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FIGHTING FOR RESPECT: Tony Romo mentioned with Cliff Harris, Chuck Howley among most underrated Cowboys of all-time

FIGHTING FOR RESPECT - Tony Romo mentioned with Cliff Harris, Chuck Howley among most underrated Cowboys of all time - The Boys Are Back blog 2013

There are plenty of Cowboys fans who feel like Tony Romo gets a bad rap. But is the Dallas Cowboys quarterback really one of the most underrated players in franchise history?

That’s what NFL.com analyst Elliott Harrison recently wrote while trying to name the most overrated and underrated players in the history of the Dallas Cowboys.

“While the Cowboys have a myriad of issues, be it offensive line, DeMarco Murray’s health, or a defense that couldn’t stop anyone last year, Romo was not the problem,” Harrison wrote. “He’s been a solid citizen in Dallas and a very good player, if not great. His most famous miscue — the dropped snap against the Seattle Seahawks — was bad. Too bad no one ever mentions the fact that almost no starting quarterbacks in the NFL are ever asked to hold for kicks. If Romo is really as terrible as people say he is, then why don’t people hate Quincy Carter, Chad Hutchinson or Drew Henson? Because they stunk.”

Romo joined an underrated list that included Chuck Howley, Cliff Harris, Darren Woodson and Everson Walls — some pretty elite company. But Harrison says Romo’s 95.6 passer rating (which ranks fifth all-time among quarterbacks) and his 55-38 record as a starter are proof that he’s far outplayed his reputation.

Harrison also has an interesting rebuttal for the players who didn’t vote Romo on the NFL Network’s Top 100 list recently.

“An explanation for Romo not being a ‘Top 100 player’ is that he isn’t clutch, like an Eli Manning,” Harrison wrote. “Take a wild guess who the NFL’s active leader in fourth quarter passer rating is … as in, higher than Brady, Brees, and Eli? Yup, it’s Romo.”

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