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SALARY CAP COMPLICATION: Josh Brent’s Sept 23 trial date a setback for Dallas Cowboys

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The Dallas Cowboys’ hopes of using defensive tackle Josh Brent’s salary to help free up salary cap room took a hit when Brent’s trial for intoxication manslaughter was set for Sept. 23. A Dallas County grand jury in December indicted the defensive lineman in the wake of a Dec. 8 crash in the Dallas suburb of Irving that killed teammate Jerry Brown.  

There is little chance Brent plays again for the Cowboys. But his $630,000 is still on the books for next season.   The Cowboys put him on the reserve non football injury list at the end of last season and can do the same in 2013.

Any hopes of the salary-cap strapped Cowboys have of using his salary to clear space this year so they can sign some free agents now rest with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.   The Cowboys need Brent to be suspended under the NFL’s Personal Conduct policy so they can get the salary cap room back. But last week NFL spokesman Greg Aiello said Goodell wouldn’t rule on Brent’s status until his case was resolved with the courts.   If the Cowboys hope to get money back to use in free agency they need Goodell to rule on Brent’s case earlier.  

CLASS OF ‘09 VANISHED: Backup linebacker Victor Butler joins Rob Ryan in New Orleans

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Backup linebacker Victor Butler has left the Cowboys for a free-two-year agent deal with the New Orleans Saints, according to a report by the New Orleans Times-Picayune, which cited a league source.

The move puts Butler back in the hands of former Cowboys defensive coordinator Rob Ryan, who was dismissed in January after two seasons in Dallas.

The move also leaves the Cowboys with nothing to show for the 2009 draft class. The Cowboys had 12 picks in that draft, and the last two remaining — Butler and tight end John Phillips — each signed free agent contracts with other teams this year. Only Butler, Phillips, kicker David Buehler and third-string quarterback Stephen McGee lasted more than two years with the Cowboys from that group.

Butler played in 63 games for the Cowboys, started three, and had 11 sacks. He played in all 16 games each of the last two years. Last year, on special teams, he caused a fumble on a punt return that set up a Cowboys comeback victory against Pittsburgh.

ESPN’S WHIMP BRAINLESS: Dallas Cowboys WR Dez Bryant uses Twitter to enlighten Skip Bayless

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Dez Bryant really wants to be clear that he never said he was going to record 2,000 receiving yards in a season. He simply said it was possible.

The Dallas Cowboys wide receiver has used Twitter the last two days to defend comments he made in a Tuesday article on ESPNDallas.com.

Bryant told the website that he could “potentially” be the first player to record 2,000-receiving yards in a single season, but added that stats don’t mean anything to him if the Cowboys are not “strapping up for the playoffs.”

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ESPN’s Skip Bayless (aka Wimp Brainless on The Boys Are Back blog) obviously didn’t read the story, tweeting Wednesday: “Just when I thought it was safe to trust the ‘maturing’ Dez, he makes a ‘me’ statement about 2K yds instead of a ‘we’ about making playoffs.”

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Bryant got wind of Bayless’ comment and responded Wednesday with the following tweets:

“My bad skip I forgot you and your buddy get paid to twist up stories whenever you already know the truth.”

“Correction…i was asked a question.. i didn’t predict anything…basically all i said was it was possible.”

Bryant is coming off his best NFL season, finishing with 92 catches for 1,382 receiving yards and 12 touchdowns.

Courtesy: Jon Machota | Special Contributor | Dallas Morning News

Reader comments:

ZoneBlitz.com says: Dez Bryant isn’t perfect, but Skip Bayless is one of the most self-important douchebags in sports journalism.

Nathan Adams says: Some day, Some place, Skip Bayless is going to get his ass handed to him for his big mouth!

Lars Hedegaard says: I agree with Nathan. Skip is a big mouth and really never has anything to say worth listening too!

John Leonard says: Thanks, Zone. You saved me the trouble of posting the same sentiment.

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