway
  • Reggie Bush injured (shoulder stinger, came back in)

Predictions for the offense …

  • Romo 330 yards (206 yards, completed 14 of 30 passes)
  • Romo 4TDs (3 TDs)
  • Dez TD (Had 2 TDs today)
  • Witten TD
  • Randall TD
  • Williams TD (Dallas rookie record, 1 TD four consecutive games)
  • Rushing committee 90 yards (62 yards combined)
  • Dez 100 yards (3 catches for 72 yards)
  • Williams 110 yards (2 for 64 yards, plus 5 rushing (on the reverse)
  • Witten 65 yards (2 catches for 15 yards)
  • Beasley 45 yards (1 catch for 8 yards, last catch of the day)
  • Cowboys receive second half kick

The GREAT Robbini

Remember, you read it here! The Great Robbini predictions for game #8. Leave your final score or predictions in the comment section.

Stats and predictions confirmed by:

button - Dallas Cowboys Box Score - NFL Box score - 2013-2014 Dallas Cowboys

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