TEAM PRECAUTION: Tony Romo has a minor procedure; working in a limited role during OTA’s

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo had surgery last month to remove a cyst from his back. It’s not considered serious, but Romo may miss the organized team activities scheduled in the next few weeks.

Of course, it’s only May, so the Dallas Cowboys are being cautious with Romo.

Romo has endured numerous injuries and ailments in his career — a broken pinkie, punctured lung, cracked ribs and sore back among them. He has returned from all of these injuries and played well.

Tony Romo press conference - Dallas Cowboys OTA 2013 - The Boys Are Back blog

Romo: Just A Minor Procedure (duration – 19:09) Click HERE to watch

Tony Romo speaks to the media LIVE from the Dallas Cowboys practice field about his medical procedure, expanded role in the offense, and other news topics from this offseason.

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Editors note: The audio volume is very low from both the video and audio sources.

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Tony Romo is ready to get back on the field, but the Dallas Cowboys quarterback isn’t likely to get his wish until the team’s minicamp next month.

Romo had a minor procedure last month, getting a small cyst removed from his back. The stitches are out, and the area is healed, but the Cowboys are holding him out of the team’s organized team activities as a precaution.

“Like with all of our players, we’d rather have him out there participating than not, but we’ve always been very cautious with this time of year with our players, making sure they’re 100 percent healthy and get them back when they’re ready to go,” Cowboys coach Jason Garrett said. “So Tony’s going to be out the OTAs. I think there’s a possibility he could participate in the minicamp three or so weeks from now. He’ll certainly be ready for training camp.”

Romo, 33, began experiencing some discomfort in his back last month and had the area examined. Dr. Drew Dossett, a team orthopedic, performed the procedure to remove the cyst before the NFL Draft.

“We just had a minor procedure to remove a cyst. Just had to go get that done,” Romo said. “I feel a lot better. It was something that was there a little bit, kind of annoying. I’d rather feel 100 percent here. Hopefully I’ll be back for minicamp and be ready to go, but we’re just being smart now for the next couple of weeks.”

Romo is itching to get back. He has been given a bigger hand in the offense after requesting more responsibility.

“I think just through experience, the older you get as a football player and a quarterback. I think you gain a little bit of an understanding about the game and how you can almost develop, through experience, over time,” Romo said. “When you are a guy in your first few years, and I’ve probably been starting now for 6, 6 1/2 years maybe, you start to understand the game differently as time passes. Some of the things that are positive and can help your team win.

“For me, I believe in some things that I think can help us win football games. You have great communication with the coaches. We all talk about things and we go from there. Everyone is just trying to help the football team win.”

Kyle Orton is getting first-team reps in Romo’s absence. Young quarterbacks Nick Stephens and Dalton Williams are getting more work as well.

EDITORS NOTE: Tony Romo is present and actively involved on the field and is also working with teammates and coaches from the sidelines.

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