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JASON GARRETT PRESS CONFERENCE: 2013-2014 Dallas Cowboys vs. Denver Broncos–Game tape reviewed

JASON GARRETT PRESS CONFERENCE - 2013-2014 Dallas Cowboys vs. Denver Broncos–Game tape reviewed

Jason Garrett Press Conference 10/07/2013 (26:02)

Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett speaks to the media after having a chance to review the tape of the Dallas Cowboys loss to the Denver Broncos. Garrett discussed:

  • Evaluating the elements of the record-setting game
  • Assessing the defense after facing Denver offensive threats
  • Addressed defense giving up excessive yardage in recent games
  • Dallas’ attack style offense shown in Rams and Broncos games
  • Tony Romo getting into a zone
  • Romo2Escobar interception in 4th quarter, second option
  • Teams confidence in Tony Romo
  • Split-second decisions and opportunities by Tony Romo
  • The horse-collar tackle
  • Consideration of letting Manning score on last drive (clock)
  • Hangover after games like this (24-hour rule)
  • Preparation for division games coming up against WAS and PHI
  • Adjusting to Rivers/Manning success in upcoming games
  • Adjusting to favorable matchups on defense
  • Linebackers dropping
  • All of the different defenses used by Kiffin
  • Selvie & Hayden vs. Ratliff & Spencer pass rush
  • Addressing quick release quarterbacks
  • Aggressive, attack-style offensive game plan
  • DeMarcus Ware double-teams
  • How are rotations decided defensively
  • Addressing Romo’s mistakes head-on evaluation
  • Thought process of mistakes; asks what player was thinking
  • Making corrections after evaluating mistakes by players
  • Terrence Williams aggressiveness and confidence, development
  • Playing ‘empty’ advantages (no running back in backfield)
  • Receivers becoming a problem for other team defenses


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EPIC PERFORMANCE UNREWARDED: Dallas Cowboys have problems, but Tony Romo isn’t one of them

LOVE IT, DON’T HATE IT - Tony Romo does all he can for Dallas Cowboys - 2013-2014 Dallas Cowboys schedule

Save it, haters. Get a clue.

If you’re stressing the negative on Tony Romo, I’m not sure which game you watched Sunday. It certainly wasn’t the epic game of this NFL season. It certainly wasn’t the game in which Romo’s greatness was the only reason that the Dallas Cowboys even had a chance to trip up the unblemished Denver Broncos.

Frankly, I feel for you if this is what you’re punctuating.

The score was tied at 48, and Dallas had the ball at its own 14-yard line just before the two-minute warning. Romo dropped back to pass on second-and-16, and his throw was off the mark, picked off by Danny Trevathan. It was a brilliant defensive play.

Cue the refrain. Twitter nearly exploded. “Classic Romo in a big spot,” the haters cried. And yes, sadly, Romo did nothing to mitigate the “yeah, but” attached to his career. Tony Romo is a franchise quarterback, “yeah, but” he seemingly plays his worst when it matters the most.

But let’s not confuse things. Let’s not get it twisted.

If Romo truly were ordinary, Dallas would have lost by 20 points. If he put up just the strong numbers I projected in Thursday’s Schein Nine column, the Cowboys would have lost by 10.

But Romo did what an opposing quarterback had not done all season: He outplayed Peyton Manning. A lights-out performance from its QB is the only way a team can beat the Broncos, and that’s what Romo delivered. It cannot, it should not, it will not be overlooked, even though Dallas lost 51-48.

Romo threw for 506 yards, just 48 short of tying Norm Van Brocklin’s NFL single-game passing record. It was the first 500-yard passing game in Cowboys history. If you’re not aware, that history is long and storied. Romo is just the fifth quarterback in league history to throw for 500 yards and five touchdowns in a game.

Yeah, blame Romo. What is this, amateur hour?

When you go through the list of what’s right with Dallas, it starts with Romo. Is he perfect? Absolutely not. Is he on the same “elite” level as Manning, Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees? Nope. But Romo clearly is on that next level of quarterbacks you can build a franchise around.

Just imagine if Romo played on a team with a top-flight defense or coach.

Monte Kiffin’s 28th-ranked defense couldn’t stop Manning on Sunday. The jury still is out as to whether or not it was a good call to bring in Kiffin and his Tampa 2 system with the personnel Dallas has. Let’s not gloss over the final score: The Broncos put up 51 points.

It’s also very easy to argue — factoring in time, score and timeouts — that Jason Garrett should have let Denver score a touchdown after Romo’s pick to give Dallas’ offense a chance to get the ball back. I certainly was yelling at Garrett to do so. This is the same coach who’s had major issues with game and clock management and no longer calls the Cowboys’ plays, a change that was reflective of his poor work in that area.

So Romo doesn’t get any help from his defense. He doesn’t get any help from his coaches. And Jerry Jones’ oddly constructed Cowboys are 2-3, tied for first place in the horrid NFC East.

Romo is a top-10 NFL quarterback with whom you absolutely can win a championship. He ended the Broncos’ 15-game streak of winning by seven or more points, which is significant. CBS broadcast the game to the entire country, making it a “big spot.” If only Romo had a little help from his friends.

The haters call it a vintage Romo performance. But it underscores why I feel horrible for him.

Sorry, haters. You missed a great game and a truly great showing.

Dallas has problems. The quarterback isn’t one of them.

Courtesy: Adam Schein | NFL website

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