COWBOYS IN THE CLUTCH: Dallas’ Cole Beasley and Terrance Williams rank 1-2 among NFL receivers when targeted

COWBOYS IN THE CLUTCH - Dallas’ Cole Beasley and Terrance Williams rank 1-2 among NFL receivers when targeted - 2013-2014 Dallas Cowboys roster

IRVING, Texas – There’s an old adage that gets tossed around a lot when talking about wide receivers. The ones with good hands get described as players who “catch everything that is thrown their way.”

For Cole Beasley and Terrance Williams, they’re taking that to another level.

In fact, through six games of the season, Beasley and Williams are the two best wide receivers in the NFL in terms of catching passes when targeted.

Among players with at least 10 targets this year, Beasley has the highest reception percentage among NFL wide receivers at 92.3 percent. He’s caught 12 of the 13 passes thrown in his direction. His only miss occurred in last week’s win over Washington when Tony Romo led him too far on a sideline route, although Beasley nearly hauled it in with one hand. He also caught a pass thrown behind him where he trapped it against his leg to make the catch.

Overall, Beasley ranks third in the NFL in receptions, and he’s the only wide receiver among the list’s Top-10. The next receiver is Williams, who actually might be even more impressive than Beasley because of his 17.2-yard average per catch.

Of all receivers with at least 10 targets, Williams’ average per catch is the highest of the top 15 players.

Williams has come on strong the last three weeks with Miles Austin injured and slowed by a hamstring injury. Williams has caught a touchdown in each of his last two games. In the first three games of the year, he had five receptions for 60 yards. In the last three, he has 13 catches for 249 yards and two scores.

More importantly, and just like Beasley, he’s catching the passes that are thrown his way.

  Rec/Target Pct. Yds/Catch
Cole Beasley 12-13 92.33 9.6
Terrance Williams 18-21 85.7 17.2
Nate Burleson 19-23 82.6 12.6
Antonio Brown 41-53 77.4 12.1
Demaryius Thomas 37-49 75.5 14.3
Doug Baldwin 21-28 75.0 16.4
Keenan Allen 23-31 74.2 14.4
Wes Welker 37-50 74.0 10.2
Brandon Gibson 24-33 72.7 11.8
Cordarrelle Patterson 8-11 72.7 10.6

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