X MARKS THE SPOT: Dallas Cowboys RB Joseph Randle agrees to four year deal

A cast on Joseph Randle’s right arm kept the running back from taking part in drills during the Cowboys rookie-mini-camp.

But it hasn’t kept him from signing a contract.

The team’s fifth round pick agreed to a four-year deal Monday that will pay him slightly more than $2.29 million. He is the second player from this rookie class to sign with the Cowboys.

Sixth round pick DeVonte Holloman signed a four-year deal for $2.2 million over the weekend.

Randle should play a valuable role this season. He’s expected to ease the load on starter DeMarco Murray and be a solid insurance option if Murray goes down with injury, as he has in each of the past two seasons.

Randle had surgery on his thumb last week and is expected to be in a cast for the next five to seven weeks. He might be cleared to go through drills during the latter part of the team’s OTAs or its mini-camp in June. There is no concern about his ability to be cleared to compete fully once training camp rolls around in July.

The Oklahoma State running back make it clear he comes into the NFL with a chip on his shoulder pads for lasting until the third day of the draft.

“People can make whatever they want to make for their motivation,” Randle said. “I’m going to find plenty to motivate me.”

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