2013 NFL DRAFT–DAY TWO: Broaddus scouting report on safety J.J. Wilcox

2013 NFL DRAFT–DAY TWO - Broaddus scouting report on safety J.J. Wilcox


  • One of my favorite players to study on tape…this guy is not afraid to blow you up but you will also see him play a little in coverage….is a physical player like a linebacker…is very aggressive…will be a little too aggressive at times and miss in space but will wrap you up too…
  • Has some strength when he tackles…ball carrier is on the ground…not afraid to be part of the attack…once he sees it, he is gone…does a nice job of avoiding blocks…will really rally to the ball…arrives with a bad attitude…can stay with his man in coverage but this is the area will he need the most work because he hasn’t had many opportunities…
  • Will need to work on recognition but you don’t see busts or a dumb player here…better when he can come forward…emotional player…will carry the tight end up the field…can beat blocks in space…when he gets going, he can cover some ground…
  • Loves to throw his body around…plays with huge effort…nose for the ball…has been a kickoff return man in his career…averaged over 25 yards a return…was a wide receiver early in his career….he will not be a hard player to find on the field…

Courtesy: Bryan Broaddus | Football Analyst/Scout

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Safety J.J. Wilcox, taken with the Dallas Cowboys’ second pick in the third round, played offense his first three years at Georgia Southern. He was a slot receiver and also carried the ball, finishing his career with 45 catches for 898 yards and four touchdowns and 138 carries for 968 yards and 13 touchdowns.

But it didn’t slow him down when he moved to safety last year. He recorded 88 tackles, three pass breakups and two interceptions.

“It doesn’t make you limited,” he said. “You have to be a good athlete and a good team player at any position. It helps you with ball skills, feet, hips. You understand route recognition, how receivers come out. Playing offense all three years definitely helped me out playing safety in college. Hopefully it will help me out once I’m in the NFL.”

Cowboys coach Jason Garrett said he was impressed by how smoothly Wilcox adapted to safety last year after not having played the position since high school.

“If you watch him play, he leaps off the screen at you,” Garrett said. “He can run, he can hit. He plays with great explosiveness. For a guy who hadn’t done this since high school, he really seemed to pick up the position well.”

Wilcox said he likes playing safety, anyway.

“You know, back in the days when you were playing Emmitt Smith and John Lynch, playing tiger football in the back yard growing up, I laid a couple guys out,” he said, drawing laughs from reporters. “I got laid out a couple of times, too. But I was usually one of the ones that wound up on top.”

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