FEEDING OFF EACH OTHER: Dez Bryant made spectacular catches, because Morris Claiborne made him

MAKING EACH OTHER BETTER - Dez Bryant made spectacular catches, because Morris Claiborne made him

Dez Bryant made spectacular catches against the defense of Morris Claiborne in mini-camp.

A lot of them.

But the Dallas Cowboys receiver put a positive spin on it for the Cowboys cornerback – he made it require spectacular catches.

“That is credit to the great defenses and the coverage,” Bryant said. “He is putting pressure on me and making it difficult for me to make the catch. So you can’t take that away. I’m just trying my best to make a play.”

Maybe it’s a sign that Claiborne can take a step forward in his second year. He started 15 games last year as a first-round pick, but he had only one interception, so his impact was not considered splashy.

Then again, he missed all of the offseason last year recovering from wrist surgery.

“I’m a lot more comfortable,” Claiborne said. “Last year I was searching to find a place because I didn’t have an off-season. Now it is what it is. I’m a lot more comfortable just because I’m out here having the opportunity to get better.”

Healthy this spring, Claiborne hit the weight room and added six pounds. Bryant has noticed.

“He is a lot stronger,” Bryant said. “You can tell by looking at him. He is real tough. That’s what I love. He is adding an element to his game, that is, being more physical.

“He already has the eye for the ball. He has the hands of a receiver. He is just putting pieces together to be one of the best in the league.”

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