SHOWDOWN – REDSKINS at COWBOYS: Jason Garrett press conference–Thursday practice

JASON GARRETT PRESS CONFERENCE - 2013-2014 Dallas Cowboys vs. Denver Broncos–Game tape reviewed

Jason Garrett Press Conference 10/10/2013 (11:56)

Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett speaks to the media as his team continue their preparations for the Washington Redskins. Garrett discussed:

  • Grading Texas-2 run defense this season
  • RG3 differences this season compared to last year
  • Miles Austin progress and practice
  • Using Beasley, even with Austin, Dez, and Williams on field
  • Dealing with criticism of Tony Romo, conversations about moving forward
  • Tony Romo resilience
  • Weighing Alfred Morris impact on Washington offense this season
  • Recent history of containing RG3 and their run game
  • Addressing Zone Read Option types of offenses with Texas-2 defense
  • Defense Ends responsibility regarding Zone Read/Read Option
  • Balanced offensive and attacking defenses
  • Terrence Williams inclusion in offense going forward
  • Who plays RG3 in team practices
  • Development and confidence in Terrence Williams
  • Scheme to take advantages of WAS passing yards surrendered
  • Personnel looks and groupings on offense
  • Intention for the teams open roster spot
  • London Fletcher impact on game tapes this season

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