FRONT AND CENTER: Dallas Cowboys impressed that Travis Frederick doesn’t have to be shown twice

FRONT AND CENTER - Dallas Cowboys #70 impressed that Travis Frederick doesn’t have to be shown twice

The Dallas Cowboys walked away from the spring practices sold on new center Travis Frederick’s football intelligence.

It was what they thought it was.

“One of the traits that we identified early was his ability to communicate, his retention of the system, his ability to communicate it out,” offensive line coach Bill Callahan said. “Those are all real positives that came to fruition during the course of the mini-camps and the OTAs.”

Frederick practiced only at center during the spring as the Cowboys gave him every snap they could at the position they drafted him to play.

“For a young guy, he really seems to grasp what we’re trying to get accomplished in a short period of time,” head coach Jason Garrett said. “The challenge for him is blocking across from him. It’s Hatcher. It’s Ratliff. It’s some of those guys. That’s a tough ball snap. I think he’s understanding that.”

Frederick said he’s got the big stuff down. It’s the little stuff he’s working on now – “the technique things here and there, instead of trying to pick up a playbook and pick that stuff up,” he said. “I feel like I’ve picked that up pretty well as far as assignments and stuff like that, but obviously, there will be little things here and there.

“And once we start seeing some different defenses, it’s going to be a little bit more as well. Right now, I’m just focused on working on a lot of the little technique stuff in pass protection and running and taking advantage of a lot of the things that Coach Callahan has taught me.”

Callahan is good with that. Frederick at least doesn’t have to be shown twice.

“You tell him one time, and he gets it,” Callahan said. “He may err on occasion, but he’s not a repetitive error guy. He’s not going to make the same mistake twice. He listens, he learns. He understands the situations that he’s in and he can fix it on the move. He can rectify them pretty quick. So it’s been a real positive from that sense.”

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