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DIAMOND DEZ: Jerry Jones, Jason Garrett see Bryant’s maturation translate to results

Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett and owner Jerry Jones think Dez Bryant’s just tapping into his potential - The Boys Are Back blog

Turning A Leaf – Head coach Jason Garrett and owner/general manager Jerry Jones think Dez Bryant’s just tapping into his potential. His rise to prominence on the field can be attributed to his development off it, according to Garrett.

IRVING, Texas – The Dez Bryant that head coach Jason Garrett sees now is much more jubilant and upbeat than the one who darted into his office after the Bengals game in December.

Bryant’s transformation on and off the field began before that game, but his increased maturity level, grit and determination were all evident after the thriving star snagged a late touchdown grab in Cincinnati, only to find out after the game he broke his finger and could need season-ending surgery.

Dallas Cowboys WR Dez Bryant scores - The Boys Are Back blog 2013

“He was very emotional after he hurt his finger up there in Cincinnati,” Garrett said. “He hurts his finger, then catches what amounted to be the game-winning touchdown pass with a broken finger, and he came in the next day and our doctors saw him and they said, ‘Hey, you broke this thing, we might have to do surgery, you might have to go on IR.’

Bryant was stunned. Garrett said it took the receiver just two minutes to run into Garrett’s office and plead to finish the season and play through the injury.

Dallas Cowboys WR Dez Bryant vs Philadelphia Eagles - The Boys Are Back blog

“It just speaks to his passion, his maturity as a player,” Garrett said. “He’s always been very physically tough, and we saw that right from the start. He demonstrates that he’s mentally tough, too, and I think he handled it well during the season, and I think he’s handled it well since then.”

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