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COACHING ROSTER UPDATE: Dallas Cowboys sign Rod Marinelli to help teach new defense

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The Dallas Cowboys have spent the day trying to convince Rod Marinelli why he needs to stay and join Monte Kiffin’s staff.

They were successful. Marinelli has agreed to join the Cowboys staff as its defensive line coach.

Marinelli was given the option to stay in Chicago as its defensive coordinator after Lovie Smith was fired, but his devotion to Smith led him to leave. He interviewed at Valley Ranch Friday. Marinelli and Kiffin worked together in Tampa Bay, and Kiffin wants his friend to join him again as he implements the Tampa 2 defense in Dallas.

That friendship is one of the reasons Marinelli would consider what would be viewed as a step down at this stage of his career. But those who know Marinelli say it’s never been about job titles with him.

But the Cowboys aren’t the only team to express an interest. Jacksonville coach Gus Bradley has also worked with Marinelli, and he would like to talk to Marinelli about joining his staff.

That’s why the Cowboys wanted to receive a commitment before Marinelli left the building.

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GRAPEVINE — Tony Dungy, who will receive the Theodore Roosevelt Award tonight at the NCAA Convention in Grapevine, said new Cowboys defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin wants to have Rod Marinelli as defensive line coach. The former Bears defensive line coach may be close to getting hired by the Cowboys.

Dungy, former Tampa Bay head coach, said he talked to Kiffin, his former defensive coordinator, on Friday morning.

“I know that’s what Monte would like to do,” Dungy said. “I don’t know if it will come to fruition. But the big part of playing the defense this way is getting people who really, really believe in it. Because you have to sell it. You have to sell it to your group. And when you have other people that believe, that makes it easier. And what we had back then, we had Monte, Herm Edwards, Lovie Smith and Rod Marinelli. And they all believed … in how we were doing it. That’s critical. I think if Monte could get Rod, it would be a big step toward that. Toward getting another guy who really believes in that way of doing it and selling it to the players.”

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