FLASHBACK- 2012 NFL DRAFT: Cowboys have a clutch player when Danny Coale gets back on the field

dallas cowboys wide receiver danny coale - the boys are back blog

The Dallas Cowboys have yet to see anything from receiver Danny Coale, a fourth-round pick a year ago. But if he can get on the field, his former coach said they will see a clutch player.

“One time, I was asked, ‘How does that guy always get open?’ ” Virginia Tech coach Frank Beamer said. “Plays develop and plays develop and plays develop, and there’s Danny wide open – I don’t know how many times that happened at Tech.

“He’s fast, but you just look at him, you don’t think he is. He sneaks up on you. I think people underestimated his speed sometimes. But he catches the ball. He gets open. And he’s got some toughness to him.”

Beamer said he has not spoken to Coale since the Cowboys drafted him, but he knows his former player is doing his best to be ready for the season. A broken foot in the offseason and a hamstring problem in training camp were two of the reasons Coale wound up spending the entire year on the practice squad.

“Just knowing Danny, he’s always a very positive guy, always a guy that rose to the occasion,” Beamer said. “I’m pulling for him hard, I can tell you that.”

The Cowboys have another Virginia Tech player on the roster, tight end Andre Smith, who went undrafted in 2011 but signed with Chicago and then spent last year with Indianapolis.

“Another great kid – really pulling for him,” Beamer said. “Hope everything will work out great. That’s the one thing at Virginia Tech I’m as proud of as anything – the type of player we have in our program: really good kids, great character, want to be successful, want to work hard. Andre is a good example of that.”

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  1. Seems every year were watching a SECOND year player playing his first season! So far so good. Lets hope this guys got the goods too


    1. Hope he’s getting schooled by the Sean Lee Club this offseason!


      1. Or the bruce.carter school


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