JASON GARRETT PRESS CONFERENCE: 2013-2014 Dallas Cowboys vs. Denver Broncos–Game tape reviewed

JASON GARRETT PRESS CONFERENCE - 2013-2014 Dallas Cowboys vs. Denver Broncos–Game tape reviewed

Jason Garrett Press Conference 10/07/2013 (26:02)

Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett speaks to the media after having a chance to review the tape of the Dallas Cowboys loss to the Denver Broncos. Garrett discussed:

  • Evaluating the elements of the record-setting game
  • Assessing the defense after facing Denver offensive threats
  • Addressed defense giving up excessive yardage in recent games
  • Dallas’ attack style offense shown in Rams and Broncos games
  • Tony Romo getting into a zone
  • Romo2Escobar interception in 4th quarter, second option
  • Teams confidence in Tony Romo
  • Split-second decisions and opportunities by Tony Romo
  • The horse-collar tackle
  • Consideration of letting Manning score on last drive (clock)
  • Hangover after games like this (24-hour rule)
  • Preparation for division games coming up against WAS and PHI
  • Adjusting to Rivers/Manning success in upcoming games
  • Adjusting to favorable matchups on defense
  • Linebackers dropping
  • All of the different defenses used by Kiffin
  • Selvie & Hayden vs. Ratliff & Spencer pass rush
  • Addressing quick release quarterbacks
  • Aggressive, attack-style offensive game plan
  • DeMarcus Ware double-teams
  • How are rotations decided defensively
  • Addressing Romo’s mistakes head-on evaluation
  • Thought process of mistakes; asks what player was thinking
  • Making corrections after evaluating mistakes by players
  • Terrence Williams aggressiveness and confidence, development
  • Playing ‘empty’ advantages (no running back in backfield)
  • Receivers becoming a problem for other team defenses


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