2013 NFL DRAFT: Day-Two breakdown and analysis on today’s three Dallas Cowboys selections

2013 NFL DRAFT - Day-Two breakdown and analysis on the three Dallas Cowboys selections

If the opinion on the Dallas Cowboys’ draft was confused or uncertain 24 hours ago, it certainly seems to have cheered up heading into the weekend.

Dallas added two new weapons to what was already a potent offense, and they secured a playmaker in a position of need. That’s highlighted by Baylor wide receiver Terrance Williams, who many thought the Cowboys might snag in the first round.

So, to recap: Jerry Jones and Co. grabbed a receiver many thought was a first round talent, and they upgraded the depth at safety. Tight end Gavin Escobar is a bit of an unknown, but he offers an intriguing receiving option to compliment Jason Witten.

So if Thursday night’s first round was a bit of a head scratcher, Friday night feels more like a fist pump.

Bryan Broaddus:

I’m not surprised that they went with a tight end in this draft but I thought it would have been later and more of the blocking type like Sims or Jefferson. Gavin Escobar is a big body that can get down the field and make adjusting catches. Hands are outstanding which is one of his best traits. He will need to develop some strength and toughness at the point of attack and work on his technique but he has a chance. Know the scouts were really high on his ability to develop because of what we had seen on tape.

The scout in me was really hopeful that the front office would have been able to pull both Bennie Logan and JJ Wilcox for this Monte Kiffin defense, but they were only able to grab one in Wilcox but in my view, it was a really nice get. I really enjoyed studying his film and watching him play live at the Senior Bowl along with wide receiver Terrence Williams. Wilcox will knock you stiff and Williams is a steady, polished route runner that can make consistent plays.

Ed Cahill:

The Dallas Cowboys made it clear with their first three picks in this draft that they are maximizing their investment in Tony Romo. I had Gavin Escobar in my final mock draft in the fourth round, but truth be told I thought he might be taken in the third. I still like the value, and on tape, the kid catches everything.

Terrance Williams gives you an immediate contributor and an eventual replacement for Miles Austin. He is a guy the Cowboys were probably considering in the second, and to have him fall to them in the third must have sent high fives around the War Room.

J.J. Wilcox is a guy we have followed on The Draft Show all offseason, and a player the Cowboys staff has spoken highly of in the months leading up to the draft. Just from hearing his first few interviews he sounds like a great kid, and I think he might end up being an even better player. There may have been a few safeties in this class more NFL ready right now, but I think Wilcox projects better than most of them.

Nick Eatman:

I can’t lie and say I knew much – if anything – about Gavin Escobar before the pick. He certainly passes the eye test with his size. I have some concerns about getting another pass-catching tight end who needs to work on his blocking. Isn’t that James Hanna? But still, it’s a big weapon for Romo.

But I wanted the Cowboys to take Terrance Williams instead. So naturally, I like the third-round pick to get the Baylor WR. I think he’s a polished, NFL-ready receiver. Look how the other two Baylor receivers did last year as rookies. I think he’ll contribute right away. Wilcox fits a position of need and he’ll have a chance to compete with Matt Johnson and Will Allen to start.

Rowan Kavner:

In getting Gavin Escobar – It seemed more likely the Dallas Cowboys might grab a running back, receiver or safety here rather than a tight end who seemed to excel more as a pass-catcher than a blocker. But he did score 13 touchdowns in his final two seasons, and this team could use his 6-6 frame to help out near the goal line and erase the red zone woes.

As a candidate for the Cowboys’ first round pick, getting Terrance Williams, the nation’s leading receiver in college last season, provided great value in the third round. The trade with San Francisco looks better today than it did the day prior by adding the local star, particularly if they can figure out how to use Williams and Escobar in conjunction with each other.

Safety J.J. Wilcox was a candidate in our mock drafts because of his athleticism and potential, which were both draws for the Cowboys. He doesn’t have much experience as a safety after moving around positions, but he could end up being a special playmaker at safety and should be an immediate contributor on special teams.

One response

  1. I give the cowboys a very high grade with this draft. Its a mix of right now moves and future investment. Feels like one down the road that you look back on with pride. The inerior line is now beefed and primed to make our backs look like warriors. Our TE looks to be a cure for red zone woes. Our safety should help properly carry out kiffins gameplan. Our new WR seems to be the VERY MUCH NEEDED critical playmaking replacement for injury prone miles austin. We got two more players to fortify positions that saw injury last season. I give this draft a B+ Or A- right there in that range. With what was there, what we needed and the value we got some of these guys who seemed to slip…..very nice.draft.


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