EXCLUSIVE: The Great Robbini’s predictions for Game #7-2013 Dallas Cowboys vs. Philadelphia Eagles

The GREAT Robbini's Crystal Ball - The Boys Are Back blog 2013

Regular readers already know that The Boys Are Back blog features the ALMOST WORLD FAMOUS predictions from The GREAT Robbini. Last week, our “exalted one” predicted a big win … and was correct!

This week, The GREAT Robbini can barely contain his excitement, as you’ll see from his exhaustive pregame commentary about the game. I get the distinct impression that either the GREAT One was distracted by a house full of women this weekend, or he left his magic ball out in the trunk of his car again! It’s ok, that happens from time to time.

Quietly, he is psyched about the Dallas Cowboys – Philadelphia Eagles incoming (mostly numeric) vibe… and ready to share his prognostications that we all count on from week-to-week. Without further delay, it’s time for The GREAT Robbini’s predictions. OK, here we go …


The GREAT Robbini’s – 2013-2014 Dallas Cowboys game #7 predictions:

Cowboys win (<—Pardon Robbini, while he rambles on and on)

Predictions for the Texas 2 Defense …

  • 2 takeaways (3 INTs on Barkley)
  • 4 sacks (close, was 3 total)
  • 2 sacks Hatcher (1 for Hatcher this week)
  • Lee/Carter lead tackles (Lee, Church, Carr)
  • Hatcher fumble recovery
  • Carr interception

Predictions for the offense …

  • Romo 330 yards (317, close enough)
  • Romo 4TDs (1 TD to Williams)
  • Dez TD (Williams had the lone WR TD)
  • Austin TD (Williams had the lone WR TD)
  • Randall TD (Ouch, Tanner spiked the rock)
  • Rushing committee 55 yards (75 combined)
  • Dez 80 yards (8 for 110 yards)
  • Williams 110 yards (6 for 71 yards)
  • Witten 80 yards (4 for 48)
  • Eagles receive second half kick

The GREAT Robbini

Remember, you read it here! The Great Robbini predictions for game #7. Leave your final score or predictions in the comment section.

Stats confirmed by:

button - Dallas Cowboys Box Score - NFL Box score - 2013-2014 Dallas Cowboys

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