EXCLUSIVE: The Great Robbini’s predictions for Week #2-2013 Dallas Cowboys @ Kansas City Chiefs

Regular readers already know that The Boys Are Back blog features the ALMOST WORLD FAMOUS predictions from The GREAT Robbini. Last week, our “exalted one” was pretty much dead-on with his predictions . We’re not sure if he spent extra time waxing his ball in the offseason, or exactly what happened! Quite impressive! Those results will be available by clicking HERE in the very near future.  

Dallas Cowboys crystal ball - Dallas Cowboys win prediction - The Boys Are Back blog - The GREAT Robbini

Last weeks win over the evil arch rival New York Giants gives us die-hard Cowboys fans reason to celebrate. We’ve seen the sudden emergence of a takeaway happy defense, TE Jason Witten twice reacquainted with the end-zone, and offensive line that doesn’t make us quiver with every snap. Today, uppermost in our minds is the 450 yards the Texas 2 defense yielded to the New York Giants offense … and three banged up cowpokes from last Sunday. Bruised Romo, Dez, and Mo are expected to take the field against Andy Reid’s Chiefs … and put on a show for that sea of red at Arrowhead Stadium. When the fat lady sings, one of these teams will be kicking off the 2013-2014 NFL season at 2-0.

The GREAT Robbini is psyched about the Cowboys – Chiefs incoming vibe… and ready to share his prognostications that we all count on from week-to-week. Without further delay, it’s time for The GREAT Robbini’s predictions. OK, here we go …

    The GREAT Robbini’s – 2013-2014 Dallas Cowboys week #2 predictions:

    ‘Boys take names at Arrowhead

    Dallas Cowboys mount up and head to K.C. with a wagonload of momentum. The ‘boys take out the big chief in a tough battle. When the smoke clears, they ride out with the W.

    Predictions for the Texas 2 Defense …

    • 3 takeaways
      DeMarcus Ware 2 sacks
      Sean Lee INT
      Jason Hatcher 1 sack
      Church/Carter lead tackles
      Alex Smith sacked 4x
      Texas 2 Defense gives up 23 points
      Texas 2 Defense shuts out Chiefs in one quarter

      • Predictions for the offense …

        • Tony Romo 330 yards
          Tony Romo 3 TDs
          Dez Bryant TD
          Miles Austin TD
          DeMarco Murray TD
          Lance Dunbar TD
          Gavin Escobar 30 yards
          Dez Bryant 70 yards
          Jason Witten 35 yards
          Williams 45 yards
          Miles Austin 70 yards
          DeMarco Murray fumble
          Rushing committee 110 yards
          Tony Romo sacked 3 times
          Offense starts game with possession

        The GREAT Robbini

        Remember, you read it here! The Great Robbini predictions for week #2. Leave your final score or predictions in the comment section.

        Comments and Questions are always welcome

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